Friday, September 11, 2020

Heroes and Cowards: How to tell the difference

 Roland G. Fryer Jr. was a Harvard professor. His 2017 study found that in 1,300 police shootings from 2000-2015 police were less likely to shoot a black person than those of other races. Fryer is black. He said he was personally shocked at his findings. Unlike the cowards running this country, and the fools in today's mainstream media, he published his findings even though they went against his preconceptions. 

Harvard contrived a way to fire Fryer, because they did not like his study. The facts did not fit with their flawed world view that only whites can be racist. Fryer lost his job even though he is considered one of the top 10 Economists in the world! 

Ronald Fryer is a hero. 

To the ignorant athletes of professional sports, and their politically correct, but factually incorrect coaches, and all the idiots in Hollywood, I say the following:

Be grateful.

Thank GOD every day you do not live in Bolivia or Africa or Haiti or any of the other third world countries of the world. Try protesting in Putin's Russia or in China.

I do not believe the US is the greatest country in the world, but it is certainly in the top 10. 

Be grateful that Americans overvalue sports so much that people who either cannot read, or refuse to read, can be paid millions of dollars to add no value to society. 

There has never been a more lucrative time to be uneducated.

Be grateful that a person of any color can be president of the US. 

Next up is getting a female in the top executive office.

Be grateful you can protest during the national anthem here in the country you hate. 

In most countries of the world today, and all of them before 1776, your protest would cost you your life at the maximum, or being imprisoned for treason at a minimum.

Be grateful that most people think what comes out of your misinformed mouths is important. 

If your are famous and you lie, that just makes you a well-known idiot.

Be grateful you still have time to do some actual research, repent, and help make the country a better place. 

Focus on what is truly good in this country.  Fight against what is truly evil. Avoid what is popular.

Let's start helping out poor people. Let's end human trafficking. Let's treat women and children better. 

We all better literally find JESUS before we die, or we are all going to Hell regardless of color.

Finally, here is what I promised in the title. Some simple ways to tell the heroes from the cowards.

1. Heroes do not play sports. 

Heroes fight in the military.

2. Heroes do not coach spoiled athletes and let them do whatever they want as long as you get paid and the team wins.

Heroes walk and ride the streets of this diverse nation and put their lives at risk every damn day as law enforcement officers.

3. Heroes do not work in Hollywood. 

Heroes go to work in the inner-city and middle of nowhere schools to help others become educated.

4. Heroes do not do whatever is popular at the time.

Heroes serve in Emergency rooms and ambulances trying to save lives.

5. Heroes do not waste their wealth on cars and boats and planes. Fools do that.

Heroes use their excess wealth to help the poor, and they do it in secret.

The last professional athlete/hero in my estimation was Sandy Koufax. He pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the late 1950s into the mid 1960s. One year he refused to pitch game 1 in the World Series because it fell on a Jewish Holiday. He took abuse even from Jewish people for that. Why? Because fools think sports are more important than a person's belief in doing what is right by GOD. 

By the way he pitched games 2, 5, and 7 that year for his team in that World Series. Most remember Koufax's brilliant pitching to win games 5 and 7. I choose to remember his heroic refusal to violate deep-seated spiritual beliefs.

Be a hero. Heroes read and reflect and repent constantly.  Heroes only speak up when they are inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. Heroes make the world a better place one person and one situation at a time.

It is your right to say and do whatever you want, but it is not your right to avoid the eventual consequences. 

Best to keep your stupidity to yourself, than to open your mouth because you think you are special, and remove all doubt.

Finally, JESUS is no respecter of persons. That means simply that He can save anyone regardless of skin color. Good black people will go to Heaven, and bad white people will go to Hell. And vice versa.

He cannot save someone who thinks they are special, even if they can dunk a basketball. JESUS will not save someone based on a popular vote. 

