Wednesday, December 11, 2019

GOD Will Comfort You

I have been experiencing some passive-aggressive emotional abuse at work. I used to get it from students, which is expected, but now it is coming from a co-worker. I will not bore you with details but after talking with several people I trust, including my wise wife, I am certain I have done nothing to cause offense. My confrontation avoiding wife would like to come down to my place of employment and slap my co-worker. I then had to explain the difference between assault (verbal threats) and battery (actual physical contact) to my peace-loving partner.

Yesterday, my wife was getting her hair cut. She only does this a few times a year. She is not the kind of woman who spends ever other week at the beauty shop. While waiting she ran into one of my old students. This student, who I do not remember, told my wife I was one of her favorite teachers. She told my wife how she appreciated my sense of humor and how much she loved my class.

I have never been, nor will I ever be voted "teacher of the year" by any group of people. I do not try to be my students' friend. I just teach to the best of my limited ability. I thanked my wife for relaying the conversation, and was flattered because I have an ego like most people. Later it hit me that something else might be going on here. Perhaps the LORD is his role of Comforter (Second Comforter) is behind this. Perhaps it is my ego running wild.

I am not anywhere near ready or worthy to be visited by JESUS. I would like to be, but I do not merit any special consideration from the Being who gave His life to save this planet. I am thinking that CHRIST can use other means to comfort us, before He actually appears to us. He knows I am a sinner of above average sinfulness. In His mercy and love He sent a former student to my wife to send a message. A message of comfort to me the lowliest of His servants. JESUS did not have to do this.

I think we need to look for experiences in our lives where GOD has intervened in a subtle way to demonstrate his awareness of even the smallest bird or being. It is easy to see the obvious. I now believe that the devil may be in the details, but it is GOD who is in complete control of this planet down to the hairs on our heads.

The Holy Ghost is the first comforter, CHRIST is the second. JESUS has said that His Second Coming will be like a thief in the night.  Maybe He is like a thief in the night at other less momentous times, and if we are not careful we will not even know He was there.