Friday, December 17, 2021

Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying

Everyone will recognize the title is from Stephen King's masterpiece The Shawshank Redemption. The real title is Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, but the film's producers probably thought that gave away a crucial clue to how the protagonist escapes prison.

The concept from the movie's iconic line is always true, but especially in these times of lunacy and fear. Most of the US is vaccinated for covid. So most of the country has gotten busy dying. The minority of folk that see through this latest gigantic lie are still busying living. 

There are more people with common sense than the lying media would like us to believe. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are fools. These are the same deluded people who think either their religion will save them, or there is no GOD. The same idiots who think you can lose weight by taking a pill. The same rubes who voted for our current president. Some of them think the LDS church president talks to GOD. 

If you die of covid, or a car crash, or old age, or an accident, you have no control of that. No one is getting out of here alive. 

If you die from the fake-vaccine, you did have a choice. 

Living in fear is not just oxymoronic. It is completely moronic.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Risk and Reward

As a golfer I usually think of "risk/reward" in terms of the benefits or damages to my final score when attempting a difficult shot over water, sand, or trees. In this trivial example there are two possible outcomes and the label of risk/reward correctly applies. I could pull the shot off and save a stroke or two. Or I could mishit the shot and hurt my score by incurring extra strokes when I should have been more prudent.

As a concerned person during the times of covid, I can boil my beliefs done to this on the critical nature of the vaccine risk and reward argument.

There is no reward in taking any of the covid vaccines. There is only risk.

If you are old and know that getting covid has a better chance of ending your life than that of a younger person, you should still not be vaccinated. Why? The vaccine will end your life sooner than getting covid would. 

You may have a loved one who is immune-compromised, and think you should get the vaccine in an attempt to protect them.  You now are damaging your own health, and with no benefit to your loved one.

The covid vaccines will not prevent your from getting covid. In fact, they will make you more likely in the long term to become immune-compromised yourself, and get a serious case of covid, your now vaccine-weakened body will now struggle to fight off.

Children do not die of Covid, and should never be vaccinated. Tread lightly in this area because if I recall JESUS really loves children.

The bottom line is that there is no person on this planet whose health will benefit from a covid vaccine. The only people who gain are those profiting from the world's fear and ignorance.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

GOD Picks the Mormon President

Today's piece was inspired by the blog listing the dozens of changes that have occurred since Nelson took over the LDS church.

Most of the roughly 4 million active Mormons believe that GOD chooses LDS presidents using a kind of natural selection. The 12 million inactive Mormons do not care. Believers are of the opinion that if a member of the quorum of the 12 is not "prophet material", then he will die before his chance comes to lead the church. Only the true giants of righteousness live long enough to take over the mantle of church president.

Now anyone with enough free time to read my rants, knows that I do not believe that Mormonism has had a real prophet since Joseph Smith. The flood of revelations from on high stopped in 1844, only to be followed by a 177 year trickle of false revelations, proclamations, and policy changes designed to keep the church's tax exempt status.

I believe GOD is picking the mormon presidents!

He is picking individuals who are completely unfit to lead in a last ditch effort to get his beloved children out of the Mormon church. 

GOD is allowing the current church president to live to an unripe old age, so people can have plenty of time to see his demented decisions.

GOD's latest selection is a guy so drunk on power that it is easy to see he is not anything like JESUS. Some, like myself, believe he is the exact opposite of CHRIST. Nelson wants the power and the glory, but he does not want to do GOD's will. Nelson is not a servant, but a slave-holder of 4 million minds. He is the sole ruler of billions of dollars.

I am sure you are aware of the "cult of personality" where leaders rule using their charisma. The problem is that the current LDS president has zero charisma, and less personality. Joe Biden is more charming than Russ Nelson. How do these 4 million people keep showing up every week and shelling out once a month for tithing? 

I am no genius, with no special spiritual gifts, and I got out. I thank JESUS every week for helping me. I give thanks every Sunday, where I get 2 hours off from church and every payday, where I get a 10 percent raise.

Those who fail to see the falseness of all religions, including Mormonism, are going to be in for a soul wrenching surprise when they die. 

JESUS saves, and everything else is just a distraction.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Would You Do Something You Knew to Be Wrong for 1.5 Million Dollars?

I have not dealt with the JST of the Bible for too long a time. I apologize. Here is one verse that Joseph added to the beginning of chapter 7 of Matthew. I would call it verse 0, but it stands as verse 1.

    Now these are the words which Jesus taught his disciples,

    that they should say unto the people.

It is important to realize that what follows in chapter 7 was given to his chosen disciples. There were at least 12 men there, and possibly women. The point is that this was not relayed to the people directly, it was passed through his messengers first. 

I would like now to turn to verses 13 and 14 which because of other material Joseph added through inspiration (and NOT with help from Adam Clarke's commentary), theses two verses become 22 and 23. That makes 9 verses Joseph completely added, with no assistance for anything earthly.

The incomplete KJV reads,

    (13) Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate,

    and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction,

    and many there be which go in thereat.

The JST reads,

    (22) Repent, therefore, and enter ye in at the strait gate;

      for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to death,

    and many there be that go in thereat.

    (23) Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, 

    that leadeth unto life, and few there be who find it. 

Now, adding "repent, therefore" is critical to the entire passage. The theme of the gospel is if we do not repent, then we all end up in the same horrific place. "Death", as in spiritual death, replaces "destruction." Destruction is obviously bad, but death is much more emphatic. "That" for "which" is the only change to verse 14. 