JESUS is the keeper of the gate to Heaven, He employs no servant there, and He cannot be deceived.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Black Lives Matter To JESUS...But Not to All Black People

This post is not in support of rioting and looting and burning and killing associated with the Satanic group labeled "Black Lives Matter." Many of these fools are actually white and using this issue as a way to operate outside the rule of law. Their day is coming.

This post is in support of law abiding black citizens of the United States who make up 95 percent of the black demographic.

African-Americans are 13 percent of the US population. That is roughly one black person for every 12 people. One in a dozen. America is blessed to have such diversity. 

The people I admire most in this country are black people who overcame racism and adversity to succeed in sports, the arts, education, leadership, and business. There has never been a tougher American than Jackie Robinson. There will never be a smarter American than Thomas Sowell. No one will ever write popular love songs like Lionel Richie, and no one will ever sing them like Whitney Houston. There will never be a better American athlete than Jessie Owens. No one will ever speak more eloquently than Martin Luther King.

In the next life I am 100 percent certain that the inequities of this life will be turned into great rewards. Glory for those who endured humiliation here and did good things anyway. There will be more than one black person in Heaven for every 12 people. Slaves will be Kings and Queens in the next life. Slave owners will be the slaves of Satan. The average black person on this planet will ascend higher than the average white person, simply by having endured a playing field that is rarely level.

The people I admire least in this country are those who realize life is not fair and decide to give up and play the victim. That is how we get 44 percent of the abortions in the US committed by black women. I do not blame them, because the great majority of these are done out of desperation. Desperation because too many young black males will not take responsibility for their children. Black or white, if you do not take care of your children, you are not a man. 

40 percent of the homicides in this country are committed by a black person. Four out of 10. 40 percent is nowhere near 13 percent. It is more than 3 times higher. Too many blacks desperate to escape poverty turn to gangs and end up killing each other. 

If you think I got these numbers from Fox News, think again. Those statistics come from a black professor, Walter Williams. He is also wiser than I am, and wiser than any politician or pundit.

Williams taught me that a police officer is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black man, than a black man is to be killed by a police officer. I am in total agreement that the police tend toward shooting first, and it needs to stop. A good way to make police officers less likely to shoot black criminals, is to have black criminals stop shooting police officers.

African-Americans are the only race that kill people far in excess of its demographic numbers. Almost half of the unnecessary deaths in this country (43 percent) are caused by one race. The other races combined cause 57 percent of the tragic deaths in the US. People of all colors need to stop killing the unborn and the born. 

I know that it is a small percentage of blacks who are perpetrating these fatal crimes. However, once a life is gone, it is gone. The only way to atone for such things is on road that runs through a literal hell for a time that will seem endless. 

There are certainly too many racist whites in this country and their future reward is not going to be anything to envy. White criminals will be punished more severely than blacks, just for having had a head start in life. That does not mean that non-whites will not be punished. GOD is perfectly fair, but He is not going to be mocked. GOD is not going to accept, "but my life was hard" as the justification for criminal behavior.

I would not want to be the KKK member waiting for the final judgement, because they are not going anywhere near Heaven. It will be even worse for the secret racist, because JESUS punishes hypocrites the most severely.  True, hard core racists of any color, will get to hang around with Satan in the next phase of existence.

JESUS will be surrounded by people who were unjustly treated and made the world a better place anyway. No person was ever more cruelly and inhumanely treated than CHRIST. No person did more for humanity than JESUS despite having lived the hardest life of us all.

Black lives matter to me, and they need to matter to 100 percent of law enforcement, but...

Black lives need to matter to ALL black people, not just 95 percent of them.


Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Book of Mormon Does Not Belong to Any Religion

The most memorable thing I learned in my 4.5 years at BYU was taught to me by a girl whose name I sadly do not remember.   

While discussing if 2 friends of ours should get married I lobbied in the affirmative. My reasoning was that they were obviously in love. The third wisest woman I have ever encountered after my mother and my wife responded with,

"Just because 2 people are in love does not mean they should get married."

