Sunday, March 27, 2022

Aiding and Abetting Delusions

This post was inspired by a clip I saw while surfing through golf videos. The golf instructors I respect had a clip mixed in from the TV show Dr. Phil. In the clip a psychologist tells a transgender female that he will not participate in his delusions about gender. He goes so far as to tell him/her that he/she should not get to pick their own pronouns. He then gives the crushing example of picking his own adjectives as "brilliant" and "handsome" and asking the male/female to only use those to refer to the psychologist.

Too many people in this world are participating in other people's delusions. Parents tell their kids they can be anything. I use to coach high school athletes who believed (thanks to their parents) that they were destined for professional sports. Only one person I have coached in dozens of years in multiple sports ever ending up playing professionally. 

Too few are fearless enough to say enough is enough. 

"No, leaving your first wife after cheating on her is not going to work out for you here or in the hereafter" is something that has probably never been said. 

"Son, it is OK that you overeat and never exercise, as long as you do not smoke or drink" has been said by too many moronic mormons.

"Mom, your obsession with your appearance is anything but normal" needs to be said more often.

"Do whatever makes you happy" needs to be spoken less. "Do right, and you can be happy" needs to be trending.

"Marriage after this life is only between a man and a woman" is said too infrequently for fear of offending the defiantly delusional.

"Kudos on your marriage to your same gender life partner" needs to be said less.

"Black lives matter" needs to be replaced with "when black criminals stop killing law abiding black people, I will start worrying about the few blacks who are unfortunately killed by law enforcement." 

A couple years ago a black police officer in Utah shot a young white criminal who was robbing a convenience store. I would like to find that officer and thank him. Many will think the punishment does not fit the crime. JESUS would point out that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. I take CHRIST's meaning to be if you arm yourself with a weapon of deadly force, you risk losing your life in the same manner. My point is I did not create a "White Lives Matter" group, and start rioting in protest. I did not ask Utah politicians to defund the police. If you do not want to killed in police custody, do not get into police custody in the first place. 

I have my own numerous sins to work on, but pretending that evil is OK is not one of them.

I may end up with a less than ideal afterlife, but at least I will not be surprised. My parents loved me enough to tell me when I was not behaving morally. There were also consequences in my childhood home for misconduct. My parents never went down to school to try and argue my way out of consequences there. 

GOD gave every person on this planet a conscience, how about we start using them, even if we offend someone? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Even before reading Adrian Larsen's post about Jonathan Edwards being the gentile moved upon by the Holy Spirit in the BOM, I have had the year 2030 on my mind.

1. 200 years from the start of what was first known as the "Church of Christ".

2. 201 years since the publication of the Book of Mormon.

3. 210 years from Joseph Smith's vision.

4. 2000 years from the best guess at CHRIST's death, 30 AD. 

5. 30 years after the Y2K hysteria, roughly a generation of time for the world to start thinking like the apostate Nephites before CHRIST's birth that they time had past for His first coming. Now they are rejecting the possibility of His second.

I am no prophet, and certainly no saint. I only can offer my best guess.

Could be time to think about leaving a country that deserves to be removed from the earth for so many reasons. Millions of abortions being at the top of the list. Fighting offensive wars in the name of national security. Promotion of transgenderism. Neglecting the homeless in favor of aid to corrupt allies. Desecration of the Sabbath. Promotion of adultery. And the list goes on and on, until one day very soon, GOD removes the pavilion that hides His glory from the earth.

Monday, March 14, 2022

The 3 Biggest Lies Mormons Believe

American Mormons fervently believe a lot of things. The three things that are the most dangerous are the following:

1. The Mormon church is true. It is GOD's only source of salvation.

2. The United States of America is the best country on earth. It can never fail. The states are only united because "Dishonest Abe" forced them to stay that way by waging total war against the South. I would rather not trade places with that fool in the afterlife. I have enough sins to worry about, but killing innocent civilians who are my own countrymen is not one of them.

3. The President of Mormonism Incorporated speaks to GOD. That is laughable. A guy who cannot operate a motor vehicle is lucid enough to get revelation from the MOST HIGH GOD? No chance.