Sunday, October 24, 2021

GOD Picks the Mormon President

Today's piece was inspired by the blog listing the dozens of changes that have occurred since Nelson took over the LDS church.

Most of the roughly 4 million active Mormons believe that GOD chooses LDS presidents using a kind of natural selection. The 12 million inactive Mormons do not care. Believers are of the opinion that if a member of the quorum of the 12 is not "prophet material", then he will die before his chance comes to lead the church. Only the true giants of righteousness live long enough to take over the mantle of church president.

Now anyone with enough free time to read my rants, knows that I do not believe that Mormonism has had a real prophet since Joseph Smith. The flood of revelations from on high stopped in 1844, only to be followed by a 177 year trickle of false revelations, proclamations, and policy changes designed to keep the church's tax exempt status.

I believe GOD is picking the mormon presidents!

He is picking individuals who are completely unfit to lead in a last ditch effort to get his beloved children out of the Mormon church. 

GOD is allowing the current church president to live to an unripe old age, so people can have plenty of time to see his demented decisions.

GOD's latest selection is a guy so drunk on power that it is easy to see he is not anything like JESUS. Some, like myself, believe he is the exact opposite of CHRIST. Nelson wants the power and the glory, but he does not want to do GOD's will. Nelson is not a servant, but a slave-holder of 4 million minds. He is the sole ruler of billions of dollars.

I am sure you are aware of the "cult of personality" where leaders rule using their charisma. The problem is that the current LDS president has zero charisma, and less personality. Joe Biden is more charming than Russ Nelson. How do these 4 million people keep showing up every week and shelling out once a month for tithing? 

I am no genius, with no special spiritual gifts, and I got out. I thank JESUS every week for helping me. I give thanks every Sunday, where I get 2 hours off from church and every payday, where I get a 10 percent raise.

Those who fail to see the falseness of all religions, including Mormonism, are going to be in for a soul wrenching surprise when they die. 

JESUS saves, and everything else is just a distraction.