Friday, March 27, 2020

The First Vision is Hopefully Not the Last Vision

According to LDS historians as reported by numerous LDS-related blogs, the First Vision most likely took place 200 years and one day ago on March 27, 1820. The date of the vision is not important. What is important is that it did happen.

In this vision Joseph initially stated he saw CHRIST who forgave Joseph his sins. Later versions included GOD the Father (The Most High GOD) and instructions not to join any of the existing religions. 

I am not here to argue about what specifically took place and who was there and what was said. What I believe is that Joseph Smith JR. went out into the woods to pray, was attacked by evil forces, persisted through them, and got information directly from at least one GOD. 

People who want to argue the details of Joseph's experience are missing the much bigger picture. If Joseph is to be believed, then anyone can get answers from GOD. 

To further drive home this point, GOD had Joseph produce a book that included various individuals at various levels of "righteousness" having direct experiences with GOD. I speak obviously of the Book of Mormon. This book was not meant to prove one religion was truer than all the others. It was meant to get people to believe that the Bible's stories of people talking with GOD are true.

After 200 years since the "First Vision" there are only a handful of people I know who claim to have succeeded in having such an experience. They could be honest or they could be lying, but that also misses the point. 

It is better to get your answers from a GOD who will not lie, then some fool like me. I have never seen GOD, but you could if you possess enough faith and enough perseverance. Enos prayed all day long and into the night until GOD probably thought "If I do not answer this guy, he is just going to keep petitioning Me until he either gets an answer or he gets eaten by wild animals." 

Mormon, the editor, was limited on what he could place in his book. Mormon knew only his far distant descendants would read it, and that they would live in a time with a dearth of faith. One of the books he chose was the book of Enos. It makes sense to me, because Enos makes GOD's and Mormon's point a just a couple of pages.

Keep knocking, and do not stop knocking until GOD answers you.
Then you can stop reading blogs and get busy with whatever GOD tells you to do.