Friday, January 22, 2021

This Tired OLD Man that We Elected King

     Many of you will recognize the title of this piece as a line from Don Henley's (of Eagles' fame) song "The End of the Innocence." Part of one of the greatest lyrical albums of all-time (under the same name), this song talks about growing from believing fairy tales as children to knowing the truth better as we age.

The third verse of the song starts with:

O' beautiful for spacious skies

But now those skies are threatening.

They're beating plowshares into swords

For this tired old man that we elected king.

I always misheard the underlined line as "this entitled man that we elected King." That would fit with all of the President's who have followed Eisenhower. Excluding LBJ who assassinated his way into the Presidency. Only an entitled fool would even think to run for President. 

As Rock Waterman has pointed out in his wonderful work at "Pure Mormonism" most Americans think of the President as having similar powers as a King. That is one of things our Founding Fathers were very wary of. Our county Sheriffs actually have more power than we think, albeit in a small relative area. The President's power is severely limited by many factors, but unfortunately that power does cover the entire 50 states.

Donald Trump is an entitled man that served as our previous pseudo-King.

Now we have a truly tired old man that the left thinks will be our King and our Savior for the next 4 years.

Jesus is the one true King.

Jesus is the one and only true Savior.

Jesus will be coming when we least expect it. I would go with sooner rather than later.

Jesus is the son of the Most High God.

Jesus is a God.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


I remember vaguely (I am almost 56 years old) a skit done on Saturday Night Live sometime before the year 2000 where French people are talking about about how dumb Americans are. One character says, "Americans are so dumb they would buy water!" All of the other characters laugh and disagree because of how outlandish the statement seems to them. They all think Americans are foolish, but not too that level.

Here we are 20 plus years later and the sketch writers for that comedy show have been proven prophetic.

Americans are dumb enough to buy water, when the US water system is the envy of the world. When plastic bottles are proven to cause all kinds of health problems. When those same bottles end up overflowing landfills and polluting the ocean. I have no problem with someone using a water filter to be 100 percent sure that their drinking water is safe. I laugh at people lugging cases of bottled water from their local superstore.

What else makes Americans some of the dumbest people on the planet?

1. Most Americans think Abraham Lincoln was a great president, instead of a tyrant for violating the US Constitution to keep the Southern States from legally seceding.

2. We think a two party political system is the best government on earth, when it makes cowards of both the left and right.

3. We think we live in the greatest country in the world. That stopped being the case in 1860.

4. We think we should send troops to other countries and enforce our flawed view of right and wrong on independent nations.

5. Americans believe the rights of the unborn are meaningless.

6. Americans think if you do not your current sexual partner (spouse or otherwise) you can just get a new one.

7. US citizens believe gender is fluid. 

8. Americans believe in systemic racism in a country where a black man was President for 8 years. Where black athletes earn hundred of millions of dollars to play games and people teaching in inner cities make barely enough to survive.

9. The American sheeple think that airplanes can bring down entire skyscrapers.

10. Americans think we have never lost a war, and that war is always a good option. War should always be the last option.

11. Americans think the US President can do whatever he wants. Thank GOD (literally) that is not true, because we have had a procession of idiots starting around 1820.

12. Americans believe that the homeless problem is OK, because most homeless people are mentally ill.

13. Ameritards think that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment for someone who has killed people.

14. Red, white, and blue peeps think that the media is usually reporting the facts.

15. We believe we are the only superpower left. Try telling that to 2 Billion Chinese people.

16. Americans think it is OK for 9 year olds to have cell phones and 16 years olds should be able to drive automobiles.

17. We think two land roads are perfectly safe.

18. We believe that we are GOD's chosen country and nothing can stop our world dominance.

19. We allow tobacco products to be sold almost anywhere.

20. Americans think you can power a country using wind and solar  only.


21. A virus that infects 1 percent of the population and kills 1 percent of the 1 percent infected group should require all fools in the 50 states to wear masks and live in fear.

22. Americans, including Mormon "prophet for profit" Russell Nelson, think forced vaccinations will save the world from Covid.

I was originally going to stop after 10 reasons but the I could not help myself. Americans are just as dumb as all the other fallen people on this planet, myself included.

Stop thinking you are special because of race or religion or gender or sexual orientation or country of origin.

Start repenting and do what you know in your core, via the light of CHRIST, to be right.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Slaves shall rise up against their Masters

On Christmas Day 1832 the LORD's last publicly recognized prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation on the futures wars that would start with the US Civil War. The LDS church lists this as Doctrine and Covenants section 87. 