I was stunned into silence, but 30 years later I realize that truer words were never spoken.

I now realize that getting married because of love falls under the concept of conflation. Love is a necessary part of marriage but it is not the only part. 

On page 10 of Rob Smith's seminal book, Seek Ye This Jesus, is this profound quote:

"Believing in it (the Book of Mormon) does not require one to be Mormon,

anymore than believing in the Bible requires on to be Catholic."

When people pray to see if the Book of Mormon is true they usually get a confirmation of its veracity. If they are sincere it always happens. If they are not sincere it rarely happens.

The danger is in thinking the truthfulness of the BOM proves the veracity of the LDS church.

The Book of Mormon is the greatest book of scripture in history.

The Book of Mormon is true.

The LDS Church is NOT true.

Why? Because it violates basic truths contained in the Book of Mormon. 

It is like the modern Mormon church hasn't got around to reading the instruction manual from JESUS yet. It is too focused on the acquisition of money and power. 

The money and power acquisition manual was authored by Satan.

A little conflation can be a very dangerous thing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Robert A. Rees Quote

"I am convinced that all the scholars and theologians in the world in 1830, working with all the known texts and reference materials, could not have written what was translated from the gold plates."

Robert A. Rees, faithful Mormon scholar

A New Witness to the World

"I concur one million percent."

John Scott Peterson (me), former Mormon, 
current high school teacher

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My Mother Could Not Have Children

I was thinking today about my deceased mother, Janet. She lived over 90 years and only had to wait 2 years to be reunited with my noble father. My sister is also with them. I am the last leaf on the tree, which is a line I stole from my Mom. She was the last of her nuclear family of 6 to go.

Since this world is all about making excuses when things do not go someone's way,  I am inspired by the grit and common sense of my Mother. There is a great disparity in between my telestial self and my celestial Mom and equally celestial Dad.

My mother tried for years to have children and finally realized that it was not going to happen the standard way. So at age 33 she and my Father adopted my sister Jill. It is never easy to adopt a child, and it was especially difficult in 1958.

Luckily for me, after 7 years my parents rolled the dice on a son. It was trouble for them, and the second best thing that ever happened to me. Obviously, the Atonement of CHRIST is a clear number 1.

When I hear about people complaining about how GOD must not want them to have kids, "I always think, yeah, my Mom couldn't have kids either, and she ended up with 2!"

Thanks Mom. I miss you and I love you and I will see you when my test here is done. It should only be about 100 more years until I learn all I need to learn.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

No Joseph Smith Translation, No Vision of the 3 Degrees of Glory

Most Mormons and even some non-LDS know that Joseph Smith had a vision regarding the multiple kingdoms awaiting us after this life. Some Mormons know that Sidney Rigdon experienced the same vision with Joseph, probably to fulfill the law of witnesses. This vision came as a direct result of Joseph's efforts to correct the Bible, and Sidney's assistance as scribe. The two men came upon John 5:29 concerning the resurrection of the just and the unjust and decided the ask the Lord if Christianity was correct in its idea of 2 possible results for all people---Heaven or Hell.

GOD would obviously not be fair if there were some arbitrary cut off line dividing the sheep from the goats. Imagine the line was 50.1 percent goodness or righteousness and everyone from 50.0 percent down went to Hell. People who just missed the cut off would spend eons justifiably crushed at just missing out on the only good outcome. It is also patently unfair to put someone who is barely half good with others who could be 70, 80, or 90 percent good. 

The Most High GOD is Not arbitrary so there are multiple kingdoms. There are 4 main divisions according to this vision: Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms, alone with Outer Darkness, a kind of permanent Hell.

The Telestial Kingdom and Outer Darkness fall under the "resurrection of the unjust" and all who end up in those 2 undesirable spots will spend time in Hell either temporarily (Telestial) or permanently (Outer Darkness). The top 2 kingdoms are part of the "resurrection of the just" and the blessing of such an outcome is CHRIST paying for your sins, and you getting to skip Hell altogether.

