Tuesday, February 20, 2024

What if Satan is Gay?

I base this piece on the ideas of two superior minds (and souls) to mine: Melvin Fish and Avraham Gileadi. Melvin Fish, now deceased, was a Mormon Mental Health expert who was unjustly excommunicated for using "energy work" in place of priesthood to heal people from his practice in Cedar City, Utah. He was eventually rebaptized, which shows how humble he was. I am pretty sure in his shoes and I would have been going to jail and his stake leader would have gone to the emergency room (to borrow from Don Henley's song "New York Minute"). I am nothing like Mel Fish.

Avraham Gildeadi, as many of you know, is the one of the world's foremost experts on the book of Isaiah. He also happens to be LDS, and was also unjustly excommunicated by the church, and then rebaptized. He has written his own translation of Isaiah along with an outstanding commentary. Everything I know about Isaiah can be traced to Avraham.

Fish worked with some individuals who were homosexual. He wrote that GOD revealed to him that they were simply being controlled by an evil spirit of the opposite gender. For example, a man who was attracted to men, was being influenced by an evil being inside of them who was female. Right or wrong, it is an elegant solution. 

Gileadi wrote today in his Isaiah newsletter that Satan is gay. I was initially stunned by this idea, but the more I think about it, the more true it seems. If the devil is the antithesis of everything that CHRIST is, then why wouldn't Satan be homosexual? CHRIST is the most perfect man to every walk the earth and the world's most noble heterosexual. He was undoubtedly married as part of his perfect example to everyone else (just like his baptism). My belief is the great and abominable church (Catholicism) excised that relationship from the canon of the Bible in order to promote their warped belief that the greater good is found in men who are supposedly not having sex, i.e. priests. We all know that Catholic priests have been some of the most abhorrent sexual deviants in history, so that idea is laughable on its face.

If JESUS is all about marriage and family in their traditional GOD mandated form, then why wouldn't Satan, the force behind the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+ agenda, be gay?

As always, pray to GOD to get your answers.