Thursday, January 30, 2020

Son of Man

I suffer from blindness. I am incredibly spiritually blind. I finally noticed something in the New Testament after years of reading the Inspired Version off and on. Joseph Smith consistently corrects the spelling of the title "Son of man" to "Son of Man."

Possible reasons:

1. The Man in the title is His Father, who was once a man.

2. The Man in the title is His Father, who is now an exalted Man, or Man of Holiness.

3. Both 1 and 2.

What this is probably not referring to is the fact that JESUS is fully human which is why the Man should have been capitalized.

There is probably a lot more going on here than my tiny mind can conceive. CHRIST constantly used this title to refer to Himself, so it must be significant. JESUS is not One to waste words.

However, I believe strongly that all things are meant to testify of CHRIST. Because of this I am pretty sure that at its most basic level this change is meant to teach us about JESUS' divinity and the divinity of his parent(s).