Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Words of Joseph Smith Part Two

On January 21st, 1844 Joseph Smith addressed the Saints in front of a hotel near the Nauvoo temple site. He would be killed less than half a year later.

In Wilford Woodruff's journal we get the famous quote about trying to get people to accept new ideas about the gospel of JESUS. It was like trying to make firewood using cornbread as a wedge and a pumpkin as the sledge hammer. That statement comes near the end of Joseph's talk. 

In the middle of the talk comes a statement about Joseph's fears for the original Mormon church. On page 319 of The Words of Joseph Smith (edited by Ehat and Cook) we get this sentence:

    " only trouble at the present time is concerning ourselves 

        that the Saints will be divided and broken up and scattered

        before we get our Salvation secure..."

I believe this is one of Joseph's overlooked prophecies. It is a prophecy that has been fulfilled. There are now over 100 different sects that all lead back to Joseph Smith. Some of them have some truth, like the Book of Mormon, but none of them is recognized by GOD as His Church. 

Ask GOD if this is not so. 

Ask GOD if the Book of Mormon is true. I believe it is, but that is no reason to join a church.

Ask GOD if Joseph was a real prophet. I believe he was, but still no reason to join anything.

Be like Joseph and go somewhere private and ask GOD which church to join. 

I am certain you will get the same answer Joseph got..."none of them."