Do not get me wrong, the Mormon church is not true, but this revelation may well be. Joseph Smith being a Prophet has nothing to do with the falseness of modern Mormonism. The truth of some of the Bible does not make the Catholic Church GOD's chosen religion.  The truth of the Book of Mormon does not make the Mormon church "true."

The revelation from 1832 only contains 8 verses. The 4th verse has inspired this short piece. 

It reads, 

And it shall come to pass, 

after many days, 

slaves shall rise up against their masters, 

who shall be marshaled and disciplined for war.

Most Mormons read this as somehow a description of the Civil war. That is not supported by the timeline from verses 1-3. The "after many days" is referring back to the war that prevented southern secession as the starting point. This slave uprising has nothing to do with slaves in the southern states.

I am inclined to think there are at least 3 possible meanings of "slaves shall rise up against their masters."

1. The American middle class will start a second civil war against the wealthy secret masters of the US government, known and unknown. 

The middle class basically funds the wealthy by buying their goods and services. It also funds the lower class by paying taxes to bankroll welfare. If the US middle class was even cut in half by some calamity the American economy would collapse in 24 hours.

2. The countries of the world will rise up against the US to end America's tragic meddling in affairs around the globe.

The US was only the "home of the brave" from 1776-1865. After the Civil War cowardice has become more prevalent as government has become larger and more autocratic. Freedom keeps slipping away bit by bit like the heat being turned up on an unknowing lobster in a pot. 

The US has caused more death and destruction worldwide than Nazi Germany and Communist Russia combined. The death count includes the millions of abortions that have all happened in my lifetime. GOD will not be mocked by a civilization that supports wanton sexual immorality via the murder of the most innocent.

The US also likes to enforce crippling sanctions against third world countries in order to get whatever it wants. GOD is not a fan of bullies and eventually the US government, at a minimum is going to get its proverbial ass kicked for its crimes against humanity home and abroad.

3. Both may happen.

I am hoping I am wrong and none of the 3 happen. I am praying  that functionally illiterate Mormons are right and the revelation has no bearing on today. 

You need to decide via the Holy Spirit if some sinful fool from Central California is right, or if Mormons are right, or if we both are wrong. We cannot both be right.

This is not trivial. If I am right you have some critical decisions to make. If I am wrong, you can go back to your life and focus on other things. 

Either way, you need to focus the most on JESUS. Only He can save you from death and hell.

Now and in the next phase of existence.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Easy to do Justice, very hard to do Right

The title is a quote from The Winslow Boy, David Mamet's 1999 film. It is a fversion of the play by Terence Rattigan from 1946 of the same name. The line is delivered evocatively by the actor Jeremy Northam playing the role of the attorney Sir Robert Morton. For the most part the film is like watching a play, but the hour and 40 minutes of time spent is worth this line and one other...the last line in the production.

I have thought about this statement all day, and I finally believe that is describes GOD perfectly. We want Him to right all the wrongs, and we want it done ASAP. He operates on an infinitely higher level where knowing all prevents Him from delivering swift justice when it compromises what is right. 

GOD really has designed the best possible test to see if we His spirit children will do what is right, or whatever we want. Most people figure out that there is rarely "Hollywood Justice" when someone does something evil. They then allow themselves to do things they would never do if they felt like their was a quick punishment coming. The catch is, that GOD is not about punishing people, that is Satan's job. The time of testing is simply to see what it is we really want, and who it is we really love.

GOD does not care about carrots and sticks. God does not need time to test us. He already knows us better than we know ourselves. He is merely allowing us a few years on earth to prove to ourselves what kind of people we really are. To finish with the words of singer-songwriter Edwin McCain, "What matters is your heart."

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Tithing: The Great Bait and Switch

     For 200 years after CHRIST's visit to the descendants of Lehi and Sariah a near perfect society was achieved. Lamanites and Nephites came together to eliminate ethnicities, classes, religions, and poverty. Homelessness was eradicated and hunger was unheard of. Every one took care of every one else. It was almost Zion. Had it been Zion they would have been taken up into Heaven. In the 201st year, literally all hell brook loose when economic divisions began again. The possibility of Zion was gone in less time than it took for a few people to start acquiring nice clothes. 

The same system was attempted for a short while when the LORD's last prophet Joseph Smith restored parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was not able to restore it all, because the early Mormons were not ready to be anything resembling ZION. In the place of the law of consecration GOD reluctantly permitted the new religion to implement tithing. It has been almost 200 years since tithing was substituted as a test to see if Mormons could figure out how to share their stuff with others, to no avail. 

