Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Black Lives Matter To JESUS...But Not to All Black People

This post is not in support of rioting and looting and burning and killing associated with the Satanic group labeled "Black Lives Matter." Many of these fools are actually white and using this issue as a way to operate outside the rule of law. Their day is coming.

This post is in support of law abiding black citizens of the United States who make up 95 percent of the black demographic.

African-Americans are 13 percent of the US population. That is roughly one black person for every 12 people. One in a dozen. America is blessed to have such diversity. 

The people I admire most in this country are black people who overcame racism and adversity to succeed in sports, the arts, education, leadership, and business. There has never been a tougher American than Jackie Robinson. There will never be a smarter American than Thomas Sowell. No one will ever write popular love songs like Lionel Richie, and no one will ever sing them like Whitney Houston. There will never be a better American athlete than Jessie Owens. No one will ever speak more eloquently than Martin Luther King.

In the next life I am 100 percent certain that the inequities of this life will be turned into great rewards. Glory for those who endured humiliation here and did good things anyway. There will be more than one black person in Heaven for every 12 people. Slaves will be Kings and Queens in the next life. Slave owners will be the slaves of Satan. The average black person on this planet will ascend higher than the average white person, simply by having endured a playing field that is rarely level.

The people I admire least in this country are those who realize life is not fair and decide to give up and play the victim. That is how we get 44 percent of the abortions in the US committed by black women. I do not blame them, because the great majority of these are done out of desperation. Desperation because too many young black males will not take responsibility for their children. Black or white, if you do not take care of your children, you are not a man. 

40 percent of the homicides in this country are committed by a black person. Four out of 10. 40 percent is nowhere near 13 percent. It is more than 3 times higher. Too many blacks desperate to escape poverty turn to gangs and end up killing each other. 

If you think I got these numbers from Fox News, think again. Those statistics come from a black professor, Walter Williams. He is also wiser than I am, and wiser than any politician or pundit.

Williams taught me that a police officer is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black man, than a black man is to be killed by a police officer. I am in total agreement that the police tend toward shooting first, and it needs to stop. A good way to make police officers less likely to shoot black criminals, is to have black criminals stop shooting police officers.

African-Americans are the only race that kill people far in excess of its demographic numbers. Almost half of the unnecessary deaths in this country (43 percent) are caused by one race. The other races combined cause 57 percent of the tragic deaths in the US. People of all colors need to stop killing the unborn and the born. 

I know that it is a small percentage of blacks who are perpetrating these fatal crimes. However, once a life is gone, it is gone. The only way to atone for such things is on road that runs through a literal hell for a time that will seem endless. 

There are certainly too many racist whites in this country and their future reward is not going to be anything to envy. White criminals will be punished more severely than blacks, just for having had a head start in life. That does not mean that non-whites will not be punished. GOD is perfectly fair, but He is not going to be mocked. GOD is not going to accept, "but my life was hard" as the justification for criminal behavior.

I would not want to be the KKK member waiting for the final judgement, because they are not going anywhere near Heaven. It will be even worse for the secret racist, because JESUS punishes hypocrites the most severely.  True, hard core racists of any color, will get to hang around with Satan in the next phase of existence.

JESUS will be surrounded by people who were unjustly treated and made the world a better place anyway. No person was ever more cruelly and inhumanely treated than CHRIST. No person did more for humanity than JESUS despite having lived the hardest life of us all.

Black lives matter to me, and they need to matter to 100 percent of law enforcement, but...

Black lives need to matter to ALL black people, not just 95 percent of them.