Monday, May 30, 2022

Trespassers William

The title is not a typo. Some of you will recognize it comes from A.A. Milne's series of books about Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. Specifically it refers to a sign that is posted near the beech tree that Piglet lives in. The sign is broken and reads, "Trespassers Will". Obviously it means that the property owner at the time was warning people that the could be shot or prosecuted. We can make a fairly good guess that it is one of the two. Piglet in his innocence makes up a story that it is the name of his grandfather, Trespassers William. 

All of us here on Earth are not in possession of all of the facts. At best, we only know a small part of the truth. We like to think we know a lot, and Mormons are notorious for thinking they know all or at least their leaders do. The higher up you go in Mormonism the more know-it-alls you find. There are humble Mormons at the bottom of the pecking order.

As a former Mormon I keep learning over and over that I know almost nothing in comparison to GOD. I am really only guessing at what the truth is. I may have some of it right, but it is most likely I have most of it wrong. 

All the religions of the world are like Piglet. Piglet creates a story to make himself look important. The problem is no one in his circle of friends realizes the story cannot be right. Religions have come up with a narrative that supports their world view. They use that story to control their members. The goal is to get money and power. The problem is not enough people figure out that their faith leaders are as clueless as Piglet. 

You then get 2 reactions to the story, acceptance or rejection. We now have a world made up of zealots and atheists. Few consider there could be a middle ground. Religion could have some truth, but there is no one true church. There is only a true GOD and that is JESUS, the literal son of the GOD MOST HIGH.

I will keep searching until I get more truth. I am like Piglet in comparison to GOD. The difference is that I know that I don't know, Piglet was blissfully ignorant. Become like a child and start asking questions assuming you know nothing. I know closer to nothing than a do to everything.

I really only know 3 things for sure:

1. I do not need a religion to find truth.

2. There is a GOD.

3. GOD is trying to save all His children, religious or not.


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Obey GOD and Grow, Ignore Him and Wither

After JESUS gives the parable of the sower in Matthew 13 his disciples ask him why He is teaching in parables. He responds according to the King James Version with,

    11. He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know 

    the mysteries of the kingdom of the heaven, but to  them it is not given.

    12. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given,

    and he shall have more abundance;

    but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

(Matthew 13: 11-12)

I do not know about you, but that seems a little capricious to me. I also know that JESUS is not capricious so what does verse 12 mean?

Thanks to Joseph Smith's inspired work on the Bible we now know.

The JST takes verse 12 and splits it into two parts and changes the main verb.

    For whosoever receiveth, to him shall be given,

    and he shall have more abundance;

    But whosoever continueth not to receive, 

    from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

That sounds more like GOD to me. If you receive instruction from Him, and you follow it, you get more instruction. You grow. If you continue to trust GOD and follow his counsel, then eventually you can have your calling and election made sure. That is the best possible outcome for the test we are currently taking.

If you get information from GOD and ignore it or fail to heed it, then you wither. The risk is that is you do that enough without repenting you can die spiritually. Dying spiritually is infinitely worse than physically dying. 

GOD knows more than all of us put together, so we don't we just start listening to Him? He only has our best interests at heart. He loves us unconditionally, but HE cannot bless us equally, unless we all start doing what he advises us to do.

No one is going to get to the other side and say, 

"Boy, I sure regret following JESUS!"



Saturday, May 7, 2022

Genesis Chapter Zero, Verse One

The words of God which he spake unto Moses,

at a time when Moses was caught up into an exceeding high mountain,

and he saw God face to face,

and he talked with him,

and the glory of God was upon Moses;

therefore Moses could endure his presence.

You will not find the verse above or the information in it in any Bible other than the one Joseph Smith produced. I like to call the first chapter of Joseph's Bible, "Genesis Chapter 0."

Think of the knowledge restored in just that verse! People can talk to God face to face? By the way, the GOD here referred to is the Most High God, because later in the chapter this GOD refers to his Only Begotten (Jesus). I can see why the adversary  would not want that information getting out. Someone might read that and think, "if hot-headed arrogant Moses could talk to God, why not me?"

Critics of Joseph like to just say he merely plagiarized the King James Version of the Bible.There is no other Bible in the world that restores an entire chapter of material as an introduction to Genesis that is missing except the JST. According to BYU Professor Kent Jackson Joseph made roughly 3,600 changes and added 10,000 words that have counterpart in any other version!

You cannot plagiarize something that is original to your work. Actually original to Moses' work, but since it has not been seen for thousands of years we can dismiss any ridiculous notions of mere copying. 

If I were trying to create my own version of the Bible I certainly would not add thousands of new words, only a fool would do that.  The other possibility is someone with direct access to the Holy Spirit and permission from GOD could restore what has been lost. You decide, like the Book of Mormon, ask God if it is true. If you get a YES that does not mean you have to join the Mormon Church. It only means you should take the time to read it and learn what you cannot learn in any other translation.

I never get bored searching the JST. It starts with a thunder bolt.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Bountiful Children's Foundation

 I write this after finding out that a couple of years ago, the Salt Lake version of the Mormon church made the Liahona Children's Foundation change its name. For those who do not know, what the now "Bountful Children's Foundation" does is give 99.9 percent of the money they receive to help starving and nutritionally challenged children in the Third World. Places like Bolivia, Cambodia, and Ghana. You can go to to see the other countries they serve and how they serve them.  