Now you are probably asking who is Nick Rolovich? Yesterday, he was the head football coach at Washington State University, which is member of the Pacific 12 Conference. Until today, he was making 3 million dollars a year to coach the Cougars of WSU (not to be confused with the Cougars of BYU). 

3 million dollars is more than any person on this planet should make doing anything. It is ridiculously high for coaching any sport, but Rolovich is not even close to being the highest paid coach in his own state. The point of mentioning his salary is to give context to what follows.

In essence, Rolovich was offered 1.5 million dollars this year, and 3 million per year for as long as he kept on complying. It is 1.5 million because he has already worked half of this season

Rolovich was fired today, in the middle of the season, for refusing to be vaccinated for covid-19. Washington's tyrannical governor, whose name deserves no mention, created a "mandate" for any person working for any state institution to be vaccinated for our latest flu virus under the guise of public health. There is no law in Washington forcing vaccination, but now that people conflate "mandate" with "law", we get the present injustices. 

Sadly, but justly, the dishonorable governor of Washington, and all tyrannical leaders in world history will have to pay for these sins for however long JESUS deems necessary. That payment will take place in a hell you and I would do well to avoid. JESUS himself described the agony He went though to make our escape possible, if we would repent and do what He asks.

Now my personal theology imagines a Hell that is not filled with beer drinkers, smokers, coffee drinkers, and women with 2 earrings. I believe only incredibly selfish people, cowards, hypocrites, murderers, child molesters, and tyrants will be turned over to Satan for a time. A time never to be forgotten.

Nick Rolovich is no coward and no tyrant. His players love him. He was willing to forfeit a 3 million dollar a year job to do what felt was right. Too many of us, myself included, are like the rich young ruler. We want to know what is required for eternal life. Yet, we do not want to do what is required for the greatest of GOD's gifts. Instead, we want the GOD who already did 99.99  percent of the horrific heavy lifting to just give us a pass on our part of the Universe's greatest bargain.

If you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated, but do not do it just to get along. GOD is not going to damn anyone who did something in an effort to keep their job and keep feeding their family. There is nothing shameful in that. The flip side is He is not going to exalt that kind of person either. There is a middle Kingdom for people like me.

There will be a few people (JESUS's words, not mine) in the highest Heaven, but there will be no average people. Only exemplary people need apply. JESUS always did whatever it took to please His Father, regardless of the infinite cost. 

If we sincerely want to be with Him after this life, then we need to follow his example. 


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Nothing Succeeds Like Excess

I stole the title from a line from the Dowager of Downton Abbey, Violet Grantham. She is played to perfection by Dame Maggie Smith. I am fairly certain the line is not original to her, but no one has ever said it more eloquently than she. It is an obvious play on the more famous idea that "nothing succeeds like success."

Mormon Incorporated announced 13 more temples in their autumnal general conference. General, as in "generally boring." How can a church that is indisputably shrinking need 13 more temples? There are already too many to begin with. 

I finally came up with the following after discussing this with my wife. Both of us are former members of the Mormon church. Both of us were avid temple goers for a short season. Mercifully the Holy Spirit led us out of the charade of temple attendance, and away from the hypocrisy of the Mormon church.

The first reason for the latest baker's dozen of temples is to bamboozle the 3-4 million remaining active Mormons into thinking that the church is still growing. 

The second reason is to keep their tax exempt status. I may have the reasons backwards, because the Mormon church loves nothing so much as money.

Why come out and give an honest accounting of the decreasing membership, when you can just count 12-13 million inactive people into your total "membership." I would not be surprised if I am still being counted under some ridiculous label like "born a member, and was a member for the majority of his life, so we are still counting him."

If you are the captain of religion's version of the Titanic, don't alert the passengers, just ask the band to play louder. Distraction is the hallmark of the con man and the magician. President Nelson is no magician, but he is one of the world's greatest con artists. Con artist, because I am not sure he is a con man, because that would presuppose he is an actual man.

Of course, Utah got another temple (Heber Valley). Apparently, schlepping it to Salt Lake or Draper was a heavy burden for these descendants of the pioneers. Santiago, Chile will now have 2 temples. I guess Chileans have a lot of free time as members of a third world country. Rather than work to escape poverty the Mormons there prefer watching the same boring movie over and over. Rexburg, Idaho will have 2 temples soon, so the Nelson Youth of Eastern Idaho can choose which building to waste 2 hours in when the mood strikes them.

If the Mormon church were receiving any guidance from JESUS, then you would have seen at least one of the following headlines,

"LDS Church Announces 130 New Homeless Shelters to Span the Globe"

"1300 soup kitchens and food pantries donated by Mormon Church"

Until they do something with their billions to help actual poor people, you can rest assured things are still rotten in Utah's state religion.

Monday, September 27, 2021

The Daily Anecdotal Media Lie

Every day while searching for news I come across headlines about someone who refused to be vaccinated for covid and is now dead. Day after day this BS appears. It is always something like "Anti-vaxxer gets covid and dies wishing She had been more wise."

Fear is not the best way to motivate people. GOD motivates using love. Satan uses fear. You can be sure that anything designed to scare you is not true and did not come from GOD. For example religious leaders telling you to give them money, or you cannot go to their special building, and then you will never see your family again.

Here is my anecdote from my own life this past month.

