Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Dangers of the Majority

There is no salvation or exaltation for those who are trusting in the safety of the majority. Or the safety of their religion, any religion. Since the days of Eve and Adam there has never been a time when 51 percent of the population loved GOD more than Satan. Most of the world may be religious, but most are not true followers of GOD.

JESUS did NOT follow the status quo, and if you would like any chance to go where He is after this life, you need to do the right even if it costs you now.

The way the world is now I am surprised only "a third part" of our former spirit brothers and sisters followed Satan. Most of the first- world countries are filled with sheep who are happy to do whatever they are told, as long as they are left alone to eat and sleep and watch TV.

The only people GOD could possibly be proud of are those people living in third-world countries and battling the same problems that HE was born into.