Saturday, May 7, 2022

Genesis Chapter Zero, Verse One

The words of God which he spake unto Moses,

at a time when Moses was caught up into an exceeding high mountain,

and he saw God face to face,

and he talked with him,

and the glory of God was upon Moses;

therefore Moses could endure his presence.

You will not find the verse above or the information in it in any Bible other than the one Joseph Smith produced. I like to call the first chapter of Joseph's Bible, "Genesis Chapter 0."

Think of the knowledge restored in just that verse! People can talk to God face to face? By the way, the GOD here referred to is the Most High God, because later in the chapter this GOD refers to his Only Begotten (Jesus). I can see why the adversary  would not want that information getting out. Someone might read that and think, "if hot-headed arrogant Moses could talk to God, why not me?"

Critics of Joseph like to just say he merely plagiarized the King James Version of the Bible.There is no other Bible in the world that restores an entire chapter of material as an introduction to Genesis that is missing except the JST. According to BYU Professor Kent Jackson Joseph made roughly 3,600 changes and added 10,000 words that have counterpart in any other version!

You cannot plagiarize something that is original to your work. Actually original to Moses' work, but since it has not been seen for thousands of years we can dismiss any ridiculous notions of mere copying. 

If I were trying to create my own version of the Bible I certainly would not add thousands of new words, only a fool would do that.  The other possibility is someone with direct access to the Holy Spirit and permission from GOD could restore what has been lost. You decide, like the Book of Mormon, ask God if it is true. If you get a YES that does not mean you have to join the Mormon Church. It only means you should take the time to read it and learn what you cannot learn in any other translation.

I never get bored searching the JST. It starts with a thunder bolt.