Monday, December 5, 2016

Day 6- Matthew 3:8 John the Baptist tells the Jewish leaders "for your sins ye have no cloak"

King James Version of Matthew 3:8

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance.

Joseph Smith adds a considerable amount of information to the front of this verse.

Keep in mind that "meet" means "suitable, fitting, or proper."


Why is it, that ye receive not the preaching of him whom God hath sent? If you receive not this in your hearts, ye receive not me; and if ye receive not me, ye receive not him of whom I am sent to bear record; and for your sins ye have no cloak. Repent therefore, and bring forth fruits meet for repentance.

1. The Pharisees and Sadducees were too wise in their own eyes to be tricked into the first essential ordinance for salvation by some guy dressed like clothes do not make the man. Clothes might make the natural man, but they do not make a prophet. A suit and a tie mean nothing. You either talk to GOD and he tells you what to do and say, or you are not a prophet.

2. Rejecting John the Baptist means you reject GOD.

3. Reject GOD and you pay for your own sins with just enough horrific suffering in Hell to make up for all the people you hurt.

4. The only way to avoid paying for your own sins is repentance, baptism by immersion, faith in CHRIST, followed by loyalty to CHRIST for eternity via service to your fellow men and women.

The same rejection of GOD's authorized servant and forerunner to the second coming of CHRIST started in 1820 with the rejection of Joseph's first (but not last) vision. It is continuing today with the rejection of the Book of Mormon. Be careful who and what you reject lest ye end up with no cloak for your sins.