Thursday, April 23, 2020

How Many More People Have to Die? (From things much deadlier than a virus)

As of midnight Eastern Daylight Time on April 23, 2020 there have been 191,000 deaths linked to Coronavirus. 

Governments continue to using the rising death toll to justify all kinds of abuses of people natural's rights. 

Going along with this flawed reasoning I offer the following.

If in the same time period 1.5 million people in the world have died this year from their use of tobacco products, why are we not banning the production of all products with tobacco?

1. How many people have to die until we stop making cigarettes?

1.5 million tobacco deaths is almost 8 times as many deaths as Covid-19.

2. How many more people will be killed until we stop making beverages with alcohol?

771,000 people have died from problems directly related to the consumption of alcohol. Time to have a worldwide Prohibition.

That is 4 times as many casualties from drinking than Corona.

3. How many more people have to die until we close all roads?

There have been 419,000 traffic fatalities worldwide in the first 112 days of 2020.

Covid-19 is fairly wimpy compared to the dangers of driving.

4. How many more people will die by their own hand if we do not do something to stop their agency and forbid them from committing suicide?

332,000 people have chosen to end their lives this year.

Should we make a worldwide ban on razor blades and rope?

I am not saying that Coronavirus is not serious. What I am saying is that governments have chosen to focus on the 20th biggest threat to a person's life. These leaders who do not lead are ignoring 19 other threats that are much worse. The blind are truly leading the blind, and we are all headed into the nearest ditch.

The easiest way this literal Hell has come up with for people to die is Abortion. So far this unfathomable right has claimed the lives of 13 million potential humans this year alone.

I think it would be just if GOD killed the same number of people from Covid-19 in 2020 as this world has permitted to die via Abortion. GOD is obviously much more loving than I am, but it would make for a potential wake up call.

However, even if that happens, I know that people would not repent, even if 50 million or so people die from Corona. 50 million is a low estimate of the number of abortions there will be in all of 2020. Most people will just curse GOD, or wonder is there even is One. Then everyone will go back to hiding in fear in their homes, unless they need to visit the local abortion clinic wearing a N-95 mask. 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

500 Million Infected and 50 Million Dead: The Spanish Flu of 1918-1920

The title has the truly horrific numbers from the flu pandemic that started in the fall of 1918 and continued on into 1919 and 1920.. The timing could not have been worse, coming in the spring in the US before World War I ended on November 11th, 1918. It probably started during the winter of 1917-1918, but the countries involved in that foolish conflict refused to report on the early cases in a misguided attempt to retain morale.

It was called the "Spanish Flu" because only the neutral country of Spain was reporting on it until the war ended.

Right now Covid-19 has infected 2.4 million people in the world and killed just over 165,000. Those numbers are certainly tragic. Everyone one of the 165,000 fatalities has caused countless other people to mourn each loss. 

I am not here to minimize the suffering of this terrible time.

What I do want to point out are the following statistics:

1. Even if there are 10 times the infections by the end of the year that would still be 22.4 million people. I doubt very much, and hope even more, that it does not reach anything near that total.

2. Even if 10 times more people die (and I certainly hope and pray this does not happen), that would be 1,650,000 fatalities. 

3. The world population in 1918 was almost 2 billion. 

4. The world population today is almost 8 billion. (7.8 Billion to be more exact) I am rounding here to make the math simpler.

5. The Spanish Flu infected 25 percent of the world's population. Some estimates are as high as one third, but I am going low to be safe.

6. The Spanish Flu killed 2.5 percent of the people on the planet at the time. Ten percent of those infected ultimately died from that infamous flu. The Coronavirus is not even close to killing 3 percent of those infected. 

7. To get the same devastating result as the Spanish Flu in terms of infecting one quarter of the population, the Coronavirus would have to infect almost 2 Billion people. By the way, a Billion is a 1,000 units of one Million. 

8. To get the same death toll of 2.5 percent of the population (NOT 2.5 percent of those infected), the Coronavirus is going to have to kill almost 200 Hundred Million people. 

Covid-19 is deadly serious medical crisis, and it hopefully will end sooner rather than later. 

The Coronavirus is not the Spanish Flu. It is also not the Andromeda Strain for those of you who like the fiction of Michael Crichton. It is bad, but it pales in comparison to the devastation caused by the influenza of 1918-1919.

