Friday, September 11, 2020

Heroes and Cowards: How to tell the difference

 Roland G. Fryer Jr. was a Harvard professor. His 2017 study found that in 1,300 police shootings from 2000-2015 police were less likely to shoot a black person than those of other races. Fryer is black. He said he was personally shocked at his findings. Unlike the cowards running this country, and the fools in today's mainstream media, he published his findings even though they went against his preconceptions. 

Harvard contrived a way to fire Fryer, because they did not like his study. The facts did not fit with their flawed world view that only whites can be racist. Fryer lost his job even though he is considered one of the top 10 Economists in the world! 

Ronald Fryer is a hero. 

To the ignorant athletes of professional sports, and their politically correct, but factually incorrect coaches, and all the idiots in Hollywood, I say the following:

Be grateful.

Thank GOD every day you do not live in Bolivia or Africa or Haiti or any of the other third world countries of the world. Try protesting in Putin's Russia or in China.

I do not believe the US is the greatest country in the world, but it is certainly in the top 10. 

Be grateful that Americans overvalue sports so much that people who either cannot read, or refuse to read, can be paid millions of dollars to add no value to society. 

There has never been a more lucrative time to be uneducated.

Be grateful that a person of any color can be president of the US. 

Next up is getting a female in the top executive office.

Be grateful you can protest during the national anthem here in the country you hate. 

In most countries of the world today, and all of them before 1776, your protest would cost you your life at the maximum, or being imprisoned for treason at a minimum.

Be grateful that most people think what comes out of your misinformed mouths is important. 

If your are famous and you lie, that just makes you a well-known idiot.

Be grateful you still have time to do some actual research, repent, and help make the country a better place. 

Focus on what is truly good in this country.  Fight against what is truly evil. Avoid what is popular.

Let's start helping out poor people. Let's end human trafficking. Let's treat women and children better. 

We all better literally find JESUS before we die, or we are all going to Hell regardless of color.

Finally, here is what I promised in the title. Some simple ways to tell the heroes from the cowards.

1. Heroes do not play sports. 

Heroes fight in the military.

2. Heroes do not coach spoiled athletes and let them do whatever they want as long as you get paid and the team wins.

Heroes walk and ride the streets of this diverse nation and put their lives at risk every damn day as law enforcement officers.

3. Heroes do not work in Hollywood. 

Heroes go to work in the inner-city and middle of nowhere schools to help others become educated.

4. Heroes do not do whatever is popular at the time.

Heroes serve in Emergency rooms and ambulances trying to save lives.

5. Heroes do not waste their wealth on cars and boats and planes. Fools do that.

Heroes use their excess wealth to help the poor, and they do it in secret.

The last professional athlete/hero in my estimation was Sandy Koufax. He pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the late 1950s into the mid 1960s. One year he refused to pitch game 1 in the World Series because it fell on a Jewish Holiday. He took abuse even from Jewish people for that. Why? Because fools think sports are more important than a person's belief in doing what is right by GOD. 

By the way he pitched games 2, 5, and 7 that year for his team in that World Series. Most remember Koufax's brilliant pitching to win games 5 and 7. I choose to remember his heroic refusal to violate deep-seated spiritual beliefs.

Be a hero. Heroes read and reflect and repent constantly.  Heroes only speak up when they are inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. Heroes make the world a better place one person and one situation at a time.

It is your right to say and do whatever you want, but it is not your right to avoid the eventual consequences. 

Best to keep your stupidity to yourself, than to open your mouth because you think you are special, and remove all doubt.

Finally, JESUS is no respecter of persons. That means simply that He can save anyone regardless of skin color. Good black people will go to Heaven, and bad white people will go to Hell. And vice versa.

He cannot save someone who thinks they are special, even if they can dunk a basketball. JESUS will not save someone based on a popular vote. 

JESUS is the keeper of the gate to Heaven, He employs no servant there, and He cannot be deceived.