Monday, October 3, 2022

5 Easy Ways to Damn Yourself

Here are what I consider to be the 5 best ways to limit your eternal progress.

1. Take life. Kill someone for any reason with the exceptions of self-defense and GOD asking you to (think Nephi and Laban). The Book of Mormon seems to make it possible to repent of lives taken during warfare, but I am glad I have not had to make that decision. 

I think Cain and Abel are placed near the beginning of the Bible, even though they were not Eve's first children, and probably not even in the first few generations of children, in order to point out the easiest and fastest way to lose your salvation. 

Take life and end your own spiritual life.

2. Refuse to give life (women) or refuse to take care of life (men). Women who can have children and do not may not got to Hell, but they are also not going anywhere near where JESUS is currently residing. I am a resigned Mormon but I still believe in the varieties of Heaven revealed to Joseph Smith. There are at least 4 major areas where we could end up, and within those 4 are almost certainly other divisions. Joseph Smith revealed there were 3 levels housed within the top kingdom.

I will leave the fate of women who have had abortions with the One True Judge JESUS. Only He and His Father, The GOD MOST HIGH knows what is in a women's heart and mind.

I would not, however, want to be a man who forced a women to have an abortion. 

Men who could marry and prefer being selfish bachelors, or who father children and then abandon them will end up in the same post-mortal metro areas as other selfish beings.  I believe JESUS covers the sins of people of at least Terrestrial level righteousness, meaning people making ansincere effort to do their best regardless of their circumstances. Imagine if just the decision to not get married when you could have, mandates that you first suffer for your own sins, and then end up with the self-centered people of the telestial kingdom. I guess you could spend your time describing how awful it was to pay for your sins and compare notes with your nonsensical neighbors.

3. Deny the CHRIST. Not believing in JESUS is bad enough. Going out of your way to make sure others know how foolish you are and then trying to convince them to join you in that rejection is spiritual suicide.

4.  Trust in the flesh,. Do not follow a man or woman in place of JESUS. There are a couple of possibly legitimate prophets these days. No real servants GOD would require anyone to worship them, or accept they say as truth. Ask GOD what is true. Never trust a fellow human, especially me.

5. Be the One Served, rather than the one serving. JESUS came down here to this miserable place to save anyone audacious enough to emulate him.. 99 percent of all other people who attained power in world history used their position to control others and be served. If you spend your days acting like Satan, you are certainly going to end up in his dominion when you die. 

There are hundreds of ways to end up with a less than ideal afterlife, but these 5 seem to be this planet's particular preferences for damning one's self.