Sunday, September 8, 2019

Russell M. Nelson: The M is for Merciless

Monday September 9th is Russell M. Nelson's 95th birthday. He seems younger than that, but regardless, he is not long for this earth. Whether he lives to be 100 or 111 or whatever soon he will die and face a preliminary judgement. One that may not go like he thinks it will. It is my strong belief that he, as a false prophet, will be assigned temporarily to the Hell area of the World of Spirits where he will await with true fear and trembling the day his sins against his fellowman are finally paid in full. Paid, by he alone, and not by our Great Savior Jesus Christ, who saves only those who serve him without honor, money, or fame. 

I strongly suspect Nelson has violated the 4th of 10 commandments "thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain." Now, Russell will tell you (incorrectly) this means swearing by using part of GOD's name. I am not advocating that obvious disrespect to our Creator, but it is not what GOD meant at Sinai. It means do not pretend to speak for GOD when you do not actually speak for Him. Mormon church presidents have been doing that since Joseph Smith's heart stopped beating.

Aside from being a false prophet, Russell is a heartless leader. He shows no mercy to anyone except large tithing donors. If you do not believe me, just check out the Salt Lake Tribune article from September 5, 2019 by Peggy Fletcher Stack about Lavinia Fielding Anderson. Lavinia was excommunicated 25 years ago for apostasy for writing an article that gave true examples of how the modern Mormon church leadership abuses its members. The current First Presidency feels that 25 years is not long enough for writing a critical  article. To spend 25 years in an actual prison today you would have to be a serial killer or repeat child molester. A modern criminal committing one murder would be paroled before year 25. The LDS church is apparently much tougher on "crime". 

Anderson's writing had the  audacity to be true.The supposed "true church" cares nothing for truth...unless it accidentally promotes their goals of money and power. If you are going to stand up for truth you get killed like Joseph and Hyrum and William Smith for their refusal to make polygamy OK. Brigham Young and his minions had the Smith brothers killed and the official records changed so they could be in power and commit abominations. The Jewish leadership during the life of CHRIST rejected the GOD of this earth rather than give up control. It is a lesson that leaders never learn.

For my part I know there is a very real possibility of my being assigned to Hell as well...but at least I am not a moronic enough to discount it. 

If I do avoid postmortem punishment it will be because of trying to follow JESUS, and not some false prophet.