"56 Year Old Unvaccinated Fat Man Gets covid, Lives, and Keeps Blogging"

I had a mild case of covid, with no fever, a small loss of taste, and two days of body aches. No hospital, no ventilator, and no cause for concern. It felt like a bad cold. I have had worse cases of the flu, like when I was 12 and banished to the basement for a week one summer. I was delirious then. Covid was merely annoying now. I had dysentery in Bolivia on my mission and came within hours of dying of extremely high fever. Thankfully GOD knew I needed to learn about 99,000 more things and repent of numerous sins, so HE spared me from Hell (temporarily).

Covid is not in the top ten worst illnesses of my life.

People have died of covid, although I know of no one personally. People die of the flu. People die of tuberculosis. People die of Valley Fever, which has been and will be a problem in the western United States for far longer than covid. Valley Fever has a head start. 

Get on with your life and ignore the fear created by governments and media. If GOD says it is your time to go, a mask and a pseudo-vaccine are Not going to save you. If it is not your time, a coronavirus has Zero chance of ending your life.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Two Old Fools

 This week Mormon "for profit" Russell Marion Nelson will turn 97. I am sure there will be a big party honoring his mediocrity. Joe Biden will turn 79 in November of this year. His presidency has been a disaster thus far. Both of these so-called leaders would like every American to be "vaccinated" against covid. Both of these pseudo-men are high functioning imbeciles that think they are special.  

With a middle name like Marion, you are wise to shorten it to M. so people won't take the obvious hint. Biden's middle name is Robinette, which I believe is French for "steal from the workers, and give to the lazy asses."

This has nothing to do with Biden being a Democrat, because the guy before him was also an idiot. And the guy before him, and so on, and so on. The last great American President was Thomas Jefferson. The last true Mormon leaders were Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

I follow no man. I follow the "SON of MAN." JESUS demonstrated what a true leader does. He did not have birthday parties on someone else's dime. He used His power to turn water into wine, bread and fish into a feast, and blood into reconciliation. He valued the individual more than the collective. He served all, and was rarely served by anyone else.

All the information you need you can get from CHRIST and the Holy Spirit. Ignore everything else and get your eyes focused on the One True Light so you can dispel the increasing darkness of this fallen world.

Friday, August 27, 2021

The Truth Does Not Need the Help of Lies

In the current battle between vaccinated and unvaccinated let me state the following unequivocally:

1. No one on this planet has been vaccinated against covid.

2. A lot of foolish people have been given shots that will supposedly lessen the symptoms of covid and theoretically prevent death from this virus.

If the various vaccines were really vaccines, and they really worked, you would not have to lie about them to get people to accept the narrative.

If they really worked they would not be free. 

Pharmaceutical companies are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

This is not about saving humanity, this is about enslaving humankind.

You have your GOD-given agency, but it wasn't free. CHRIST had to pay a terrible price to allow you the right to choose your choices. Satan would like you to think you can avoid the consequences of those choices.

If you have to exaggerate to get people to do something, then you are heading headlong into hell.

JESUS did not exaggerate. HE knew the truth would upset most people, but refused to sugarcoat it. HE told his earthly followers how hard it truly is to follow HIM. Most deserted HIM. No one left because they were deceived by CHRIST. They left because they wanted a world with free food, free miracles, and political power. They wanted a GOD would allow them to do whatever they wanted with no consequences, simply because they were the "chosen people."

We are all going to meet up soon in the Spirit World. Some will end up there sooner rather than later because of fear. Fear of a flu virus or fear of not following the crowd. Regardless of timing, I think one of the questions everyone gets asked is...

"Did you lie down for a lie, or stand up for the truth?"

Monday, August 16, 2021

The Hearts of Conspiring Men in the Last Days

First let me state that "Wisdom" in the scriptures could be code for our Heavenly Mother. That idea is not original with me. If it is true then it started with our Heavenly Parents, and if it is not, then blame me. 

Perhaps GOD the Father does not want his children creating profanity using his sacred spouse's name, but there is a Mother in Heaven. You cannot have children without parents of 2 different genders. 

One revelatory jewel came to Joseph Smith in the early days before mormonism went off the rails by chasing sex, money, and power. It is section 89, commonly called "The Word of Wisdom." I believe it is information given to us by a Parent who loves us just as infinitely as our Savior JESUS CHRIST. Whether my gospel speculation is correct or not, the information contained in section 89 is true. It is given to us from the Beings who created us. THEY know our weaknesses better than any politician, and certainly better than any health expert that will ever walk this fallen planet.

Bill Sardi has pointed out on (and his own blog) since the beginning of the covid pandemic that the entire medical establishment has been acting out of ignorance, greed, and a desire for fame. They may be the most corrupt body of professionals the world has even known. It is hard to out-lie the average politician but they are pulling it off.

Sardi believes that the world's population is experiencing the effects of B1 deficiency. This is known as Beriberi. Modern doctors overlook this diagnosis out of inexperience, incompetence, laziness, or greed. The symptoms of Beriberi are virtually identical to the symptoms of covid. There are 30 symptoms that are similar, not just 2 of 3. Feel free to check in out yourself with Sardi's latest article "A Pandemic Within a Pandemic."

The interesting point is that there are 4 key things that disrupt our bodies absorption of B1 (thiamine). 

1. Alcohol

2. Coffee

3. Tea

4. Sugar

There are other B1 blockers, but these 4 do the most damage. What kinds of behavior increased because of fear and isolation during the dark days of early covid hysteria? Drinking and overconsumption of sugar. What countries love tea? Anywhere that the British empire has influenced. India being the latest nation to be overly effected. I know that sugar is not specifically covered in section 89. That could be because it was so hard to get sugar the 1800s anywhere in the world. 

