Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Two Old Fools

 This week Mormon "for profit" Russell Marion Nelson will turn 97. I am sure there will be a big party honoring his mediocrity. Joe Biden will turn 79 in November of this year. His presidency has been a disaster thus far. Both of these so-called leaders would like every American to be "vaccinated" against covid. Both of these pseudo-men are high functioning imbeciles that think they are special.  

With a middle name like Marion, you are wise to shorten it to M. so people won't take the obvious hint. Biden's middle name is Robinette, which I believe is French for "steal from the workers, and give to the lazy asses."

This has nothing to do with Biden being a Democrat, because the guy before him was also an idiot. And the guy before him, and so on, and so on. The last great American President was Thomas Jefferson. The last true Mormon leaders were Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

I follow no man. I follow the "SON of MAN." JESUS demonstrated what a true leader does. He did not have birthday parties on someone else's dime. He used His power to turn water into wine, bread and fish into a feast, and blood into reconciliation. He valued the individual more than the collective. He served all, and was rarely served by anyone else.

All the information you need you can get from CHRIST and the Holy Spirit. Ignore everything else and get your eyes focused on the One True Light so you can dispel the increasing darkness of this fallen world.