Thursday, February 27, 2020

Families are NOT Forever: The Family of GOD is Forever

One of the many made up doctrines I was taught growing up in the LDS church was "families are forever." This is patently not scriptural, but that has never stopped Mormons from believing all kinds of foolishness. 

Let's take a very brief look at this idea. Adam and Eve were certainly great parents or GOD would never have allowed them to get this whole thing started. Cain was not their first child, but he was their worst child. He is infamous as the first murderer. 

Does anyone think Cain is going to reside in the same kingdom with his parents after killing Abel? If he is, there is no justice, and as the Book of Mormon states no justice equals no GOD. (Alma's counsel to Corianton)

I have great parents, who are both unfortunately gone now. Unless I repent and do the works that they did, I will not get the same reward. 

You can have bad parents and go to the highest kingdom. You can have great parents and go to Hell. No person's righteousness can stand in for someone's else's. 

You reap what you sow. Mormonism wants sentimental parents to keep giving hard-earned cash to their mega-corporation masquerading as a church. This money is in hopes of saving your wayward children. 

I am simply trying to make the following points.

Salvation is a matter between the individual and CHRIST. 

Repent, keep repenting, and stop banking on your family or your church to save you.

Only JESUS can save you, and HE will only save you if you do what HE asks.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

More of JESUS' Words

Since I am a fool, I forgot to list one of the most obvious books that CHRIST could be referring to with his statement in 2 Nephi 29:3 (see previous post).

CHRIST speaks of people in the last days rejecting anything that does not match up with their traditions and the traditions of their fathers.

The Inspired Version of the Bible, aka the Joseph Smith Translation is the perfect example of a book containing more of GOD's words. Why would anyone reject it? For the same reason anyone not interested in salvation would:

1. They are not changing their world view.

2. They not changing the religion they were born into.

3. They could not even consider that all religion could be an obstacle on the path to CHRIST.

4. They are not willing to upset family and friends.

5. They not willing to change their behavior.

Number 5 is especially pernicious because it negates the Atonement. If I supposedly am already good enough for GOD's Kingdom, what was the point of CHRIST's suffering?

I am always shocked at how even most Mormons do not fully accept the JST. This is especially true of some supposed LDS scholars. They seem to afraid of offending their non-Mormon colleagues by utilizing the JST in their writing. It is more important to them to remain friends with the academic world than become an actual friend of JESUS.

I am not a scholar. I can barely type. I know enough to know that I know virtually nothing.

But I do know that JESUS is the GOD of this world and its SAVIOR.

I know that the Book of Mormon is more of GOD's word.

I know that Joseph Smith acted under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to give the world the best version of the Bible (so far).

I know more of GOD's word is coming.

And I do not care who knows that I know this.

John Scott Peterson

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Bible! A Bible!

In Second Nephi 29:3 Nephi begins to quote JESUS' prophecy about new books to come forth in the last days and the world's reaction to them.

And because my words shall hiss forth---

many of the Gentiles shall say:

A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, 

and there cannot be any more Bible.

Avraham Gileadi's book Endtime Prophecy: A Judeo-Mormon Analysis inspired me to consider what these "words" or books might be. Avraham is the top Isaiah scholar in the world. I believe his calling in life was to help the blind like me understand Isaiah. 

Here is a list of what those "words" of CHRIST could be that are coming.

1. The obvious one is the Book of Mormon. The book was ironically called the "Gold Bible" when it first surfaced in 1829. There is where most Mormons would stop the list and say that the prophecy is complete. I disagree. More importantly, Gileadi disagrees because the Book of Mormon points out what these other "words" or books are.

2. The Large Plates of Nephi. The first part of the Book of Mormon is a product of the Small Plates of Nephi and Mormon's choice to include them. These larger plates may include some interesting historical narratives from the Nephites vs. Lamanites, but it could also include the lost 116 pages from Lehi's record.

3. The Brass Plates. The Book of Mormon states the Brass Plates are actually larger than our current Old Testament. I am certain the Brass Plates would be more Christ-centered than the present Hebrew Bible and the 5 Books of Moses would mirror the changes Joseph Smith made.

4. The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. This includes things JESUS taught the Nephites personally. He asked that they not be included so that HE might try to faith of people since 1829 to see what there reaction to a sampling of his "words" might be. The majority of the world rejects the unsealed portion of the Book of Mormon, so they are probably either not going to get to see the Sealed Portion, or they will almost certainly reject it if they are allowed to read it.

5. The unaltered revelations given to Joseph Smith. Brigham and his minions changed these to fit their polygamous purposes. 

6. The Lectures on Faith. These already exist, but perhaps the LORD's re-releasing them who allow people to understand that HE is the God of this earth, and the Holy Ghost is His Spirit. CHRIST operates with the permission of the Most High God.

7. The Records of the Ten Tribes. John the Beloved is with a remnant somewhere on this globe and they certainly have some valuable books to add to the true Scriptural Canon.

8. Books from other groups of people that the LORD has led away for his own wise purposes. These would include multiple groups because GOD always works using the law of witnesses.

This list is not exhaustive or conclusive, because GOD has things in store for HIS marvelous work and a wonder that sinners like myself have no idea are coming.

The one things I am sure of is that everything new that comes forth will have the same theme...

JESUS is the CHRIST, and there is no salvation without HIM.