GOD the Mother knew what was coming and tried to warn us 187 years in advance. If you look at covid numbers from Utah and Idaho they are well below the averages of other neighboring states. Fewer deaths per capita is the key statistic. Even if the fatalities are inflated everywhere (my personal opinion) Utah and Idaho have combined for less than 5,000 covid fatalities. 

I am not advocating for anyone to join or rejoin the LDS church or any of its offshoots. I am attempting to get you to take some B1 supplements in case the Goddess who did the heavy lifting in creating all of us was behind section 89. If She was, then mormons, former mormons, cultural mormons, and Jack mormons need not fear if they will listen to their MOTHER.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

"Live Free or Die'

Just this week, New Hampshire has created a law the makes churches "essential services" that cannot be shutdown during any state of emergency. Obviously, the governor there, Chris Sununu, is a Republican. No howl at the moon stupid left-wing leader would ever entertain such an idea. This was not another power hungry governor forcing people to do what he felt was best and using the cover of the word "mandate." The bill passed both chambers of The New Hampshire legislature, and was then signed into law by Sununu. You know, like laws used to be passed before covid. 

Congratulations to the citizens of one of the original 13 colonies. 13 Colonies that risked lives, limbs, fortunes, property, and their sacred honor in taking on the world's greatest superpower in the 1770s. The motto of this exemplary state is the title of this piece. All true Americans believe it, but apparently few who live here now have the courage to stand up to tyranny. Shame on us.

Of course, all this begs the question: why wasn't Utah, a state filled with Mormons, at the forefront of creating such a law?

Because Utah, like the Mormon church, is run from the top down. Mormons do what they are told. They like having someone to tell them what to do. New Hampshire is ruled by a free people with no predominant state religion. The irony in this situation can be cut with a dull spoon.

It probably comes down to active Mormons secretly pleased to take a year off from mindless repetition. As Rock Waterman has pointed out time and again, if you are OK with following a prophet, you may all just end up in the same ditch. Or you take a detour through a great and spacious building labeled "Conference Center" or "temple."

I wish there were more sacred honor in this country, but at least in New Hampshire there is still some left. It remains to be seen, if there is any in Utah, or Idaho, or anywhere else. 

I hope against hope, like a back from the dead Gandalf the White, that this moment is the turning of tide. 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Fool Me Once...

Almost everyone has heard the saying, 

    "Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on me."

It is one thing to be tricked a single time, but quite another to have it happen twice. There is no shame in being mislead once, but there is a problem if it keeps happening over and over. 

Despite President Nelson's wife's (Wendy) belief that we are down here to never make a mistake, there is no shame in erring. There is shame in not learning from missteps. We are here to taste the bitter so we can prize the sweet. I am not advocating sin, I am promoting repentance. The sooner we learn the truth and live it, the faster we progress toward a better life here and in the hereafter

I write this today in reference to the latest news about covid. I would captitalize covid if it were like the Black Plague or the Spanish Flus. The new "delta variant" is supposedly more contagious and more deadly than the original version. This may be true. The issue is that the original version was not very deadly at all. It was also not very contagious, because of all the false positives from the covid tests. 

I have had family members test positive, with no symptoms, and then test negative the next day, and then negative again. In my extended family of 40 people from ages 1-78, there have been 2 cases of covid. Both cases were mild. Milder than the flu.No deaths and no hospitalizations. The bar for what is deadly and easily transmitted has been set remarkably low.

Side note- I sure hope the companies that make the covid tests are not also making pregnancy tests. We are going to have a lot of women getting excited for no reason.

My research suggests that all this delta variant propaganda is designed to scare people. The media message is crafted to create fear. Fear in the millions of people who had the common sense not to join the world's biggest drug test initially.  The world's power brokers underestimated the number of fools on the planet. There are a lot of them, but not enough got vaccinated in the first wave. The elite needed to create a narrative about a mutation to scare more people into getting vaccinated now.

Here are the lies.

1. covid vaccines are vaccines.

2. covid vaccines prevent you from getting covid.

3. covid vaccines are safe and effective.

4. covid vaccines prevent death.

5. covid vaccines cut out possible hospitalizations.

6. People who are not vaccinated are causing the latest surge in covid cases.

7. Masks are helpful.

8. Social distancing is effective.

Here are some facts.

1a. covid vaccines are gene therapies designed to compromise your immune system and to get your body to attack itself. 

2a. Thousands of people in the US have been vaccinated and then gotten covid, The CDC and WHO lie to cover this eventuality is "breakthrough case" and those are supposedly rare.

3a. Vaccines are not safe and not effective. 

4a. Thousands of people worldwide have been vaccinated and then died either from covid or from the vaccine.

5a. Tens of thousands of people have been vaccinated and then ended up in the hospital from covid or the vaccine.

6a. People are causing the recent covid surge (if there even is one) are because of those vaccinated. This is one is medically complicated, but feel free to look it up on a non US news site.

7a. Masks are like wearing a hat at the beach and hoping your legs do not get sunburned. Good thing covid is not all that serious, because masks are not helping anyone avoid a virus, but they are making a lot of people breathe their own CO2 back in, and preventing normal oxygen intake.

8a. If there were really a plague-like virus going around, do you think 6 feet would be enough distance to be safe? I would be staying 106 feet from any human that I was not related to if all this pandemic BS were true. People would not leave their houses if this were actually life-and death.

Satan and his minion's who run this world (temporarily) would like everyone to get vaccinated in order to kill off anyone with a weak immune system or serious underlying health condition(s). Spiritual darkness in high places would like to sterilize the young, both male and female via this vaccine.

