Monday, November 5, 2018

Secret Handshakes = Secret Combinations?

Monday November 5th, 2018

Yesterday I was discussing the gospel with my astute wife, and the following hpothetical dialogue between the Book of Mormon's main editor, Mormon, and his son Moroni popped into my flawed noggin.

Mormon: Son, I tried to put as much as the LORD would allow me about the Gadianton robbers and their secret activities into our book.

Moroni: I know Father, but the supposed followers of CHRIST's gospel in the last days seem to think "your book" is about everyone but themselves.

Mormon: Sadly, you are right son. From my vision of the last days I could clearly see that the main branch that used "our book" would be having secret rituals in private buildings, and I was reminded of Gadianton's secret oaths.

Moroni: My vision of the last days made me ask why so much emphasis on palatial buildings and so little concern for the poor? I was immediately reminded of King Noah. That Young fellow, their second leader, was only charging half the taxes of King Noah, but he and his minions profited nonetheless.

Mormon: I am glad you included the LORD'S emphatic view of plural marriage as abominable in your version of the Jaredite's records. I focused on other items. I felt because of Jacob's direct statement to the followers of Nephi the first that it was clear what GOD feels about polygamy. I cannot believe that Young and his supporters thought Jacob's fiery sermon gives them a loophole. 

Moroni: True, Father, Jacob was merely trying to say that if the LORD did not directly forbid plural marriage in every dispensation of the gospel, then inevitably a group of lustful fools would try and justify legalized adultery. 

Mormon: Even the Lamanites were smarter than that!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Joseph's Greatest Sermon: The King Follet Discourse

In my last post I mentioned Joseph Smith's "King Follet Discourse." I believe it to be the greatest collection of truly revealed doctrinal insights from any speech in history. The occasion for the talk was the April 1844 conference of the Church of Jesus Christ. Do not confuse the 1844 version of the Mormon church with the 2018 version, but that is another story. The inspiration for the talk was the tragic death of church member King Follet, who was crushed by a tub of rocks while building a well in the Nauvoo area.

In his talk, Joseph comforts the mourners of Brother Follet (and others who had lost family members) with assurances that they will see their loved ones in the next sphere of existence. He discusses the plurality of GODs and the eternal nature of man's spirit or intelligence. He shows that the Bible is poorly translated, especially the English version. For example, the German, Latin, and most other versions of the Bible list JESUS's top three apostles as Peter, Jacob, and John. The English version has Peter, James, and John. 

I do not think anyone's eternal salvation or damnation is going to rest on knowing an ancient apostle's real name. However, in the midst of his discussion of the unreliability of the Bible, Joseph makes the following 2 statements:

1. "How can we escape the damnation of hell, unless GOD be with us and reveal it to us?"

2. "Men bind us with chains."

Those 2 sentences are consecutive in the text and seem to be out of place in the midst of a discussion of Hebrew mistranslations. Having thought about it for awhile, they now seem to be the 2 most important sentences ever uttered by someone other than JESUS.

The entire speech is worth hours of study, but these 2 statements jumped out at me today. The talk is truly a masterpiece of modern revelation.

Have a great Memorial Day. I will especially miss my noble Father, John L. Peterson. He went by John L. to distinguish himself from me, his only son, John Scott. He served in the US Navy during the Second World War in the Pacific theater, and received the Purple Heart. He was a junior high school wood shop teacher. He was faithfully married to my Mother, Janet, for almost 70 years. He lived to be 93 years old and passed away just 3 years ago. I cannot blame any of my flaws and failings on my parents. I was blessed with the 2 best parents since Mary and Joseph. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

The 3rd Greatest Commandment?

I am calling this post the 3rd greatest commandment, because JESUS already named the first 2:

1. Love GOD above everything.
2. Love your neighbor (any human being) as much as you love yourself.

CHRIST also gave Moses a handy list of 10 commandments that I consider "the 10 best ways to go to Hell." For example, although it appears in the Book of Mormon that certain people were forgiven for their murders, I am going to avoid being on the wrong side of that rule.

First, a list of what this commandment is not about: extra earrings, r-rated films, coffee, hair length, white shirts, tank tops, profanity, obedience to fallen men, pretentious use of middle initials, standing to honor another imperfect mortal, beer, or beards. All of those are either somewhat well-intentioned policies, good health advice, or flawed rules.

Now for my "great secret" that is not so secret.

(Joseph Smith's greatest sermon at King Follet's funeral includes a statement about "the great secret." He is referring to the idea that GODs have been human at some point in their existence. Then they advance to become Saviors of worlds. Ultimately they become perfected like our Heavenly Parents, the Elohim (plural, meaning 2 GODS, female and male). JESUS and his Spouse would also now be part of this group owing to the infinitely awesome work of the Atonement.)


