Tuesday, December 11, 2018

LDS Church elevates Satan and disrespects CHRIST

Tuesday December 11, 2018

I am not using the title of this post lightly. I have proof using the scriptures of the modern LDS church against itself. I know that 15 million Mormons love JESUS, but the 15 men at the top are not as deferential to the SAVIOR as they should be. It is made clear in the LDS church's own scriptures. Since 1876, the LDS scriptures have given respect to satan, and diminished CHRIST. I will explain.

As many of you know, but perhaps not all, there have been several versions of what is now called the Doctrine and Covenants. The first edition in 1833 was called The Book of Commandments. All subsequent editions are called the Doctrine and Covenants. Even though the doctrine part, the Lectures on Faith, has been missing since 1921. So really it should be called The Covenants.

There were 3 editions published during Joseph Smith's lifetime: 1833, 1835, and 1844. The first edition published after his death was in 1876 once the usurpers made their way to Utah.

In ALL 3 editions published during Joseph's life any mention of satan is done with a lower case s, meaning satan's name is not capitalized just like I have done in this post except for the title.

The first time the devil gets his named capitalized in mormon writ is in the 1876 edition. In every edition after that he gets a capital s. More deference for the devil.

I think it immensely symbolic of the god that Mormonism truly serves. I know the rank and file love JESUS, but the leaders of the church love Money. In Joseph's day the God of the religion was JESUS. To support that the revelations referring to CHRIST with a pronoun had the word capitalized ("He" or "Him" when referring to JESUS, but "he" or "him" when referring to any male humans.) 

Since the days of brigham young (and yes I just deliberately did not capitalize that fool's name), the mormon church has referred to JESUS' alternate titles (Advocate, Ruler, King, Rock, etc) by not
capitalizing them (advocate, ruler, king, rock, etc.). So now the book has less respect for the Being that has suffered the pains of all people in an attempt to rescue them from satan and hell. That's OK because they have added JESUS to the subtitle of the book of Mormon. I am sure CHRIST is loving his second billing in the title of a book that is all about Him. Irony can be devastating.

Since 1876 the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints has been diminishing GOD in its publications and elevating satan.

What could that point to?