Friday, August 27, 2021

The Truth Does Not Need the Help of Lies

In the current battle between vaccinated and unvaccinated let me state the following unequivocally:

1. No one on this planet has been vaccinated against covid.

2. A lot of foolish people have been given shots that will supposedly lessen the symptoms of covid and theoretically prevent death from this virus.

If the various vaccines were really vaccines, and they really worked, you would not have to lie about them to get people to accept the narrative.

If they really worked they would not be free. 

Pharmaceutical companies are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

This is not about saving humanity, this is about enslaving humankind.

You have your GOD-given agency, but it wasn't free. CHRIST had to pay a terrible price to allow you the right to choose your choices. Satan would like you to think you can avoid the consequences of those choices.

If you have to exaggerate to get people to do something, then you are heading headlong into hell.

JESUS did not exaggerate. HE knew the truth would upset most people, but refused to sugarcoat it. HE told his earthly followers how hard it truly is to follow HIM. Most deserted HIM. No one left because they were deceived by CHRIST. They left because they wanted a world with free food, free miracles, and political power. They wanted a GOD would allow them to do whatever they wanted with no consequences, simply because they were the "chosen people."

We are all going to meet up soon in the Spirit World. Some will end up there sooner rather than later because of fear. Fear of a flu virus or fear of not following the crowd. Regardless of timing, I think one of the questions everyone gets asked is...

"Did you lie down for a lie, or stand up for the truth?"