Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Virtue of the Disproportional Response

     In my estimation the greatest TV show of all-time is The West Wing. I remember an episode early in the first season where Syrian terrorists shoot down a US plane filled with medical personnel and supplies. President Bartlett (played perfectly by Martin Sheen) is devastated his friend and doctor Morris was on board. The Joint Chiefs of the US Military come up with 3 scenarios that will be proportional and merciful and politically correct to respond to the attack. Bartlett rejects them initially and asks "what is the virtue of the proportional response?" In the end cooler heads prevail upon the President to merely bomb the Syrian Intelligence Headquarters rather than carpet bomb Damascus. 

Israel has learned that if the entire Muslim world would like to wipe you off the face of the earth, there is no virtue in the measured response. We are seeing this now. I do not know when this latest Palestine-Israel battle will end. I do know that it will end with far more dead Palestinians and tons more property damage in Gaza than Tel Aviv. 

The dementia-suffering leader of the free world thinks this is Israel's fault and that they should stop attacking targets in Palestine. This just proves he is dumber than anyone originally believed. Israel will not stop until they have sent an unforgettable lesson to the fools who are members of Hamas. Hamas will undoubtedly get upset about some future slight, shoot some more rockets into Israel or blow something up, and the ass-kicking will start anew. 

The Book of Mormon allows for defense of one's homeland if the other guys started it. It does not allow for wars of extermination. My beloved Mother hated bullies. She felt like you should punch them in the nose, and go from there. Most will back down at that point. 

One thing the arrogant leaders of this world need to remember, is that JESUS was a Jew. When all else fails He has promised to save His people from destruction, even though they do not deserve it. 

JESUS has also promised to save you and I, if we would just repent and do what he asks, even though we do not deserve it.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Dangers of the Majority

There is no salvation or exaltation for those who are trusting in the safety of the majority. Or the safety of their religion, any religion. Since the days of Eve and Adam there has never been a time when 51 percent of the population loved GOD more than Satan. Most of the world may be religious, but most are not true followers of GOD.

JESUS did NOT follow the status quo, and if you would like any chance to go where He is after this life, you need to do the right even if it costs you now.

The way the world is now I am surprised only "a third part" of our former spirit brothers and sisters followed Satan. Most of the first- world countries are filled with sheep who are happy to do whatever they are told, as long as they are left alone to eat and sleep and watch TV.

The only people GOD could possibly be proud of are those people living in third-world countries and battling the same problems that HE was born into. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Explain This To Me

 In 2020 if someone died of a heart attack, the cause of death was listed as COVID. 

In 2021 if someone recently "vaccinated" against COVID dies of a heart attack, the cause of death is cardiac arrest.

Strange times indeed.