Saturday, February 18, 2017

A few thoughts and then back to the JST

Sorry I have not posted for awhile, my youngest daughter got married this week in Utah. It made me think of a few things involving Mormonism, and religion in general.

1. If you have not read it yet, check out Kendal Anderson's post on Brigham Young at I agree with his assertions that the LDS temple ceremony is masonry mixed with Brigham Young's ideas of blood atonement. He writes better than I do, so I encourage you to read it.

2. I did not go in the temple for the "sealing" having voluntarily given up my recommend.  I did so so I could stop paying ten percent of my modest teacher's salary to pay down the interest on a multi-billion dollar mall. I realize that only GOD decides who gets to live forever with their sweetheart and He has not given his authority to elderly white men from Utah. 

3. My wife and I are the only 2 people I know of who were married according to Joseph and Hyrum Smith's teaching that a wedding should be done in public, and that no one should be excluded. At the time it was because Mormonism does not allow widowed women to be "re-sealed", but now I am grateful that I have gotten two things right in a lifetime of mistakes (my choice of partner and the public wedding).

4. Referring back to point 3, Mormon widowers (men) can be "re-sealed". I believe this is to perpetuate the false belief that there is polygamy in Heaven. Good luck with that Mormon men. There are at least 3 places in the Book of Mormon where plural marriage is described as an abomination or not right in the eyes of GOD (Jacob 2, Mosiah 11, and Ether 8). A few men are going to be lucky to get one wife. Most men on this misogynistic planet are going to have no wives in the worlds to come. 

5. They can spend millions of dollars on hundreds of temples, but the LDS church cannot spend any money for homeless shelters?

6. Hard to see the forest when you are standing in the middle of it. Easier to see the bigger picture on the outside looking in. I give my wife credit for this idea.

Thanks for stopping by.

John Scott Peterson

Friday, February 10, 2017

More from the fulness of the Book of John

"For the light enlightens every man who is progressing upwards in the cosmos."

This is the testimony of John concerning the Light of CHRIST. One way to tell if someone does not have this light is if they commit horrible sins (child abuse, murder, rape, etc). This means that such a person no longer has the influence of CHRIST in their life, and they consequently do the works that Satan would do to create maximum misery.

If you are not moving closer to GOD, you do not have the Light of CHRIST.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Changes to the Testimony of John

Based on my last post I wanted to present my findings concerning what GOD revealed to Denver Snuffer as the restored Gospel of John.

1. JESUS tells the Samarian woman at Jacob's well that "salvation is not from the Jews, but from the Messiah rejected by the Jews." The King James Version has this quote as "salvation is of the Jews."
That has always bothered me. I reasoned that because CHRIST was born a Jew that made the statement true in one sense. In another sense their is no salvation in Judaism, just as there is no salvation in any organized religion. Salvation come from the SAVIOR. He decides who is saved, and who is not.

2. The woman caught in adultery is not in this newest version. It is not found in the earliest text of the Bible, and the logical possibility is that it is a later insertion by a group wanting to make adultery less penal. Joseph Smith stated the no adulterer would ever enter into the highest heaven. JEHOVAH made this one of only 10 commandments. Those commandments in my opinion, are the easiest ways to exclude oneself from GOD's kingdom.

3. The most interesting thing so far to me is JESUS statement that  "the FATHER laid down his life for me" and that now HE (JESUS) would lay down His life for his followers on this planet. This fits with Joseph Smith's King Follet discourse where he states that JESUS did only those things that the FATHER had done. That leads to the conclusion that JESUS' father was Himself a Savior for another planet.

Do not take my word for any of this, read the text for yourself (32.5 pages), ponder it, pray to GOD, and decide for yourself if this new Gospel has merit. I think it does.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The best version of the Testimony of St. John of all-time

Rather than discuss the JST today, I would like to point everyone to Denver Snuffer's website to read a modern revelation for themselves. That revelation is a corrected version of the Testimony of St. John, CHRIST's beloved apostle. Denver testifies, and I stand as a second witness, that the words were revealed to him from heaven.

Please go to 

...then click on the download icon on the top right of his website. From there find the last item in that section entitled the Testimony of St. John. It is 33 pages of revealed truth.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

2 thoughts about GOD

Former United Nations Secretary Dag Hammarskjold once said, 

"I would rather live my life as though there is a GOD and die to find out there isn't, 
than to live my life as though there isn't a GOD and die to find out there is."

I recently posted on another blog the following idea based on Hammarskjold's words.

"I would rather die and find out JESUS CHRIST was not as great as I thought, 
than die and discover that CHRIST was even greater than I believed."

