Thursday, December 22, 2022

How to Save Almost Everyone

Satan mistakenly believed if he were made the Savior of this world he could save everyone. Now Paul Toscano believes that the election referenced in Abraham chapter 3 involved choosing the role of Adam as the father of all, but that is a blog post for another day. 

Regardless of what was decided in the life before this one, GOD came up with a brilliant plant to save almost everyone, allowing anyone who did not want to be saved to go their own way. JESUS is the key to that salvation, and without his Atonement there is only death and hell for all. 

I believe there are ways we do not normally think about that put people in a position for GOD to ratify their salvation when combined with CHRIST's sacrifice.

One part of this plan is to use the Satanic economic principles of this world against their founder the devil. What Hugh Nibley called the "Mahan principle" (kill and get gain) which was first used by the worst sibling in history Cain.

Here is my theory:

Justice requires a role reversal for the poor of this planet. 

How many of the 8 billion people alive today are poor?

At least 90 percent and probably even more than that. 

As long as a poor person is not stealing, lying, and murdering to "get gain" then I really like their chances for an early resurrection and exaltation. I like their chances better than my own middle class American chances. I am richer than probably 95 percent of earth's citizens. I have been given much, and for the most part I have done less with more. My comparative wealth is not an indication of any righteousness on my part. I do not ascribe to Mormonism's prosperity gospel. 

Tithing won't make you rich, but it will certainly make poor people even poorer.

GOD is not just smarter than the devil, HE is infinitely more intelligent. HE is more intelligent than all of us put together. Trust HIM. Make the best of your life by following the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.