Monday, December 4, 2017

There is a reason the JST remained with the Reorganized Church

My firm belief is that the LORD entrusted the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible to the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ. JESUS knew intimately that Brigham Young and his cadre of adulterers could not be trusted with the original manuscript. Based on what we now know happened to the revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants, the History of the Church, and Joseph Smith's own journals, Brigham would have had the JST rewritten to include false verses about the supposed legality of polygamy. 

There are only two volumes of scripture we can trust as being untampered with: One, The Book of Mormon and two, the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. The first because GOD in his infinite intelligence made sure that the BOM was published before the organization of a church He knew would ultimately fail. The second because the LORD knew he could trust Emma Smith and her family to keep the manuscript safe until it could be published by the RLDS church (now the Community of Christ). A church that has unceasingly proclaimed that Joseph and Hyrum fought against the abomination of plural marriage. The BOM proclaims in multiple spots that more wives than one is hateful to the LORD, and the JST includes information that clearly points out that King David and King Solomon were NOT justified in taking plural wives. 

For all the fools who think there is a supposed loophole in the Book of Jacob, beware. Jacob 2:30 is not the LORD saying if HE commands it, plural marriage is OK. The verse is using very awkward 1828 American English. GOD is saying that if HE does not explicitly warn people about polygamy, the fallen tendency of men in this world will be to start doing it to justify adultery.

If you have not read the JST give it a chance and see if your ability to deal with this telestial world is not enlarged.