If you do not believe me, ask GOD. He loves all his children, and His Spirit will give you the truth about covid. Then you have to decide what to do with that information. You have the agency to make your own decisions. Do not trust me, do not trust the CDC, and do not trust the US media.

A lot of people got fooled in 2020 about a flu virus packaged as some new lethal plague from China...

... Shame on the governments and leftist media of the world.

If you get fooled in 2021 about a new, improved virus then...

...Shame on you!



Monday, August 2, 2021

Cut out the Middle Man

Most people understand that if you want the best deal possible for an item you have to go to the source. For example, If I want to save money on a mattress, I should go directly to the factory. If I go to the mattress store in the mall I am going to have to pay more. Why? Because now the middle men have to get their cut. The mattress broker. The truck driver. The salesmen. The owner of the store. I am sure I am leaving out someone in the mattress hierarchy, but you get the picture.

Now I understand that if a person is working 2 jobs and/or raising 3 kids, they do not have time to drive to the mattress factory. A factory that  could be hundreds of miles away. The gas for the drive and the possible cost of having to rent a vehicle large enough to get the mattress home are definite issues. Those issues are the reason hard working people opt to pay more for the convenience of having the mattress delivered to their home. Less time and hassle, but more money. 

Religious people want the middle man to tell them what to do. Mormons want the president of their corporate empire to dictate things. Catholics want the Pope to lead the way. Cults rely on charismatic egomaniacs to charm their followers out of time and money. Spiritual people bypass the middle men. 

Whether it is a cult or a church, there are middle men who still get their cut of your money. You pay for the privileging of getting their best guess about salvation. Usually the less the middle man tells us we have to do, the more we have to pay him for the false sense of security. The middle man knows that if he requires too much time, money, and pharisaical behavior, the less people there will be to keep supporting his pyramid scheme. Mormon Incorporated, is a perfect example of this concept with the recent change from 3 hours of time wasting per Sunday, to now just 2. We humans are mentally flawed, but there is a limit to how much foolishness we will put up with before finding something else.

If you want information from GOD, then go directly to Him and cut out all the self-professed pastors, preachers, popes, presidents, and prophets. That is what Joseph Smith did. Joseph is important not because he led a church but because he got his information directly from GOD. He did it before there even was a Mormon church. Joseph spent his life trying to get others to do what he did, but they were too lax spiritually to do it. They were hard working people on the American frontier, but they could not be bothered to fast and pray until they rent the veil.

There is always a price to be paid for allowing middle men to get between you and the product you want, or you and the information you need. Everyone needs to weigh the costs. With your potential eternal life (the greatest blessing of all), you are definitely going to want to go directly to the source of that gift and make sure you qualify. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Quitting is for Cowards

 My beloved mother used to say "The Lord hates a quitter." She would bring out this bit of wisdom whenever my sister and I would attempt to quit something. She was right in 1970 and if she were still alive she would be just as correct in 2021.

This post is in response to the all fools trying to make US gymnast Simon Biles look heroic for quitting during the Olympics. This same girl, cost her teammates a gold medal through her cowardice. She's a girl, because a true woman would not quit.

Her waiting to bail out until after botching her first vault attempt also cost a deserving fellow American a spot on the team. Bad choices rarely just effect the individual. 

This is the same girl who has the letters "GOAT" stitched into her leotard. It is suppose to stand for "Greatest of all time." I think it is actually appropriately symbolic in terms of the sheep versus goat issue raised by JESUS. She is A goat, she is not THE GOAT.

Let's not lie to our children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces about how courageous Biles was to quit. She is a quitter, and my Mother was not wrong. If my Mom were a quitter, she would not be my Mother. She tried for years to have children, and finally did the heroic thing and adopted my sister and I rather than quit on the idea of Motherhood.

Satan is the ultimate quitter. In an attempt to make us just as miserable he would like us to give up. Do not give up on yourself, do not give up on your relationships, do not give up on GOD. Only a goat would do that.

Shame on you Simone. And will you be giving your millions of dollars of endorsement money back?

Thanks Mom for being the GMOAT. The greatest Mom of all time.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

JESUS Died On His Mission

     Tragically, two LDS missionaries were killed this week in New Mexico. I am not writing this to minimize the devastation for their respective families. I am writing this to get a few people to a better understanding of reality.

I served in Bolivia and 2 missionaries were killed by a gas leak in their space heaters right before I got there. 2 missionaries were killed by terrorists right after I left.

I came within one great welfare sister (who was a registered nurse) from dying of amoebic dysentery. GOD probably let me live because I was such a jackass at the time, because I needed more time to become less of one. I am still alive 35 years later so that should give you an idea of my limited progress.

My point is that there are too many Mormons who believe that if you send your child on a mission GOD will watch over them and no harm can come to them. That would be true if you are like the people of Ammon and you have already shown GOD you would rather lay down your own life than kill an enemy. If you have not yet passed one of many Abrahamic tests on the way back to GOD, then please do not blame GOD if your son or daughter or cousin or parent or friend or neighbor dies serving a mission for the LDS church.

The key is that they are not serving GOD. They are serving a corporation. If the LDS were true then the apostles and seventies would be the ones out literally going door to door throughout the world. The whole world. This would include countries that do not allow missionaries of any kind. Real apostles would risk their lives to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Fake ones quote each other every 6 months in a weekend of boring meetings. True apostles would risk time in an earthly prison to get their fellow beings out of going to spirit prison.