Trust GOD, and know that even if someone you love succumbs to this virus, you will see them again on the other side of this vale of tears.

You and I are probably not going to die from this virus, but we will die of something. Please repent ASAP. Do what you know to be right based on the Light of CHRIST inside of you. Every person who has ever lived has had the same influence from the SAVIOR and GOD of this planet. Calling it a "conscience" detracts from the fact that its power comes from GOD. 

Finally, be of good cheer, for JESUS has overcome the world.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Robert Smith:

There are a few people these days online claiming they have seen JESUS. They may all be telling the truth, and they may all be lying. Some may be truthful, and others could be false prophets sent to test us. The only way of knowing is to get your knowledge directly from GOD. We need to pray about each claim.

The only person I know of who fits the defintion of a true prophet is Rob Smith. Why? Because he is the only one begging for people to repent and warning them about what will happen if they do not.

Rob fits the model found in the Book of Mormon. Abinadi did not flatter King Noah or change his message when his life was threatened. Nephi was more worried about Laman and Lemuel's salvation than their feelings. Jacob called the Nephites on their plural marriage delusion. Alma had to teach failed missionary Corianton the gospel and send him back out to try again. Lehi got the whole book started by preaching repentance to Jerusalem, and then having to leave town to preserve his life.

None of them amass wealth by stealing their cut of sincere people's donations. None ask for Hosanna shouts instead of changing your life to align with GOD's will. None cry "peace" or tell you that all is well. All true messengers deliver the truth, and that is always centered around repentance.

Check out Rob's blog listed in the title. He has some profound things to say about the end times.

If you pray about him, and you think he is a prophet too, you may want to move from the I-15 corridor ASAP.  I am assuming that corridor runs from self-righteous Rexburg down to the second homes of the wealthy Mormons in St. George. It may even extend as far as Las Vegas, since Sin City has its own temple. 

I am not a prophet, but I know one when I see one. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Did NOT Steal Easter

I have seen a few things on social media where Christians and Mormons (and they are not the same) have been complaining that Covid 19 basically hijacked Easter. I would impolitely have to disagree. Putting aside the pagan origins of Easter, I am pretty sure that nothing can take away from the Atonement of JESUS CHRIST.

It is tragic that you did not get to go to your local church and show your friends and neighbors how righteous you are. Church attendance is actually a hindrance to salvation. Count yourselves lucky that this year you had to stay at home and focus on JESUS with no one around. Salvation is an individual thing. 2020 is really the first time in recent history where individuals had to worship in their own homes. Just like the disciples (male and female) worshiped around the time of CHRIST.

I find it hard to believe that Jewish authorities in Israel or the Romans in the rest of the know world were OK with original Christians building a church in order to worship the real GOD. Why do we need buildings now? There seemed to be a myriad more profound spiritual experiences going on in the days of the real apostles, then there is today in a time of fake ones.

I am absolutely certain of the following concepts:

1. If you only think about JESUS at Christmas and Easter you will not be entering the Kingdom of GOD.

2. If you only talk about JESUS on Sundays you will not be entering the Kingdom of GOD. 

3. Without JESUS, everyone goes to Hell and does not get out.

Friday, April 10, 2020

No, This is NOT a Fast GOD Has Chosen!

Apparently people like to trot out Isaiah 58 whenever the Mormon church decides their members need to fast. What really needs to happen is that the leadership needs to repent.

Isaiah 58:3

Why, when we fast, do you not notice?
We afflict our bodies and you remain indifferent!

Gileadi Translation (the best one in the world)

Let me get this straight, the rank and file LDS members are supposed to fast for 2 meals and donate the proceeds to the church in an effort to end the Corona virus? Their is a better chance that the Easter Bunny is real. 

GOD is not going to honor a fast that He did not ask for. He is not going to reward a church for taking in more hard earned money from its members in an effort to look good to the rest of the world. I think the ship sailed on that one after the 100 billion dollar stock fund. It looks like there are still some fools left on the Titanic.

If you want to fast and donate the money to an actual charity, or better yet give it to a needy person, then GOD might bless you individually, depending on your personal motives. You do not even have to fast, just help someone and keep it to yourself. 

