Friday, April 16, 2021

The Land of the Fool and the Home of the Coward

     My title today comes from a twist on the American national anthem. We are no longer than land of the free and the home of the brave. Everyone from your local mayor and neighborhood business owner thinks they can dictate how you live your life. This extends up to the governors of our states and of course all the way to Washington DC. The DC stand for "dangerously clueless." I don't care whether you liked Trump or love Biden, they are both ignorant cowards. Trump could have stopped the Covid paranoia in its tracks, but he wanted to try and get re-elected more than he wanted to do the right thing. A man who cannot be faithful to any of his wives past and present, can never by faithful to his country. 

 Biden, who my 4 year granddaughter could crush in a game of tick tack toe, is now upping the fear. He and fools like Russel Nelson would like every American to get vaccinated. Except the vaccine is not a vaccine. And it does not prevent someone from getting Covid. It is gene therapy and it might limit your symptoms. It could also kill you via blood clots, so let's all rush down and get a shot or two.

I trust GOD will deal with our feckless leaders in His own time and way. What is GOD going to do people who are mindless and do whatever they are told? "Well done thou good and faithful coward" are words that are never coming out of JESUS' mouth. 

Good luck to anyone, anywhere who rules with fear and lies. Power in this life is an almost automatic spiritual death sentence in the next one.

What are we afraid of? The worst flu to come along since the Hong Kong flu of the late 1960s. That was dwarfed by the Spanish flu at the end of WWI, which was in turn dwarfed by the Black Death of the Middle Ages. 1-2 % of people die who get this overrated virus. 

No person I have ever met has died of Covid, and it has been over a year that this virus has existed.

Have people forgotten that GOD has equipped the great majority of people with a great immune system?

I fear too many Americans do not even know what an immune system is or how it works. Most Americans believe whatever they read on the feed on their phone or computer. 

People who lived just before, during, and after the time of Christ rarely made it to even 50 years on this planet. Americans hope they can live as long as possible, probably because they know somewhere deep down in their souls, that the next life is not going to fun for cowards. Of course Americans do not exercise, eat just enough to function, sleep enough, avoid tobacco or drugs or hard liquor. Americans want to have their cake and eat it too. 

A brave person dies only once.

A coward dies every day.