Saturday, October 31, 2020

41,456 Extra Dead Americans (and Counting)

There has been a lot of criticism of Sweden's supposedly lax approach to Covid-19. While the vast majority of the planet has been employing lockdowns out of fear, Sweden has not. Initially the Swedes had lots of cases of Covid and apparently a lot of deaths relating to it. Just ask CNN.

As of October 31. 2020 the death rate per one million people in Sweden is 587.

The death rate in the United States is 712. 

If you subtract 587 from 712 you get 125.

If you multiply 125 times 331.65 (there are 331,653.000 people in the US) you get 41,456.

That number is only going to go up. Sweden's death rate will go up a little and the US's will go up a lot. 

Apparently Sweden cares more about their people than the media portrays.

We may all need to move to Sweden in order to avoid tyranny and literal death.