Monday, November 19, 2018

How did John Taylor and Willard Richards Survive the Carthage Mob?

Monday, November 19th

I would like to thank Ronald Meldon Karren for the following ideas I had while reading his seminal book, The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum Smith (part one). I recommend it to anyone, especially people who are certain that Joseph Smith was secretly practicing plural marriage. You might be persuaded that Brigham Young and his cronies smeared Joseph after the fact to cover their own sins and lies. I was.

The title of this post is one I have never seen asked, but I am often wrong, and could be mistaken here. I take no credit for the idea. In the hail of gunfire at Carthage Jail in June of 1844 how did 2 Mormons survive? The LDS church narrative would credit divine intervention. If GOD is going to save 2 of the 4 men, why did He not save the 2 Smith brothers? Do not talk to me about sealing your testimony with your blood. The only being that had to die was CHRIST himself. It would be a stretch to think that one man survived the onslaught, but 2 is preposterous. If I were a member of a satanic mob bent on the destruction of Mormons, then I would make damn sure that there were no survivors. That would ensure no one could testify about anything.

I believe that Willard Richards and John Taylor were part of the conspiracy to kill Hyrum and Joseph.
I believe this because it allowed their allies Brigham Young and Heber C. ("Coward") Kimball to hijack the gospel of JESUS CHRIST and create a religion based on lust, adultery, and the humiliation of women. I will believe this until JESUS tells me personally that I am right or wrong.

A couple more questions for those sinking with the good ship Zion: Why do you stay in a church that supported polygamy openly for decades? Why remain with a religion that covertly supports polygamy even today? It does this by allowing men to be sealed to other women after the first wife dies, but does not allow women the same privilege. Women cannot be sealed to more than one man at a time.

JESUS assures us that an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

Whether you agree or not have a great Thanksgiving!

John Scott Peterson