GOD does not need a middleman to take your money. You should not trust that the middleman will give it to the poor (after taking his cut). 
GOD needs you to pull your head out of your butt and help people directly without drawing attention to yourself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Grace and Works and the Missing Piece

It seems like modern Christian religions fall into 2 camps.

1. Grace

2. Works

There is a missing piece to this puzzle...Suffering!

Mormons would obviously fall into the Works camp. Too many think that they can save or perfect themselves. Mormons do recognize CHRIST's atonement, but they misunderstand it. It is not the topping on the cake. Their works after baptism are the topping. But they miss the critical ingredient...suffering. 

You can keep the commandments near perfectly, like the rich young ruler. However, if you are not willing to give everything you value away, you will not get the full benefit of JESUS' sacrifice. You have to sacrifice as well. The widow and her mites gave up everything and is undoubtedly presently in the Kingdom of GOD.

Educated Mormons like Blake Ostler and Avraham Gileadi understand that the scriptures point to the necessity of the Atonement as a means to grant people time to repent. I would agree with those 2 because they are both smarter than I am. That is a low bar I know, but I have learned a lot from them both. 

Christians who favor grace think they can do whatever they want, and if they accept JESUS as their savior then they are saved. They are right. They will be saved from Death and eventually from Hell, but only after suffering for their own sins. I would like to avoid that. I might not, but I will not be shocked. If we do not repent and start acting more like JESUS and less like the average selfish person, we will join Satan for as long as it takes to suffer the consequences of our selfish choices.

One idea that popped into my finite mind the other day was "Most people who believe in GOD want it to be hard for GOD and easy for them." No matter what we do we are never going to endure as much as CHRIST. Attempting to see how little we can do and still go to Heaven is a recipe for spiritual disaster. 

Mormons and Christians think that JESUS suffered so they do not have to. Wrong! You can get out of suffering for your sins via sincere repentance. That is not the same as getting the best result possible. You will not get to live with CHRIST after this life if you were "unlucky" enough to avoid suffering. 

The words of the Eagles' song "Sad Cafe" come to mind.  

"I don't know why Fortune smiles on some, and lets the rest go free?" 

Ironic and true all at the same time. 

By suffering, I am not talking about your dog dying. All dogs go to Heaven, but not all dog owners. Not even a cat dying, and I have 3, will count. It takes much more than that.

I am talking about family and friends betraying you because you left their chosen faith. Your reason was that you feel that is what GOD wants from you. It would be much easier to stay in the religion to make everyone else happy, and keep the family together...all the way to Hell. Someone has to step up and take a stand to demonstrate that "families are forever" does not trump GOD's will. 

I am writing about being willing, like Abraham, to sacrifice your life, your spouse, and your children if that is what GOD asks. Remember, Abraham had to give up Ishmael at his wife's request or there would have been no Isaac. Imagine a modern mother doing the reverse and sending a child away at the request of the father.
It is not very likely.

Sacrifice means taking a life, like Nephi, when you would much rather not. It means moving your family away from your lifelong home, like Lehi and Sariah, never to return. 

The people of Ammon (the Anti-Nephi-Lehis) felt inspired to be killed rather than defend themselves. It was an effort to please and the GOD who saved them from their many murders. It was also in similitude of their SAVIOR who died to save others rather than Himself. Are you willing to die if GOD asked you to?

I am in no way minimizing the suffering JEHOVAH went through to save the people of His stewardship. It is beyond comprehension. It was infinite, because He is infinite.  Unfortunately the Atonement is not all the suffering necessary to get people into the Kingdom of GOD. 

Stop asking about why GOD is allowing you to suffer and start thanking Him for the chance to improve your situation in the life to come. 

GOD always returns "with interest" what He asks for as a sacrifice.

Monday, April 6, 2020

1,631 Members Can Get You A Temple These Days

I would like to thank my friend Mark for the following information.

1. Dubai, the largest city in the country known as the United Arab Emirates has 3.2 million residents. Ironically that is the same as the state of Utah.

2. Utah will have 24 LDS temples soon, which I wrote about yesterday.

3. Utah has 1.76 million people who self identify as LDS according to independent studies done by Pew Research involving all religions or lack thereof in the US.