The problem is that as astounding as I believe JESUS to be right now, He is almost certainly going to astound me further the more I learn about Him. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Testimony of JESUS CHRIST

Today, I felt I needed to publicly proclaim my love and testimony of JESUS CHRIST. He is the "eternal God" according to me, and the title page of the Book of Mormon. My belief is that He is 100 percent in charge of this planet. He has a Father, the Most High God, but the Most High is not our Father. JESUS is our Father. He is not some second class God sent to do someone else's dirty work. He is not our "elder brother." He is the greatest of all because He is the servant of all. He humbly and justly saved the hardest job, the atonement, for Himself. I agree with Abinadi that "God Himself" came down to save us. That God is JESUS. He loves us more than he hates sin. He loves us more than his own position as the King of Kings. 

He was born in the humblest of circumstances, because He was the humblest of beings. He is smarter than all the people who have ever lived on this planet put together. He is the Great I Am, the self-existent GOD, who has life in himself. That means He can live or die and then resurrect Himself as needed to save His people. JESUS was known as JEHOVAH to the ancient Israelites. He is the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament. He is perfectly just and flawlessly merciful. He does not change. He just is.

He is my only hope, and mankind's only chance to escape death, hell and dissolution. He is the most wonderful counselor, or best advocate anyone could ever hope for, and no one will ever deserve. He is the everlasting Father. He is the Prince of Peace. He was horrifically wounded for our transgressions. It is with His stripes we can be healed. He can make your scarlet sins white as snow. He will resurrect all who live on this planet. The simple acknowledgment (on bended knee, or better yet prostrate) that He is the CHRIST is enough to eventually escape the Devil and Hell. Baptism by those HE authorizes is enough to begin the journey toward His kingdom. The baptism of fire is another step along the road back to reconciliation to the MESSIAH. Treating all people as if they were CHRIST is another step. 

Finally I am nothing, JESUS is everything. I am sinful, JESUS is perfect. I cannot say enough about the MESSIAH. I will never be able to repay him. He is the SAVIOR of all, and the REDEEMER of the individual. He left the 99 righteous to find the one lost soul (me). He values any individual, more than any institution. He died for all of us collectively, but He did not die for the collective. He died for every single person that will allow Him to make them alive.

I love Him, because He first loved me unconditionally.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Testimony of Joseph Smith

Today, rather than deal with one of the many thousands of changes that Joseph Smith made to the Holy Bible I would like to offer my testimony.

Joseph Smith is a true prophet. But he is more than that. He is the final dispensation head, or patriarch, before the second coming of CHRIST. Joseph, like Adam, Enoch, Noah, and others is one of the archangels commissioned from before this world began to show the way back to GOD. He and his wife Emma have formed a link back to Adam and Eve. Emma and Joseph are now part of the family of GOD. If we want to be part of that family then we have to link ourselves up to Joseph and Emma. 

Joseph Smith holds keys that will never be taken from him. The keys, or divine approval, that various churches believe they hold does not exist on the earth today. The keys of the Priesthood after the order of the Son of GOD (or GOD the Son) are held jointly by the martyred brothers, Hyrum and Joseph Smith. They are now in the spirit world and cannot be usurped by corrupt men.

The lds church has lied about Joseph Smith since 1852 starting with a fabricated "revelation" dealing with polygamy. Joseph Smith was not involved in that abominable practice. brigham young and his lust-filled associates needed to say that polygamy was revealed through Joseph. Without falsifying Joseph's stamp of approval, the Utah version of the mormon church would have died long ago.

In 2014, the lds church threw Joseph Smith under the bus again by "admitting" that Joseph had multiple wives. They have done this to continue the facade that there is some link between Joseph and brigham. They need to claim they have the missing keys. They do not have them, and they never will.

Joseph Smith was killed by a mob of anti-mormons, but he was betrayed into their hands by traitors. Those traitors were fellow mormons. The Smith family has been dishonored by the utah branch of mormons since 1844. 

I chose to honor CHRIST by honoring his earthly representatives Emma, Hyrum, and Joseph Smith. Hyrum and Joseph did not have to die, and Emma did not have to be a widow if the cowardly mormons in nauvoo had stood up for what was right. 

I know that people continue to join the lds church. This is because when an investigator prays about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon, GOD tells them via the Spirit that both are true. Joseph is a true prophet, and the Book of Mormon is divine.

You do not have to be a member of a church to follow JESUS. Joseph is JESUS' prophet for the last days. Joseph would be sickened by the modern lds church. I am embarrassed to admit I was ever a faithful member, but I am not embarrassed to admit I love and respect Joseph Smith. I am prepared to answer for what I am writing tonight at the judgment bar of CHRIST.

John Scott Peterson
February 1st, 2017