Monday, May 30, 2022

Trespassers William

The title is not a typo. Some of you will recognize it comes from A.A. Milne's series of books about Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. Specifically it refers to a sign that is posted near the beech tree that Piglet lives in. The sign is broken and reads, "Trespassers Will". Obviously it means that the property owner at the time was warning people that the could be shot or prosecuted. We can make a fairly good guess that it is one of the two. Piglet in his innocence makes up a story that it is the name of his grandfather, Trespassers William. 

All of us here on Earth are not in possession of all of the facts. At best, we only know a small part of the truth. We like to think we know a lot, and Mormons are notorious for thinking they know all or at least their leaders do. The higher up you go in Mormonism the more know-it-alls you find. There are humble Mormons at the bottom of the pecking order.

As a former Mormon I keep learning over and over that I know almost nothing in comparison to GOD. I am really only guessing at what the truth is. I may have some of it right, but it is most likely I have most of it wrong. 

All the religions of the world are like Piglet. Piglet creates a story to make himself look important. The problem is no one in his circle of friends realizes the story cannot be right. Religions have come up with a narrative that supports their world view. They use that story to control their members. The goal is to get money and power. The problem is not enough people figure out that their faith leaders are as clueless as Piglet. 

You then get 2 reactions to the story, acceptance or rejection. We now have a world made up of zealots and atheists. Few consider there could be a middle ground. Religion could have some truth, but there is no one true church. There is only a true GOD and that is JESUS, the literal son of the GOD MOST HIGH.

I will keep searching until I get more truth. I am like Piglet in comparison to GOD. The difference is that I know that I don't know, Piglet was blissfully ignorant. Become like a child and start asking questions assuming you know nothing. I know closer to nothing than a do to everything.

I really only know 3 things for sure:

1. I do not need a religion to find truth.

2. There is a GOD.

3. GOD is trying to save all His children, religious or not.