Monday, October 18, 2021

Would You Do Something You Knew to Be Wrong for 1.5 Million Dollars?

I have not dealt with the JST of the Bible for too long a time. I apologize. Here is one verse that Joseph added to the beginning of chapter 7 of Matthew. I would call it verse 0, but it stands as verse 1.

    Now these are the words which Jesus taught his disciples,

    that they should say unto the people.

It is important to realize that what follows in chapter 7 was given to his chosen disciples. There were at least 12 men there, and possibly women. The point is that this was not relayed to the people directly, it was passed through his messengers first. 

I would like now to turn to verses 13 and 14 which because of other material Joseph added through inspiration (and NOT with help from Adam Clarke's commentary), theses two verses become 22 and 23. That makes 9 verses Joseph completely added, with no assistance for anything earthly.

The incomplete KJV reads,

    (13) Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate,

    and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction,

    and many there be which go in thereat.

The JST reads,

    (22) Repent, therefore, and enter ye in at the strait gate;

      for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to death,

    and many there be that go in thereat.

    (23) Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, 

    that leadeth unto life, and few there be who find it. 

Now, adding "repent, therefore" is critical to the entire passage. The theme of the gospel is if we do not repent, then we all end up in the same horrific place. "Death", as in spiritual death, replaces "destruction." Destruction is obviously bad, but death is much more emphatic. "That" for "which" is the only change to verse 14. 

Now you are probably asking who is Nick Rolovich? Yesterday, he was the head football coach at Washington State University, which is member of the Pacific 12 Conference. Until today, he was making 3 million dollars a year to coach the Cougars of WSU (not to be confused with the Cougars of BYU). 

3 million dollars is more than any person on this planet should make doing anything. It is ridiculously high for coaching any sport, but Rolovich is not even close to being the highest paid coach in his own state. The point of mentioning his salary is to give context to what follows.

In essence, Rolovich was offered 1.5 million dollars this year, and 3 million per year for as long as he kept on complying. It is 1.5 million because he has already worked half of this season

Rolovich was fired today, in the middle of the season, for refusing to be vaccinated for covid-19. Washington's tyrannical governor, whose name deserves no mention, created a "mandate" for any person working for any state institution to be vaccinated for our latest flu virus under the guise of public health. There is no law in Washington forcing vaccination, but now that people conflate "mandate" with "law", we get the present injustices. 

Sadly, but justly, the dishonorable governor of Washington, and all tyrannical leaders in world history will have to pay for these sins for however long JESUS deems necessary. That payment will take place in a hell you and I would do well to avoid. JESUS himself described the agony He went though to make our escape possible, if we would repent and do what He asks.

Now my personal theology imagines a Hell that is not filled with beer drinkers, smokers, coffee drinkers, and women with 2 earrings. I believe only incredibly selfish people, cowards, hypocrites, murderers, child molesters, and tyrants will be turned over to Satan for a time. A time never to be forgotten.

Nick Rolovich is no coward and no tyrant. His players love him. He was willing to forfeit a 3 million dollar a year job to do what felt was right. Too many of us, myself included, are like the rich young ruler. We want to know what is required for eternal life. Yet, we do not want to do what is required for the greatest of GOD's gifts. Instead, we want the GOD who already did 99.99  percent of the horrific heavy lifting to just give us a pass on our part of the Universe's greatest bargain.

If you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated, but do not do it just to get along. GOD is not going to damn anyone who did something in an effort to keep their job and keep feeding their family. There is nothing shameful in that. The flip side is He is not going to exalt that kind of person either. There is a middle Kingdom for people like me.

There will be a few people (JESUS's words, not mine) in the highest Heaven, but there will be no average people. Only exemplary people need apply. JESUS always did whatever it took to please His Father, regardless of the infinite cost. 

If we sincerely want to be with Him after this life, then we need to follow his example.