Friday, March 20, 2020

The SON can save you from Hell, and the Sun will save you from Covid-19

Inspired by Bill Sardi of I have been studying cases of the infamous Coronavirus. Bill's theories revolve around the importance of sunlight and the resultant Vitamin D to boost immunity in order to fight illness. Obviously there is less sunlight during the day during Winter. The Northern Hemisphere has just hit the Vernal (Spring) Equinox and now each passing day creates more total sunlight and each passing week creates more heat. Both of those factors--sunshine and heat-- are critical in the fight against any virus.

As it stands at 9:30 PDT on March 20th there have been 11,404 casualties worldwide as a result of Covid-19. That is small percentage of the world's total population of over 7 Billion, but those 11,404 individuals were loved by a much larger group of people and any number is temporarily tragic. I write "temporarily" because we will see our departed loved ones again. This is a time of trial, but it should NOT be a time of fear. 

Of the 11,404 deaths worldwide only 57 have come in the Southern Hemisphere. Most of the countries of Africa and South America along with Oceania have spent the last 90 days experiencing Summer. They have just entered their Fall season. That increased light and heat have spared those nations a lot of death and a ton of literal grief. 

Now someone out there is going to point out that only 10 percent of the world's population lives in the Southern Hemisphere. So let's multiply the deaths in that half of the world by 10. You get 570 fatalities adjusted for population. That is still significantly lower than the 11,346 casualties in the Northern Hemisphere (11,404 - 57). 

Someone else out there might be thinking, "But the Northern Hemisphere is more modern than its counterpart." You are probably right there, no offense to any Brazilians and South Africans out there. So let's double the 570 for the sake of a potential disparity in technology (which could also be used as an argument there should be more deaths in less developed countries, not fewer!).

So now we have a figure of 1,140, which is adjusted for both population and modernity. That figure is almost exactly 10 percent of the total fatalities in the entire world. Bill Sardi is looking pretty good right now. More critically what is also looking good is the chance of the Northern Hemisphere to come out of this Pandemic sooner rather than later. It should also end with a best case scenario of victims and not the worst case figures being bandied about by the fearmongers of the world. The governors of California and Ohio come to mind.

Have faith people, GOD is still running this show. The GOD of this world is JESUS CHRIST, and he is acting under the authority of the MOST HIGH GOD, His Father. If this crisis is turning your heart to GOD, then that is a good thing. If it is making you question GOD, or if there even is one, then you need to repent. You may not be killed by the Coronavirus, but you will stand at the Last Judgment and wished you had sought JESUS before it was too late.

There are much worse things than dying, even dying from a mysterious virus. Most of the world is not going to succumb to it, but all of us will all die at some point of something. Time to take stock, because no matter what we die of, we will die. Are we ready for the next phase of existence? 

"Perfect love castest out fear."  John 4:18

People who love and trust JESUS do not live in fear.