Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Bible! A Bible!

In Second Nephi 29:3 Nephi begins to quote JESUS' prophecy about new books to come forth in the last days and the world's reaction to them.

And because my words shall hiss forth---

many of the Gentiles shall say:

A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, 

and there cannot be any more Bible.

Avraham Gileadi's book Endtime Prophecy: A Judeo-Mormon Analysis inspired me to consider what these "words" or books might be. Avraham is the top Isaiah scholar in the world. I believe his calling in life was to help the blind like me understand Isaiah. 

Here is a list of what those "words" of CHRIST could be that are coming.

1. The obvious one is the Book of Mormon. The book was ironically called the "Gold Bible" when it first surfaced in 1829. There is where most Mormons would stop the list and say that the prophecy is complete. I disagree. More importantly, Gileadi disagrees because the Book of Mormon points out what these other "words" or books are.

2. The Large Plates of Nephi. The first part of the Book of Mormon is a product of the Small Plates of Nephi and Mormon's choice to include them. These larger plates may include some interesting historical narratives from the Nephites vs. Lamanites, but it could also include the lost 116 pages from Lehi's record.

3. The Brass Plates. The Book of Mormon states the Brass Plates are actually larger than our current Old Testament. I am certain the Brass Plates would be more Christ-centered than the present Hebrew Bible and the 5 Books of Moses would mirror the changes Joseph Smith made.

4. The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. This includes things JESUS taught the Nephites personally. He asked that they not be included so that HE might try to faith of people since 1829 to see what there reaction to a sampling of his "words" might be. The majority of the world rejects the unsealed portion of the Book of Mormon, so they are probably either not going to get to see the Sealed Portion, or they will almost certainly reject it if they are allowed to read it.

5. The unaltered revelations given to Joseph Smith. Brigham and his minions changed these to fit their polygamous purposes. 

6. The Lectures on Faith. These already exist, but perhaps the LORD's re-releasing them who allow people to understand that HE is the God of this earth, and the Holy Ghost is His Spirit. CHRIST operates with the permission of the Most High God.

7. The Records of the Ten Tribes. John the Beloved is with a remnant somewhere on this globe and they certainly have some valuable books to add to the true Scriptural Canon.

8. Books from other groups of people that the LORD has led away for his own wise purposes. These would include multiple groups because GOD always works using the law of witnesses.

This list is not exhaustive or conclusive, because GOD has things in store for HIS marvelous work and a wonder that sinners like myself have no idea are coming.

The one things I am sure of is that everything new that comes forth will have the same theme...

JESUS is the CHRIST, and there is no salvation without HIM.