Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Mark of the Beast?

After reading the work of Kendal Anderson and Rock Waterman recently, the following thought came to me:

"Maybe the "mark of the beast" from John's book of Revelation is currency."

John describes the mark as being on people's foreheads. Maybe he meant it symbolically to mean what is in the forefront of most people's minds. Your forehead is obviously very close to your brain. 

John also states the mark can be in people's hands. What else passes through our hands on an almost daily basis? Coins and dollar bills and debit cards and credit cards and checks. I understand we have to use money to survive, but an unhealthy focus on it is the Satan's first, last, and best trap.

What else is more important to modern men and women than money?

What have people killed for since the days of Cain? Property, things, and money.

What motivates the evil elite behind the efforts to cull the human herd via vaccines and viruses? Wealth and power.

Why do governments exist? To steal your money via taxes.

JESUS told us 2000 years, "Ye cannot serve GOD and mammon (money). "

Perhaps if we are found at the day of judgment having put finances above our Father in Heaven, and ahead of helping our fellow man, we will bitterly regret that behavior.

Just a thought.