We need to stop thinking the gospel is meant to shield us from death and adversity. It is time to wake up to the fact that if GOD's best child died while serving Him, then anyone is fair game. This does not point to a capricious Father in Heaven. It points to the difficulty in becoming like Him. He already died to save the first planet in His infinite creations. JESUS died to save this one. 

Blame Mormon Inc. if your 18 year old son or 19 year old daughter dies while serving Mammon. Or you could blame yourself for being so naive.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Robert Smith on Faith

      Robert Smith has written several books worth reading. He is the author of the controversial blog He is controversial because he claims to have visited with CHRIST many times, and he believes salvation is an individual matter, not a collective one. 

     His latest book Faith can be downloaded for free at his blog. It is filled with light. Here is one idea that resonated with me, a sinner who has yet to see JESUS.


    Every person has within them a faint but pervasive memory of 

    God-planted deep within them from their interactions with him 

    before birth. 

    In a way, every desire we have- no matter how base or carnal-

    is an attempt to either satisfy or silence that deep drive to 

    reconnect with the divine.

(page 114)

There are a lot of things to learn about faith in this book. The first 113 pages are just as good as the one I quoted. I am not through with the book yet (There are 244 pages), but I felt like any honest truth seeker would want to at least check it out. I do not think you would be wasting your time to read any of Rob's books, but this latest one is especially worthy of your attention.

It has the best definition of Faith that I have ever come across.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Poetry of Paul Toscano

Those of you who know who Paul Toscano is are probably surprised at the title of this post. He is not famous as a poet. He is infamous as the husband of one of the "September Six" Margaret Toscano. He was excommunicated in 1993 as well during that purge of people who were too smart and/or two Christ-focused to be trusted by Mormons Incorporated. Not to be confused with Murder Incorporated, which was much more merciful than the LDS church.

I was lucky enough to discover his writing roughly ten years ago. I was re-reading some of it today in a spare moment. He and I are polar opposites when it comes to politics. I would like to think he and I are kindred spirits when it comes to our ideas about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I cannot write anything like he can (obviously), but I can pass on some of his best work that has touched my searching soul.

In his book The Sanctity of Dissent Paul writes the following in the Prologue.

"The brethren were not chosen primarily to receive revelation for us, 

    but to teach us how to obtain revelation for ourselves."

None of the 15 Pharisees currently running the LDS church would ascribe to this. We all know that "Follow the prophet" has been the mantra for far too long. Seems to me like a recipe for following the prophet straight to hell.

Even the God of this world, JESUS did not tell his disciples, female and male, that all they had to do was trust Him. He told them in 2 different hemispheres, "be ye therefore perfect." 

Trust JESUS and then do what HE does and don't worry about mistakes. It is going to take an almost infinite amount of time to become like HE is. Because of CHRIST, and His father the MOST HIGH GOD, we get to keep trying until we get it right. 

Those bolded and bold words of Paul Toscano's are put in couplet form for a reason. They do not rhyme, and they are not in iambic pentameter, but they are poetry to me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Virtue of the Disproportional Response

     In my estimation the greatest TV show of all-time is The West Wing. I remember an episode early in the first season where Syrian terrorists shoot down a US plane filled with medical personnel and supplies. President Bartlett (played perfectly by Martin Sheen) is devastated his friend and doctor Morris was on board. The Joint Chiefs of the US Military come up with 3 scenarios that will be proportional and merciful and politically correct to respond to the attack. Bartlett rejects them initially and asks "what is the virtue of the proportional response?" In the end cooler heads prevail upon the President to merely bomb the Syrian Intelligence Headquarters rather than carpet bomb Damascus. 

Israel has learned that if the entire Muslim world would like to wipe you off the face of the earth, there is no virtue in the measured response. We are seeing this now. I do not know when this latest Palestine-Israel battle will end. I do know that it will end with far more dead Palestinians and tons more property damage in Gaza than Tel Aviv. 

The dementia-suffering leader of the free world thinks this is Israel's fault and that they should stop attacking targets in Palestine. This just proves he is dumber than anyone originally believed. Israel will not stop until they have sent an unforgettable lesson to the fools who are members of Hamas. Hamas will undoubtedly get upset about some future slight, shoot some more rockets into Israel or blow something up, and the ass-kicking will start anew. 

The Book of Mormon allows for defense of one's homeland if the other guys started it. It does not allow for wars of extermination. My beloved Mother hated bullies. She felt like you should punch them in the nose, and go from there. Most will back down at that point. 

One thing the arrogant leaders of this world need to remember, is that JESUS was a Jew. When all else fails He has promised to save His people from destruction, even though they do not deserve it. 

JESUS has also promised to save you and I, if we would just repent and do what he asks, even though we do not deserve it.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Dangers of the Majority

There is no salvation or exaltation for those who are trusting in the safety of the majority. Or the safety of their religion, any religion. Since the days of Eve and Adam there has never been a time when 51 percent of the population loved GOD more than Satan. Most of the world may be religious, but most are not true followers of GOD.

JESUS did NOT follow the status quo, and if you would like any chance to go where He is after this life, you need to do the right even if it costs you now.

The way the world is now I am surprised only "a third part" of our former spirit brothers and sisters followed Satan. Most of the first- world countries are filled with sheep who are happy to do whatever they are told, as long as they are left alone to eat and sleep and watch TV.

The only people GOD could possibly be proud of are those people living in third-world countries and battling the same problems that HE was born into. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Explain This To Me

 In 2020 if someone died of a heart attack, the cause of death was listed as COVID. 

