Sunday, December 23, 2018

Moses is a god? Aaron is a prophet?

It is Joseph Smith's birthday today (1805). A perfect day to examine another of his prophetic corrections to the Holy Bible.

King James Exodus 7:1

And the Lord said unto Moses, 
See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh;
and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.

Wow! I guess we are supposed to take this figuratively. That of course, leads to the quandary of what is literal in the Bible and what is not. That leads to the rabbit hole of, "it is all made up and we can ignore everything", or at least the stuff we don't like. 

Thankfully, JESUS allowed and assisted (via the Spirit) Joseph Smith in changing the verse to the following:

Joseph Smith Translation Exodus 7:1

And the Lord said unto Moses,
See, I have made thee a prophet unto Pharaoh;
and Aaron thy brother shall be thy spokesman.

No offense to Aaron, but you cannot be a real prophet if you give people anything they want (the golden calf). Prophets have to say hard things to people with hard hearts. Aaron is still important here, but he is just the guy delivering the message that GOD delivers to Moses.

Moses is not a god in any sense. Moses is a prophet of the MOST HIGH. This is a real prophet, one that is literally called of GOD, by the actual voice of JEHOVAH. Moses did not take over because he was the oldest living apostle after the previous prophet died. 

As far as I know that last true prophet called by GOD was Joseph Smith. Brigham admitted that he was not a prophet, but a Yankee guesser. I assume that means someone who makes an educated guess. I prefer getting my information from a true representative of GOD, and better yet, to get it directly from GOD Himself.

That should be the goal of all of us, so we can skip the middle man, and get truth directly from the Source of all truth.