Friday, June 19, 2020

Fast Sunday is Not the will of GOD

The King James Version of Mark 2:28 is:

Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.

The Joseph Smith Translation of the same verse reads:

Wherefore the sabbath was given unto man for a day of rest;

and also that man should glorify God,

and not that man should not eat;

For the Son of man made the sabbath day,

Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.

(the underlining is mine for emphasis)

It appears as if no leader in Mormonism, since Joseph Smith, has ever read this restored verse because Utah-based Mormons have a day called "Fast Sunday." This is not a recent thing, but the Church's fast day used to be on Thursdays. In an effort to pack more pain into the sabbath, church leadership decided the day of fasting should be moved to the first Sunday of each month, unless a boring conference has been scheduled for talk regurgitation from previous boring conferences. 

Fast Sunday is in direct violation of JESUS's teaching that the sabbath is not about not eating. Once of month misguided Mormons "fast" and then go to church and bear testimony to whatever health issue or travelogue they have experienced. Testimonies rarely focus on GOD, are rarely interesting, but you get the occasional crazy person to kept you distracted from the line of primary children waiting their turn at the podium. The fact that Mormons also think fasting includes not drinking anything, gives you an idea of how utterly ridiculous this idea is.

When CHRIST came out of the desert after fasting for 40 days, why didn't Satan tempt JESUS with superfluous water creation to quench His thirst, as well as unneeded creation of food? Because Satan knew that JESUS was not dehydrated. JESUS was drinking water the entire time. CHRIST is the only being in history who could go 40 days without water, but He would not set an example that would endanger the rest of us. There was no need for Him to avoid water, when it would have required Him to use His Divine powers over life unnecessarily. Satan could have then led with, "Hey, I see you were using your powers over life and death to avoid drinking anything, so you have already abused your gifts from GOD and I have won." We would all be literal toast.

Fast Sunday seems like a really good way to get people to hate the sabbath. Have people not eat and not drink, and then have them sit through an hour of crying women, coached kids, and old men who know that their church is the only one worth attending. It it almost as foolish as the Zoramites from the Book of Mormon. At least the Zoramites were not at the point of hospitalization before ascending the Rameumpton to tell each other how chosen they were.

If only someone in Salt Lake would read the Joseph Smith Translation then Mormons could avoid excess torture on Sunday. 2 hours of pain is better than 3, so they are getting marginally smarter. If they really cared what CHRIST said they could get rid of Fast Sunday too. That might get their attendance numbers up to 25 percent.

JESUS created the Sabbath to be the best day of the week. We do not have to work, we get to focus on GOD, and we should be allowed to eat whatever and whenever we want. The Jewish leaders in His day, and moronic Mormons in our day have made it the worst day of the week. Once a month, it gets even worse.

JESUS's commandments are what He said, not what someone or some group decides in the Vatican, Mecca, or Salt Lake City.