Mormon Inc. with its hundreds of billions of dollars refuses to help the least of Christ's brethren. They have the satanic audacity to make an organization that relies totally on donations to change their name. That is probably not going to go well for the selfish leaders when they leave this life. They might end up even lower than me. 

My latest prayer was asking GOD to destroy the LDS church sooner rather than later. It is going to happen, but if will be on CHRIST''s timetable and not mine. JESUS most likely is waiting to see if He can influence a few more people to get out before the sword of justice drops.

Stop giving your money to a corporation posing as a church. If you have extra money please consider giving some to the Bountiful Children's Foundation.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

I Thought Mormons Don't Gamble

How do you convince the 4 million or so truly active Mormons in the world that the church is still growing? How do you create the illusion for the 8 billion other people on the planet that Mormonism is doing well?

Announce 17 new temples. Then gamble that no one will learn how farcical that is.

The LDS church could have closed 17 temples and they would still have too many for the number of temple recommend holders.

My favorite new temple will be in Montpelier, Idaho which is located in a county with 7,000 people in it. I am sure that not all 7,000 are LDS. People may say "well, it is going to serve the people of Bear Lake."

Bear Lake straddles Utah and Idaho. A former teaching colleague of mine grew up there. When people asked him what is was like living there he would say "9 months of snow, and 3 months of relatives and tourists." I have a friend who lives there now who grew up in eastern Idaho, so Bear Lake is doable for him. There are only a few hundred people rugged enough and rich enough to live there year round. If you are foolish enough to give a church ten percent of your income, you are not going to have enough money left over to live near Bear Lake. It is not as posh as Park City, but it is a giant step up from the over-priced housing of the Wasatch front.

Like any sociopath backed into a corner by the truth, Mormon Inc just keeps digging a hole of lies. The sociopath will never admit they are wrong, and Mormon leadership will never admit that the "good ship Zion" is taking on water.

Most intelligent people who find themselves in a hole of their own creation stop digging.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Aiding and Abetting Delusions

This post was inspired by a clip I saw while surfing through golf videos. The golf instructors I respect had a clip mixed in from the TV show Dr. Phil. In the clip a psychologist tells a transgender female that he will not participate in his delusions about gender. He goes so far as to tell him/her that he/she should not get to pick their own pronouns. He then gives the crushing example of picking his own adjectives as "brilliant" and "handsome" and asking the male/female to only use those to refer to the psychologist.

Too many people in this world are participating in other people's delusions. Parents tell their kids they can be anything. I use to coach high school athletes who believed (thanks to their parents) that they were destined for professional sports. Only one person I have coached in dozens of years in multiple sports ever ending up playing professionally. 

Too few are fearless enough to say enough is enough. 

"No, leaving your first wife after cheating on her is not going to work out for you here or in the hereafter" is something that has probably never been said. 

"Son, it is OK that you overeat and never exercise, as long as you do not smoke or drink" has been said by too many moronic mormons.

"Mom, your obsession with your appearance is anything but normal" needs to be said more often.

"Do whatever makes you happy" needs to be spoken less. "Do right, and you can be happy" needs to be trending.

"Marriage after this life is only between a man and a woman" is said too infrequently for fear of offending the defiantly delusional.

"Kudos on your marriage to your same gender life partner" needs to be said less.

"Black lives matter" needs to be replaced with "when black criminals stop killing law abiding black people, I will start worrying about the few blacks who are unfortunately killed by law enforcement." 

A couple years ago a black police officer in Utah shot a young white criminal who was robbing a convenience store. I would like to find that officer and thank him. Many will think the punishment does not fit the crime. JESUS would point out that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. I take CHRIST's meaning to be if you arm yourself with a weapon of deadly force, you risk losing your life in the same manner. My point is I did not create a "White Lives Matter" group, and start rioting in protest. I did not ask Utah politicians to defund the police. If you do not want to killed in police custody, do not get into police custody in the first place. 

I have my own numerous sins to work on, but pretending that evil is OK is not one of them.

I may end up with a less than ideal afterlife, but at least I will not be surprised. My parents loved me enough to tell me when I was not behaving morally. There were also consequences in my childhood home for misconduct. My parents never went down to school to try and argue my way out of consequences there. 

GOD gave every person on this planet a conscience, how about we start using them, even if we offend someone? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Even before reading Adrian Larsen's post about Jonathan Edwards being the gentile moved upon by the Holy Spirit in the BOM, I have had the year 2030 on my mind.

1. 200 years from the start of what was first known as the "Church of Christ".

2. 201 years since the publication of the Book of Mormon.

3. 210 years from Joseph Smith's vision.

4. 2000 years from the best guess at CHRIST's death, 30 AD. 

5. 30 years after the Y2K hysteria, roughly a generation of time for the world to start thinking like the apostate Nephites before CHRIST's birth that they time had past for His first coming. Now they are rejecting the possibility of His second.

I am no prophet, and certainly no saint. I only can offer my best guess.

Could be time to think about leaving a country that deserves to be removed from the earth for so many reasons. Millions of abortions being at the top of the list. Fighting offensive wars in the name of national security. Promotion of transgenderism. Neglecting the homeless in favor of aid to corrupt allies. Desecration of the Sabbath. Promotion of adultery. And the list goes on and on, until one day very soon, GOD removes the pavilion that hides His glory from the earth.