JESUS revealed to Joseph and Sidney the kind of people who end up in the lowest kingdom of glory in verse 103 of section 76 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

"These are they who are liars, 

and sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers,

and whosoever loves and makes a lie."

(I added the underlining for emphasis)

It looks like CHRIST is emphasizing the lying part because "liars" leads off the verse, and "a lie" ends it with nifty inclusio.

The line "whosoever loves and makes a lie" has always perplexed me, but now I think I have an answer. The line refers to anyone who uses deception to take away other people's free agency. It refers to anyone who enjoys lying for the sake of personal gain at the expense of others.

Now, who in the present day world who fit such a bill?

Politicians. The old joke about the politician being told he was lying and responding "I know I am, but hear me out!" comes to mind. Regardless of party, if you are just going with the flow of public opinion, and you do not stand up for truth and the rule of law, you are going to Hell. 

Journalists. The media world-wide is so corrupt as to be a cruel joke. Promoting fear and hoping for rewards from their political overlords is just another great way to pay for your own sins with some wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Religious Leaders. No surprise here. Since the days of JESUS, religious leaders care more about power and prestige than people. They would rather kill the GOD of this world and forfeit salvation, than give up power. Still true today.

There should be a special section in the Telestial Kingdom for Sadducess, Pharisees, Molesting Priests, and pretend Apostles who have never seen GOD. 

JESUS is real, and He has revealed to 2 of his servants that there are more than just Heaven and Hell. He also graciously gave them, and us, information about how to avoid the lowest kingdom: 
be faithful to your spouse, 
the occult is out, 
avoid jobs in the sex industry, and...


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Revelation 2:26-27

"The history book on the shelf, is always repeating itself."

ABBA, "Waterloo" 1974 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest

Yes, truth can come from a Swedish pop supergroup of the 1970s. One of the things that keeps happening over and over and over in history is people trying to get power. It is occurring right now all over the world with the overblown reaction to a virus. The virus is serious.  The medical experts seeking 15 minutes of fame act like Covid-19 is infecting billions of people, when it is only millions. Their hysteria is off by a factor of 1,000.  Politicians and the press want us to give up our rights as if the Coronavirus was killing every other person it infected, rather than 2 out of a 100. Their methods are truly madness.

Joseph Smith, aided by the Holy Spirit, made dozens of changes to the Book of Revelation. The most significant one I have found occurs in chapter 2. 

In verse 18 and angel of GOD tells John "these things saith the Son of God." This deals with all the statements in the rest of chapter 2. JESUS is speaking the following words.

The KJV of Revelation 2:26-27 is as follows:

And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end,
to him will I give power over the nations:

And he shall rule them with a rod of iron;
as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers:
even as I received of my father.

I can just imagine all the tyrants in the past reading these 2 verses and salivating  in hopes of getting power over the world. Too bad that is not what CHRIST actually said. I can also see people asking what they heck shivers are, but that is beside the point.

The Joseph Smith Translation of the same 2 verses reads as follows:

And to him who overcometh, 
and keepeth my commandments unto the end,
will I give power over many kingdoms;

And he shall rule them with the word of God;
and they shall be in his hands 
as the vessels of clay in the hands of a potter;
and he shall govern them with faith,
with equity and justice,
even as I received of my Father,

CHRIST is promising the truly faithful power after this life. It is only for those who prove they can be trusted during this present time of testing. Equity and justice does not exist in the halls of power in this fallen world. It does exist in the next phase of everyone's existence when there is an initial judgement for everyone who dies. The justice of GOD will separate people in one of 3 places in the Spirit World: Paradise, Prison, and Hell. 

Those who have power now and do not use it with justice and equity will end up in Hell. Good luck to all the fools trying to get some temporary power here, and then end up being a slave to Satan in the next life. They will get to pay for their owns sins, and when your corruption has effected the lives of large groups of people, that bill is going to take a long time to pay.