Modern Mormons, like most modern people have no desire to treat their fellow man as economic equals. Individuals come first, and if it is not too costly, families come next, friends occasionally, neighbors rarely, and strangers not at all. The Church gets 10 percent and gives almost none of it to the needy, and Mormons hope that is good enough to placate a Being that suffered infinitely for their sins. Mormons are hoping JESUS did everything, and they can just make a small sacrifice and it will all work out. Unfortunately GOD requires everything we have, if we are going to lay claim to anything He has.

I am sincerely hoping GOD will stay his hand from destroying this telestial world until I am dead, but my instincts tell me otherwise. Why should GOD wait another 200 years or even 20 for people who claim to be members of His Son's "One True Church" to become unselfish? Why should He allow more abortions, more murders, more human trafficking, more adultery, more warfare, and more selfishness from the world at large, when He knows better than all of us put together that humanity will not change?

I hope 2021 is better than 2020, but I will understand if it is not. Just in case a fool like me is right, we might want to repent and ask GOD to change us from our sinful selves into something less likely to be burned at CHRIST's second coming. It is going to require divine intervention and your sincere will to pull this off. GOD is not going to accept "that is just the way I am" at the final judgement.

All you have to do is ask, and keep asking, until being born of the Holy Spirit happens. I have work to do in 2021. What better New Year's resolution than to make sure you are really on GOD's team for whatever is coming.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Gospel According to Luke

My pick for best gospel song ever was a small hit by Skip Ewing from the 1990s.

I am certain Joseph Smith would have liked the song, because he loved "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief."

I think the SAVIOR appreciates this underrated singer-songwriter's attempt to distill the Gospel of JESUS CHRST down to a few verses.

I could be wrong on both counts, but the song is better than anything currently being played as "Christmas music."

Here are the first half of the song's lyrics:

He was an old hand at living and making his way.

He smelled like old whiskey and he needed a shave.

His home was an alley off 8th avenue, 

but if you had a minute or an hour or two,

he'd tell you the Gospel according to Luke.

Luke carried his Bible in a Crown Royal bag,

and he wiped off his face with an old dirty rag

He'd tell you straight out just the way he believed,

Faith in the good Lord is all that you need

I remember the morning he first preached to me...

He said "give to your brother if he is in need,

Offer up thanks for the gifts you receive,

There's treasure in Heaven for the generous few"...

That was the Gospel according to Luke.

There are other verses but I let those interested search on Youtube for a video of Skip and his timeless song.

You will not be disappointed.

As a final note I see the word "Christlike" thrown around a lot on social media by Mormons and Christians who mean well, but do not know any better.

There is no being past, present, or future who will walk this planet who merits the adjective "Christlike." Their was only one CHRIST, and the difference between He and us is almost infinite. Calling someone Christlike demeans what the Savior did for us. It also elevates the person receiving this praise to a position where they might believe it, and then fail to repent.

It is like telling someone there are like GOD, because JESUS is God. I know a lot of above average people. But being a good person does not make someone like CHRIST. It just makes them slightly less sinful than the rest of us. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Dangers of Being Special

I grew up in a religion (LDS) that taught its membership explicitly and implicitly that Mormons are special. I have heard the phrase "The one true church" at least ten thousand times in lessons, testimonies, and talks. I was guilty of using that phrase more times than I would like to admit. 

It only took me 50 years to figure out there is no true church. I am a slow learner. All religion is an obstacle to GOD. Mormons are not the only people who think they are special. 

1. Jews

2. Catholics

3. Evangelical Christians

4. Muslims

5. Buddhists

6. Hindus

7. Politicians

8. Celebrities

9. Athletes

10. Mormon Leadership

11. Mormon remnant groups

12. Scientists

13. Journalists

14. College students

15. Americans

16. Men who believe in polygamy, past, present, or future.

17. People who think they were saved for the last days.

18. Sports fans

19. Doctors

20. Lawyers

21. Rich people

22. Democrats

23. Republicans

Anyone or any group that thinks they are special will get to suffer for their own sins. That horrific road leads straight through a literal hell. 

The only way out of the "special trap" is to acknolowedge you are less than the dust of the earth, cry to GOD for forgiveness, and spend the rest of your life helping people without thought of fame, money, power, or reward.

No one reading this or not reading this will likely change...

because they are special and need no repentance. They consider themselves whole and need no physician.

I am an above average sinner (and below average person) and need the only remedy that can save me from my awful situation...the Savior-GOD JESUS CHRIST. 

We are all in the same group: sinners.