Saturday, July 29, 2017

JESUS speaks again! (Polygamy is Dead!)

Yes, I am using larger than normal font to relay the following eternal life-altering information from the GOD of this earth, JESUS CHRIST.

Go to and click on the link found on the July 23rd post about the "prayer for a covenant". The link displays the LORD's lengthy answer to many questions and His detailed explanation about what HIS gospel is, and what it is not. The link is labeled "answer and covenant."

I have only read it twice so far, but here are the initial highlights for me.

1. In my opinion this is the first "Thus sayeth the LORD..." revelation since Joseph Smith died. It has been roughly 170 years since GOD spoke to a group of people. I know he has spoken to various individuals during that time, but none of them were named Brigham Young.

2. JESUS mentions the work of not just Joseph but also Hyrum Smith. Hyrum is the forgotten President of the High Priesthood and a better man than all of the current general authorities put together. Giving your life for the cause of JESUS trumps priestcraft every time.

3. Oliver Cowdery and Joseph did see the LORD in the Kirtland Temple in April of 1836, but it seems to me they did not see Elijah (he is coming to open the conduit between Heaven and Earth, since he was the last person to use it). They did see Adam, Noah, and Enoch and others. 

4. JESUS includes his pleasure in the work of Royal Skousen. Royal has spent his life in a tireless attempt to restore the Book of Mormon language to its intended glory.

5. The false doctrine of polygamy is finally dead. The LORD states repeatedly and unequivocally that marriage starting with Eve and Adam is made up of "one man and one woman." The LORD states that the 132nd section of the Salt Lake-based Mormon church was "altered." HE then gives a detailed replacement and explanation about what kind of marriage can qualify to last beyond this life. Plural marriage has never been sanctioned by the LORD, nor will it ever be. Faithless and lust-filled men are just going to have to repent, either for engaging in this abominable practice, or for wishing they could. More importantly, Women can finally stop worrying about the unfair, unjust, and unGOD like idea of sharing their husband with other women. 

I have more comments, but I would prefer you read this information for yourself as soon as possible. 

I leave you my humble witness that the words of that document are from the Son of the Most High God. 

Read them and pray and decide for yourself.


John Scott Peterson
July 29, 2017