Saturday, November 7, 2020

Joseph Smith's Message of Love and Hope for the World

 If I were a billionaire I would pay to have every person on the planet receive the following information. Since I am a "thousandaire" I will use the limited tools at my disposal. 

According to a prophet of God, Joseph Smith, Life is a no-lose proposition. 

GOD wins by giving His children a vehicle to experience the consequences of good and evil.

We win by learning the difference.

We win just by having the experience. 

GOD wins by seeing who loves Him when He is not around.

Stop believing the false dichotomy of heaven/hell or good/bad or win/lose. 

Live the rest of your life by trying to learn as much as possible and serve as many people as you can. 

Trust GOD. He is real. He loves you. 

There is nothing you can do to stop Him from loving you. 

Stop trying to earn your way into Heaven.

Stop comparing your righteousness with those around you. 

We are all sinners. That is no excuse to sin.

We are all potential divine beings, but that is no excuse to think you are better than anyone else. 

Start loving others and yourself. Most of all love GOD.

GOD wants to be in a relationship with you regardless of your past choices.

He is waiting for you to reciprocate His love so He can make you whole again.

All of these ideas have been stolen from Blake Ostler's book

Fire on the Horizon: A Meditation on the Endowment and Love of Atonement

I am not smart enough or spiritual enough to come up with any of these concepts on my own.