1. I am a sinful man.
2. I am nothing like Joseph Smith, although I am probably a better person than Brigham Young. Unfortunately I would probably fall closer to Brigham than Joseph, and that is not a good thing. I need to repent, and then repent some more, followed by more repentance.
3. I have never seen JESUS or an angel. My telestial self would surely be incinerated if CHRIST appeared to me in HIS full glory.
4. The only smart thing I have ever done is convince my wife Kim to marry me, and 13 year later, she is still my wife. I have pulled off the greatest coup since the US bought Alaska from the Russians.

You hopefully get the idea that I am not taking the LORD's name in vain, because HE did NOT tell me to write this. I am fairly certain I was inspired to write this, but do not trust me, ask GOD.

Now for my gospel speculation on the 3rd greatest commandment.

You will be judged on how well you treat women.

Obviously this would be part of JESUS's second great commandment, because HE meant "everyone" when He said "neighbor." I just think this needed to be said. 

For men, this starts with their Mother, moves to their sister(s) if they have any, goes on to their Wife, and on to any daughters. It also includes any female they encounter until the day they are resurrected. Men who think they are more important than women are going to end up in a place run by a guy who thought he was more important than the Most High GOD, and got his ass kicked out of heaven.

For women it follows the same progression and includes avoiding "cattiness" when comparing themselves to other women. Any woman who gives birth to even one child (or adopts one) is automatically a million times more worthy of the celestial kingdom than I am.

I know men will be deservedly judged by a harsher standard than women by JESUS, because women have much harder lives than men. Men rule and reign on this Earth with the proverbial "blood and horror." This reign of terror includes verbal cruelty as well as sexual or physical abuse.

Men: If you want to assure yourselves of a lengthy stay in a literal Hell, feel free to mistreat women. 

If you are hoping to avoid Satan's realm, start treating all women like your eternal life depends on it...BECAUSE IT DOES!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to Avoid Future Witch Trials

April 24, 2018

Exodus 22:18

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

That is Jehovah supposedly instructing Moses on the dangers of magic.

What tragedies could have been avoided if the original text of second book of the Pentateuch had been transmitted to us correctly, or the text not corrupted by some fool. You would think there was some pandemic of sorcery in Egypt or the land of Canaan at the time. I realize Pharaoh had his magicians, but I don't think they were a threat to humanity. There are also some misogynistic issues with GOD apparently ordering the death of witches but not warlocks.

There are estimates of 200,000 executions of witches between 1500 and 1800. Although no witches were burned in North America during the infamous Salem witch trials (they were hung), they were burned in Europe. Killing any supposed witches is unacceptable and unscriptural. Satan must have relished all the suffering this one mistake in the Old Testament has caused. 

Now Dennis Prager, in his new commentary on the Book of Exodus, has to account for this concept and explain how GOD would come up with such a stipulation, when GOD said no such thing. 

I am grateful to Joseph Smith for using his gifts of seership and translation to correct thousands of mistakes in the Bible, especially this one. Even the 15 pretenders in Salt Lake City are smart enough not to have themselves sustained as "translators." All of them from Brigham Young to today do not equal even one Joseph Smith, or one Hyrum Smith, or one Emma Smith.

The corrected text reads:

Thou shalt not suffer a murderer to live.

That should end all discussion of witch hunts and eliminating capital punishment. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Why Having Moroni atop the LDS temples is Appropriate

April 23, 2018

I was thinking today while driving home from work (non-priestcraft work like 99 percent of the world's population [.9 being criminals and .1 being Mormon general authorities, Catholic Priests, and other paid clergy]), that having Moroni on top of the great majority of LDS temples is absolutely perfect.

1. Moroni was not the first angel to visit Joseph Smith, Nephi was.

Why would GOD have Moroni visit? He was a great person and certainly redeemed from the fall via JESUS, but he is probably not the being who came to Joseph Smith 4 times in a 24 hour period. Honest LDS historians have pointed out that the early Mormons understood this mission was given to know, the guy who built the ship to get everything started?

2. Even if Moroni was the actual personage to visit Joseph, no one is getting saved because of Moroni. Having any person at the pinnacle of a supposed sacred building is nonsense, because it is a form of idolatry. The ancient Jews did not carry their Tablernacle around with a statue of Moses or Abraham for the top. The Temple in Jerusalem did not have a guy on top, or the first thing JESUS would have done was destroy the temple before his atonement. The LDS church's decision to position a person on the temple dovetails nicely with its modern abomination of "follow the prophet". Especially now that they think they have 15 prophets today. I guess that means the modern LDS church is 15 times better than the humble days of the Restoration, when only Joseph Smith was bold enough to think he was a Prophet. Why those 15 retirees think they are "seers" is laughable, but that is a post for another day.

