Monday, May 6, 2019

GOD Keeps Changing His Mind?

There are 16 million Mormons in the world. Roughly 4 million of whom are truly active on a weekly basis and still foolish enough to give ten percent of their income to an institution that neglects the poor and builds great and spacious buildings.

This week we get another policy change (or was it a revelation?) from Salt Lake. This new edict ends the need for couples to wait one year for the magic pixie dust sealing if they had the audacity to be married in a civil ceremony first. 

In the initial days of the attempted restoration of the Gospel GOD gave to Adam and Eve, Mormons were taught that marriage required a public ceremony. At some point after Joseph and Hyrum were killed the church changed marriage into a secret ceremony that was apparently designed to make marriages a time of mourning. Grief and pain for those not able to gain admittance into the Masonic-like temples to see the "sacred" ceremony. I am using sacred as ironically as possible here. 

Now the PR arm of the LDS church has informed the pretended prophets that changing this back to how it was in the time of a true Prophet would make for some great publicity for the church. One thing the PR guys and the leadership failed to consider was that this change creates another in a long line of recent deviations. The danger for LDS inc. is if someone with above average common sense asked themselves, "why does GOD keep changing his mind?" 

Apparently in Utah, GOD is not the same yesterday, today, and forever.