4. The entire country of United Arab Emirates has 1,631 Mormons, according to the church's website/

5. UAE has one stake that serves the entire country.

Now I am fairly certain if someone who has not as yet figured out the false claims of modern Mormonism stumbles upon my insignificant blog, they are going to come up with the following ideas to support their religion.

My answers to their potential claims and questions follow each one in italics.

A. "The church is planning for the future members who will join in the Middle East."

I am sure that the Muslims in the region will allow a weird Christian church to accumulate members right up until the day they chop all of their heads off on Youtube.

B. "The church is supposed to take the gospel to all the world regardless of statistics."

Unless of course there is a .001 percent chance that one of our teenagers could die of a virus.

C. "Why can't former Mormons leave us present Mormons alone?"

Some of us are actually trying to help. We have been warned and our warning our neighbors. If you feel strongly about saving the world via Mormonism then you better get down to Bolivia, as I did, and get to work.

D. "Do you think President Nelson will live to be 111 ('eleventy-one'), like Bilbo Baggins?"

I sure hope so. Then maybe a member or two will think "why is our fearless leader giving his latest talk from a bed?"

I am not here to argue, only to point a few odd things out. I have done more work to get people out of Mormonism, then I ever did to get people in. And I did more than 99 percent of current members to get people in. 

The LDS church placates the members in Utah who pay their immodest stipends with a temple every 30 miles. It is a vicious cycle of "give us your cash, and get a temple near you."

The Mormon church is building a temple in Dubai as a PR stunt to show membership that Mormonism is still destined to fill the world, when it cannot even fill the state of Utah.

The people of Dubai do not need a temple, they need JESUS.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

24 Temples in Utah? That is because the LDS church is false

If someone had asked me yesterday to guess the number of temples in the state of Utah, and I could win a free meal if I got it within two either way, I would have guessed 15. My guess would have been ridiculously low. Unlike the church leadership I would have to go on paying for my own food. 

Today president Nelson announced 8 new temples, and one of the eight is slated for Syracuse, Utah. 

1. That makes 24 temples for a state of 3.2 million people. Now the PR department of the Corporation of the President of the LDS church is going to tell that the great majority of those 3.2 million are LDS. I am going to tell you that a slight majority are LDS. I will concede a figure of 1.8 million Mormons. The problem is not all 1.8 million are old enough to hold temple recommends (the real golden ticket), and not all the ones who could have one, actually have one. I would estimate that number at 1 million. 

Even if every person who lived in Utah had a temple recommend there is no need for 24 temples. 21 of those temples are in an area the size of Maui.

2. Syracuse, Utah is 14 miles Southwest of the current Ogden temple.

3. Syracuse is 22 miles Northwest of the Bountiful temple.

Apparently there is a secret enclave of thousands of obsessed temple goers there, who love to do work for the dead, but do not own cars or bus passes. 

What is really happening is that LDS INC is appeasing a few hundred rubes foolish enough to pay tithing, and unlucky enough to live a staggering 14 miles from their current temple.

4. The number of people who self-identify as Mormon in Utah is actually going down. The church would like the rest of the world, and its members, to believe that the Beehive state remains solidly in the column of "follow the prophet."

Nothing could be farther from the truth, except the claim that the LDS church is GOD's only true church on the face of the earth. Almost half the state of Utah already knows that. The rest are blind squirrels hoping to find an acorn on their way to their neighborhood temple.

Part 2 "If the LDS church were true..."

I just saw a photo from Saturday's general conference showing that the 15 apostles (12 in the quorum and 3 in the Presidency) are seated at least two opulent red chairs away from each other. It is a great idea by LDS Inc PR to show respect for the unconstitutional mandates on social distancing and rights of assembly.

1. This clearly shows that 15 so-called apostles are cowards. They are weak in not wanting to point out any wrongful temporary laws of the land. Captain Moroni is shaking his head in disbelief on the other side. 

2. It shows that they are not servants of GOD.  If they were the LORD's errand they could sit next to each other. As GOD's servants they could not be harmed until their mission as such was accomplished. 

Please see Mark 16:15-18 and my previous post about missionaries if you want JESUS' take on what He does to protect His real messengers. 

I hope you find JESUS in your personal search for salvation, but He is not to be found anywhere near Salt Lake City...unless He is removing a trumpet from the hand of an angel on top of a false temple.