Friday, February 14, 2020

The Stone Cut Out of the Mountain

Mormons based in Utah like to point to the prophecy in the Old Testament book of Daniel Chapter 2 describing a stone cut out a mountain that grows and grows until it fills the whole earth. This stone crushes a number of other kingdoms until it alone stands.

Mormons believe it describes their church filling the earth. Every year in General conference when they release their skewed statistics on the number of current Brighamites the Daniel prophecy gets trotted it. Currently the LDS church claims to have roughly 16 million members. I am sure in April that number will go up in theory, if not in reality. 

Many of the members are inactive, a small number are dead and will not be dropped from church rolls until they reach the age of 110. That 110 is not a typo! If there is something that points to deceitful Mormon attendance numbers it is this ridiculous policy. My parents both lived the Word of Wisdom, but they only made it until their early 90s before passing. 

The LDS church apparently believes there is some large group of 100-109 year olds holding secret church services and that they deserve to be counted.

I will concede for this purposes of this post that LDS Inc. has 17 million members just for the sake of argument. The best scholarly estimates put the activity rate at 25 percent. That would make just over 4 million active members of the church. Even if the stat experts are off by a million members, the best possible number for Mormon PR would be 5 million active members.

1. The LDS church was formed in April of 1830 and now has 17 million members.

2. The Pentecostal Church was founded in 1906 and now has 280 million members.

If the stone is Daniel's prophecy is actually a church then which of these 2 churches is actually in the process of filling the earth?

I do not think any religion fits the prophecy, but the numbers are vastly different. The Pentecostal church is 16.5 times bigger than the LDS church. The Pentecostals have pulled this off in 76 fewer years...
One church looks like a pebble that has partially filled the state of Utah, and the other looks like a boulder.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Tale of Two Manuscripts

There are 2 manuscripts that were used to publish the Book of Mormon in 1829. The first is called the Original (O) and the second is the Printer's manuscript (P). The Lord wanted 2 so that if the original was destroyed the process of revealing the text would not have to be done again.

In case some fool out there thinks there is something fishy with having 2 copies let me state that the second is merely a copy of the first made immediately after finishing the first copy.

The inspiration for this post came from learning that only 25 percent of the Original copy remained. This occurred because it was placed in the cornerstone of the first Nauvoo, Illinois temple and it suffered water damage. 

The key ideas here are that only 25 percent of the Original manuscript remains legible.

The Printer's manuscript survives intact.

Now for the irony of the situation.

The Printer's manuscript is the property of the Community of Christ, formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ. It was sold to them in the late 1800's by the Whitmer family.

The Original manuscript is owned by the largest version of Mormonism currently headquartered in Salt Lake City. 

I find it very fitting that the version of Mormonism that I believe most follows what Joseph Smith delivered via revelation to the world has a complete manuscript of the Book of Mormon. I am not advocating anyone join this church, but they have done their best to avoid some of the pitfalls of religion in general. I theorize that the LORD felt he could trust this institution with a complete copy of the book after it was in the possession of David Whitmer's family.

It is symbolic that the Utah Mormons who followed the polygamous cult of Brigham Young and now follow the cult of personality of the living prophet possess only one-fourth of the original words of the Book of Mormon. I am guessing that GOD could not trust this branch of Mormonism with the best copy. 

Interestingly, the Polygamist Mormons went West without either of the manuscripts. The O copy was retrieved 40 years later from the Nauvoo temple by Emma Smith's second husband Lewis Bidamon. It is almost as if the Utah Mormons wanted nothing to do with the book. Of course, the Book of Mormon clearly condemns polygamy, so maybe the 2 manuscripts were not critical to a church that based its entire existence on an abomination.


Whether I am right or wrong, I believe the Book of Mormon to be a volume of sacred scripture whose purpose is to get people to literally meet JESUS CHRIST.

It is a book that is not supposed to be tethered to any church but it belongs to the entire world, which is why GOD had it published before any version of a Mormon church was ever established. 

You will not regret reading the Book of Mormon, and you do not have to join a church if you think it is helpful on your personal spiritual journey.

Friday, February 7, 2020


I give credit to Val Brinkerhoff the author, for today's post. He points out in his 7 Heavenly Witnesses of the Coming of Jesus Christ that child sacrifice is alive and well in the modern world. In the US alone there have been over 60 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 (the title has the exact figure as of January 1, 2020).

If you take that horrific number and try to make some sense of its vastness you get the following...

If you take California, the most populous state at almost 40 million, and Florida, which is third in population with almost 22 million, you get a number just barely over 61.6 million. That is one sixth of the people in the United States.

If you take the following 9 western states of Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Nevada you get 31 million you would have to double that number to get a total once again around 61.6 million. Imagine a virus hitting those 9 states and killing everyone and then you get only 50 percent of the devastation of US abortions. 

It is my strong belief that the bill is coming due for a nation that kills unborn children in an effort to have sex without consequences. 

This is the satanic combination of murder and adultery, because many abortions are performed to hide illicit relationships and/or to continue them. If the partners are not married than we get murder and fornication. Murder alone is reason enough to lose the protection of CHRIST's atonement. 

I do not think every woman who has had an abortion is going to Hell. If a woman had sex against her will then she does not have to have a child against her will. I do think any man who pressures a woman to have an abortion is certainly a solid candidate to suffer for his own sins. 

What I do know for sure is that there will be consequences for the US as a nation.

I am thinking of moving to another country that does not deserve such a cosmic ass-kicking.

The pavilion that is covering the LORD's hiding place is soon to be removed.