In 2021 if someone recently "vaccinated" against COVID dies of a heart attack, the cause of death is cardiac arrest.

Strange times indeed.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Land of the Fool and the Home of the Coward

     My title today comes from a twist on the American national anthem. We are no longer than land of the free and the home of the brave. Everyone from your local mayor and neighborhood business owner thinks they can dictate how you live your life. This extends up to the governors of our states and of course all the way to Washington DC. The DC stand for "dangerously clueless." I don't care whether you liked Trump or love Biden, they are both ignorant cowards. Trump could have stopped the Covid paranoia in its tracks, but he wanted to try and get re-elected more than he wanted to do the right thing. A man who cannot be faithful to any of his wives past and present, can never by faithful to his country. 

 Biden, who my 4 year granddaughter could crush in a game of tick tack toe, is now upping the fear. He and fools like Russel Nelson would like every American to get vaccinated. Except the vaccine is not a vaccine. And it does not prevent someone from getting Covid. It is gene therapy and it might limit your symptoms. It could also kill you via blood clots, so let's all rush down and get a shot or two.

I trust GOD will deal with our feckless leaders in His own time and way. What is GOD going to do people who are mindless and do whatever they are told? "Well done thou good and faithful coward" are words that are never coming out of JESUS' mouth. 

Good luck to anyone, anywhere who rules with fear and lies. Power in this life is an almost automatic spiritual death sentence in the next one.

What are we afraid of? The worst flu to come along since the Hong Kong flu of the late 1960s. That was dwarfed by the Spanish flu at the end of WWI, which was in turn dwarfed by the Black Death of the Middle Ages. 1-2 % of people die who get this overrated virus. 

No person I have ever met has died of Covid, and it has been over a year that this virus has existed.

Have people forgotten that GOD has equipped the great majority of people with a great immune system?

I fear too many Americans do not even know what an immune system is or how it works. Most Americans believe whatever they read on the feed on their phone or computer. 

People who lived just before, during, and after the time of Christ rarely made it to even 50 years on this planet. Americans hope they can live as long as possible, probably because they know somewhere deep down in their souls, that the next life is not going to fun for cowards. Of course Americans do not exercise, eat just enough to function, sleep enough, avoid tobacco or drugs or hard liquor. Americans want to have their cake and eat it too. 

A brave person dies only once.

A coward dies every day.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

The South Bay United Pentecostal Church

In a 6-3 ruling the Supreme Court of the United States has disallowed governor gavin newsom's ban on indoor church services in California. Yes, I did refuse to capitalize the name of the governor of my state, because a small-minded man deserves small letters.

The lawsuit was brought by the South Bay United Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista. Chula Vista is near San Diego. These courageous Americans and Christians are to be congratulated now and lauded in the world to come. 

The biggest question is all of this is why the supposed true church of the Mormons was not part of this lawsuit?

I surmise that cowards like to cower in the darkness, while heroes refuse to lie down for lies.

Friday, January 22, 2021

This Tired OLD Man that We Elected King

     Many of you will recognize the title of this piece as a line from Don Henley's (of Eagles' fame) song "The End of the Innocence." Part of one of the greatest lyrical albums of all-time (under the same name), this song talks about growing from believing fairy tales as children to knowing the truth better as we age.

The third verse of the song starts with:

O' beautiful for spacious skies

But now those skies are threatening.

They're beating plowshares into swords

For this tired old man that we elected king.

I always misheard the underlined line as "this entitled man that we elected King." That would fit with all of the President's who have followed Eisenhower. Excluding LBJ who assassinated his way into the Presidency. Only an entitled fool would even think to run for President. 

As Rock Waterman has pointed out in his wonderful work at "Pure Mormonism" most Americans think of the President as having similar powers as a King. That is one of things our Founding Fathers were very wary of. Our county Sheriffs actually have more power than we think, albeit in a small relative area. The President's power is severely limited by many factors, but unfortunately that power does cover the entire 50 states.

Donald Trump is an entitled man that served as our previous pseudo-King.

Now we have a truly tired old man that the left thinks will be our King and our Savior for the next 4 years.

Jesus is the one true King.

Jesus is the one and only true Savior.

Jesus will be coming when we least expect it. I would go with sooner rather than later.

Jesus is the son of the Most High God.

Jesus is a God.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


I remember vaguely (I am almost 56 years old) a skit done on Saturday Night Live sometime before the year 2000 where French people are talking about about how dumb Americans are. One character says, "Americans are so dumb they would buy water!" All of the other characters laugh and disagree because of how outlandish the statement seems to them. They all think Americans are foolish, but not too that level.

Here we are 20 plus years later and the sketch writers for that comedy show have been proven prophetic.

Americans are dumb enough to buy water, when the US water system is the envy of the world. When plastic bottles are proven to cause all kinds of health problems. When those same bottles end up overflowing landfills and polluting the ocean. I have no problem with someone using a water filter to be 100 percent sure that their drinking water is safe. I laugh at people lugging cases of bottled water from their local superstore.

What else makes Americans some of the dumbest people on the planet?

1. Most Americans think Abraham Lincoln was a great president, instead of a tyrant for violating the US Constitution to keep the Southern States from legally seceding.

2. We think a two party political system is the best government on earth, when it makes cowards of both the left and right.

3. We think we live in the greatest country in the world. That stopped being the case in 1860.

4. We think we should send troops to other countries and enforce our flawed view of right and wrong on independent nations.