3. If anyone should be displayed on a temple, it should be JESUS CHRIST, the God of this planet. If the Nauvoo Saints had built the first temple in Nauvoo on time and not been moved out their place, then temple work would not be a gargantuan waste of time. The LORD told those lollygaggers to get finished or their baptisms for the dead would have no validity. How then could any other temple ordinance be meaningful today, if GOD rejected the baptisms for the dead? If you think the Nauvoo Saints finished that temple to the LORD's liking, I have some ocean front property in Arizona that George Strait and I would like to sell you.

4. Finally, the LDS temple is an invention of Brigham Young mixing Masonry with Genesis to get people to pay their 10 percent entrance fee. That makes it OK with me for my former church to put a person on top of the building, because Moroni is not going to save anyone, and neither is the modern LDS church.
The potential problem for the modern LDS church is that GOD probably does not share my sense of humor.

Monday, December 4, 2017

There is a reason the JST remained with the Reorganized Church

My firm belief is that the LORD entrusted the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible to the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ. JESUS knew intimately that Brigham Young and his cadre of adulterers could not be trusted with the original manuscript. Based on what we now know happened to the revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants, the History of the Church, and Joseph Smith's own journals, Brigham would have had the JST rewritten to include false verses about the supposed legality of polygamy. 

There are only two volumes of scripture we can trust as being untampered with: One, The Book of Mormon and two, the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. The first because GOD in his infinite intelligence made sure that the BOM was published before the organization of a church He knew would ultimately fail. The second because the LORD knew he could trust Emma Smith and her family to keep the manuscript safe until it could be published by the RLDS church (now the Community of Christ). A church that has unceasingly proclaimed that Joseph and Hyrum fought against the abomination of plural marriage. The BOM proclaims in multiple spots that more wives than one is hateful to the LORD, and the JST includes information that clearly points out that King David and King Solomon were NOT justified in taking plural wives. 

For all the fools who think there is a supposed loophole in the Book of Jacob, beware. Jacob 2:30 is not the LORD saying if HE commands it, plural marriage is OK. The verse is using very awkward 1828 American English. GOD is saying that if HE does not explicitly warn people about polygamy, the fallen tendency of men in this world will be to start doing it to justify adultery.

If you have not read the JST give it a chance and see if your ability to deal with this telestial world is not enlarged. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Matthew 19:25 + 26- Who then can be saved?

JESUS has just told his followers that rich people have as much chance at GOD's kingdom as a camel does walking through the eye of a needle...

King James Version

When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying,
Who then can be saved?

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them,
With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

This sounds wonderful, but it is not what JESUS really said.

Joseph Smith Translation

When his disciples heard this, they were exceedingly amazed, saying,

Who then can be saved?

But Jesus beheld their thoughts, and said unto them,

With men this is impossible; 
but if they will forsake all things for my sake,
with God whatsoever things I speak are possible.

Someone, somewhere decided to not offend rich people. He foolishly decided to change what CHRIST actually said. No doubt it was because rich people contribute to religions (so they can feel good about not repenting and not helping poor people), and we cannot offend people who might give us money. I am fairly certain that someone who deletes JESUS' actual words from a manuscript are not to be envied in the next life.

If the original version were hypothetically correct, then we have a GOD who can override agency and save people who do not merit it. No one really merits salvation. However, CHRIST shared His perfection with us to allow us to avoid suffering for our sins. Therefore, GOD can require that you have to share your time, money, talents, and energy with those around you. All of it!

The rich young ruler came face to face with his selfishness, and was found wanting. He was keeping all of the ten commandments to save himself. He was not willing to help others achieve temporal salvation in this life, so they could then focus more on spiritual things. I am no better than he was, but because of Joseph Smith, I have a better idea of what the actual standard for salvation is. If I do not forsake everything for GOD, GOD will not save me. I am not going to be surprised if I do not make the celestial bar, but at least I have a better idea of how high that bar is.

Finally, Tithing is meant for poor people, although the 15 false prophets of the Utah version of Mormonism believe differently. They think tithing money is to sustain their first-world lifestyles. The millions of LDS members who live in second and third-world countries are suppose to survive without ten percent of their meager incomes as a test of their faith. GOD will save the poor who were misguided but had unselfish hearts. I am sure HE will not save those who have a legitimate surplus of the world's goods and do not seek to elevate others. Just to be clear, GOD would love to save everyone, but he is not going to save paid clergy.