Monday, November 5, 2018

Secret Handshakes = Secret Combinations?

Monday November 5th, 2018

Yesterday I was discussing the gospel with my astute wife, and the following hpothetical dialogue between the Book of Mormon's main editor, Mormon, and his son Moroni popped into my flawed noggin.

Mormon: Son, I tried to put as much as the LORD would allow me about the Gadianton robbers and their secret activities into our book.

Moroni: I know Father, but the supposed followers of CHRIST's gospel in the last days seem to think "your book" is about everyone but themselves.

Mormon: Sadly, you are right son. From my vision of the last days I could clearly see that the main branch that used "our book" would be having secret rituals in private buildings, and I was reminded of Gadianton's secret oaths.

Moroni: My vision of the last days made me ask why so much emphasis on palatial buildings and so little concern for the poor? I was immediately reminded of King Noah. That Young fellow, their second leader, was only charging half the taxes of King Noah, but he and his minions profited nonetheless.

Mormon: I am glad you included the LORD'S emphatic view of plural marriage as abominable in your version of the Jaredite's records. I focused on other items. I felt because of Jacob's direct statement to the followers of Nephi the first that it was clear what GOD feels about polygamy. I cannot believe that Young and his supporters thought Jacob's fiery sermon gives them a loophole. 

Moroni: True, Father, Jacob was merely trying to say that if the LORD did not directly forbid plural marriage in every dispensation of the gospel, then inevitably a group of lustful fools would try and justify legalized adultery. 

Mormon: Even the Lamanites were smarter than that!