Tuesday, December 17, 2019

100 Billion with a B as in Bullshit

Many of you have probably seen the Washington Post article from whistle blower, David Nielsen. David used to work at Ensign Peak Investments which controls the church's charitable fund. The problem is this fund is not used for charity. Not used, as in never used! 

The fund had 12 billion dollars in the late 1990s. 

Why does a church need 12 billion dollars? Because faith in CHRIST has been replaced by faith in the Almighty Dollar.
It only gets worse. Much, much worse.

Nielsen states that the Church's present holdings in this one fund alone are around 100 Billion dollars. That money is supposed to be used to help the poor and needy. It has only been dipped into twice in the last 15 years. Once to bail out the Church-owned insurance company Beneficial Life. That company is aptly named as it Benefits the families of general authorities.

The other time the assets meant for charity were touched was to prop up the world's most foolish real estate venture, City Creek Mall. That is not charity, that is stealing from the LORD.  It is also robbing the people who believe that tithing is a way to show devotion to Him. It is the grandest larceny of all-time. I am waiting for a blockbuster movie possibly titled The Utah Job or the The Mormon Cartel.

If you live in the Salt Lake area you may want to move ASAP. Why? Because the GOD of this planet, JESUS CHRIST, is not going to stand for this monumental fraud much longer. The money changers will be turned out. It is a question of when and how. It is not a question of if. I personally think the Great Basin will be refilled. GOD is infinitely smarter than I am, and HE will come up with the most unexpected and efficient first strike in history. It will probably make us forget Sodom and Gomorrah. Hopefully the honest people of Utah will be spared, while the 15 Pharisees and their fine sanctuaries are justifiably removed.

By the way, Sodom was not destroyed because of rampant immorality. It was removed from the face of earth because it would not help the poor. Check out Ezekiel 16:49 (of any Bible version) if you think I am making this up.

Here are the words of the New Living Translation:

Sodom's sins were pride, gluttony, and laziness,
while the poor and the needy suffered outside her door.

(Joseph Smith changed NOTHING about this verse in his inspired version because it was already correct.)

Let's look at the 3 abstract nouns from verse 49.

1. Pride- Nothing beats "we are the only true church on the earth" for pride. Hubris is rampant in Mormonism, especially among leaders who think GOD picked them to lead because they are so above the rest of us mere sinners. The last guy GOD picked was named Joseph Smith. 

2. Gluttony- Refusal to spend the member's hard-earned money in order to make the world better is the perfect example of gluttony. 12 billion was not enough of a rainy day fund, so now it is 100 billion. Textbook gluttony. If you look up "gluttony" in the dictionary do not be surprised to find a picture of Russell Nelson cross-referenced to "false prophet."

3. Laziness- Working a few weekends a year (and the odd Thursday) and collecting in excess of 120,000 dollars for your "modest stipend" is patently dishonest. It is also brazenly lazy. Mormon leaders are not actually earning the money, they are being paid and worshiped by those still blinded by the false light of Mormonism. The idle blind are leading the hard-working blind. Sadly, both groups already find themselves in the proverbial ditch.

Finally, the phrase "the needy suffering outside her door" is exemplified every day by the beggars around the Salt Lake temple. They are routinely ignored by members who have no money to give them, because they already gave too much of their income to a corporation masquerading as a church. 

How many homeless shelters could be built with 100 billion dollars?

How many food banks?

How many free health clinics could they fund?

How many of the world's poor could they feed?

A. The LDS church does not care about poor people. 

B. The LDS church cares primarily about money.

C. JESUS cared a great deal for the poor, and cared nothing for money.

A + B + C = The LDS church is not CHRIST's church.

Unless those funds are released immediately to the needy of this world, the leaders of the LDS church will discover the next life is one of crushing regret. They will have a huge surplus of time to wish they had not taken the temporary reward here of power, fame and money. The return on their investment in the economy of Satan is to lose the greater reward in the world to come. That reward that has an infinite return goes to those who kneel and serve.