5. Americans believe the rights of the unborn are meaningless.

6. Americans think if you do not your current sexual partner (spouse or otherwise) you can just get a new one.

7. US citizens believe gender is fluid. 

8. Americans believe in systemic racism in a country where a black man was President for 8 years. Where black athletes earn hundred of millions of dollars to play games and people teaching in inner cities make barely enough to survive.

9. The American sheeple think that airplanes can bring down entire skyscrapers.

10. Americans think we have never lost a war, and that war is always a good option. War should always be the last option.

11. Americans think the US President can do whatever he wants. Thank GOD (literally) that is not true, because we have had a procession of idiots starting around 1820.

12. Americans believe that the homeless problem is OK, because most homeless people are mentally ill.

13. Ameritards think that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment for someone who has killed people.

14. Red, white, and blue peeps think that the media is usually reporting the facts.

15. We believe we are the only superpower left. Try telling that to 2 Billion Chinese people.

16. Americans think it is OK for 9 year olds to have cell phones and 16 years olds should be able to drive automobiles.

17. We think two land roads are perfectly safe.

18. We believe that we are GOD's chosen country and nothing can stop our world dominance.

19. We allow tobacco products to be sold almost anywhere.

20. Americans think you can power a country using wind and solar  only.


21. A virus that infects 1 percent of the population and kills 1 percent of the 1 percent infected group should require all fools in the 50 states to wear masks and live in fear.

22. Americans, including Mormon "prophet for profit" Russell Nelson, think forced vaccinations will save the world from Covid.

I was originally going to stop after 10 reasons but the I could not help myself. Americans are just as dumb as all the other fallen people on this planet, myself included.

Stop thinking you are special because of race or religion or gender or sexual orientation or country of origin.

Start repenting and do what you know in your core, via the light of CHRIST, to be right.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Slaves shall rise up against their Masters

On Christmas Day 1832 the LORD's last publicly recognized prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation on the futures wars that would start with the US Civil War. The LDS church lists this as Doctrine and Covenants section 87. 

Do not get me wrong, the Mormon church is not true, but this revelation may well be. Joseph Smith being a Prophet has nothing to do with the falseness of modern Mormonism. The truth of some of the Bible does not make the Catholic Church GOD's chosen religion.  The truth of the Book of Mormon does not make the Mormon church "true."

The revelation from 1832 only contains 8 verses. The 4th verse has inspired this short piece. 

It reads, 

And it shall come to pass, 

after many days, 

slaves shall rise up against their masters, 

who shall be marshaled and disciplined for war.

Most Mormons read this as somehow a description of the Civil war. That is not supported by the timeline from verses 1-3. The "after many days" is referring back to the war that prevented southern secession as the starting point. This slave uprising has nothing to do with slaves in the southern states.

I am inclined to think there are at least 3 possible meanings of "slaves shall rise up against their masters."

1. The American middle class will start a second civil war against the wealthy secret masters of the US government, known and unknown. 

The middle class basically funds the wealthy by buying their goods and services. It also funds the lower class by paying taxes to bankroll welfare. If the US middle class was even cut in half by some calamity the American economy would collapse in 24 hours.

2. The countries of the world will rise up against the US to end America's tragic meddling in affairs around the globe.

The US was only the "home of the brave" from 1776-1865. After the Civil War cowardice has become more prevalent as government has become larger and more autocratic. Freedom keeps slipping away bit by bit like the heat being turned up on an unknowing lobster in a pot. 

The US has caused more death and destruction worldwide than Nazi Germany and Communist Russia combined. The death count includes the millions of abortions that have all happened in my lifetime. GOD will not be mocked by a civilization that supports wanton sexual immorality via the murder of the most innocent.

The US also likes to enforce crippling sanctions against third world countries in order to get whatever it wants. GOD is not a fan of bullies and eventually the US government, at a minimum is going to get its proverbial ass kicked for its crimes against humanity home and abroad.

3. Both may happen.

I am hoping I am wrong and none of the 3 happen. I am praying  that functionally illiterate Mormons are right and the revelation has no bearing on today. 

You need to decide via the Holy Spirit if some sinful fool from Central California is right, or if Mormons are right, or if we both are wrong. We cannot both be right.

This is not trivial. If I am right you have some critical decisions to make. If I am wrong, you can go back to your life and focus on other things. 

Either way, you need to focus the most on JESUS. Only He can save you from death and hell.

Now and in the next phase of existence.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Easy to do Justice, very hard to do Right

The title is a quote from The Winslow Boy, David Mamet's 1999 film. It is a fversion of the play by Terence Rattigan from 1946 of the same name. The line is delivered evocatively by the actor Jeremy Northam playing the role of the attorney Sir Robert Morton. For the most part the film is like watching a play, but the hour and 40 minutes of time spent is worth this line and one other...the last line in the production.

I have thought about this statement all day, and I finally believe that is describes GOD perfectly. We want Him to right all the wrongs, and we want it done ASAP. He operates on an infinitely higher level where knowing all prevents Him from delivering swift justice when it compromises what is right. 

GOD really has designed the best possible test to see if we His spirit children will do what is right, or whatever we want. Most people figure out that there is rarely "Hollywood Justice" when someone does something evil. They then allow themselves to do things they would never do if they felt like their was a quick punishment coming. The catch is, that GOD is not about punishing people, that is Satan's job. The time of testing is simply to see what it is we really want, and who it is we really love.

GOD does not care about carrots and sticks. God does not need time to test us. He already knows us better than we know ourselves. He is merely allowing us a few years on earth to prove to ourselves what kind of people we really are. To finish with the words of singer-songwriter Edwin McCain, "What matters is your heart."