Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Book of Mormon Does Not Belong to Any Religion

The most memorable thing I learned in my 4.5 years at BYU was taught to me by a girl whose name I sadly do not remember.   

While discussing if 2 friends of ours should get married I lobbied in the affirmative. My reasoning was that they were obviously in love. The third wisest woman I have ever encountered after my mother and my wife responded with,

"Just because 2 people are in love does not mean they should get married."

I was stunned into silence, but 30 years later I realize that truer words were never spoken.

I now realize that getting married because of love falls under the concept of conflation. Love is a necessary part of marriage but it is not the only part. 

On page 10 of Rob Smith's seminal book, Seek Ye This Jesus, is this profound quote:

"Believing in it (the Book of Mormon) does not require one to be Mormon,

anymore than believing in the Bible requires on to be Catholic."

When people pray to see if the Book of Mormon is true they usually get a confirmation of its veracity. If they are sincere it always happens. If they are not sincere it rarely happens.

The danger is in thinking the truthfulness of the BOM proves the veracity of the LDS church.

The Book of Mormon is the greatest book of scripture in history.

The Book of Mormon is true.

The LDS Church is NOT true.

Why? Because it violates basic truths contained in the Book of Mormon. 

It is like the modern Mormon church hasn't got around to reading the instruction manual from JESUS yet. It is too focused on the acquisition of money and power. 

The money and power acquisition manual was authored by Satan.

A little conflation can be a very dangerous thing.