Wednesday, February 19, 2020

More of JESUS' Words

Since I am a fool, I forgot to list one of the most obvious books that CHRIST could be referring to with his statement in 2 Nephi 29:3 (see previous post).

CHRIST speaks of people in the last days rejecting anything that does not match up with their traditions and the traditions of their fathers.

The Inspired Version of the Bible, aka the Joseph Smith Translation is the perfect example of a book containing more of GOD's words. Why would anyone reject it? For the same reason anyone not interested in salvation would:

1. They are not changing their world view.

2. They not changing the religion they were born into.

3. They could not even consider that all religion could be an obstacle on the path to CHRIST.

4. They are not willing to upset family and friends.

5. They not willing to change their behavior.

Number 5 is especially pernicious because it negates the Atonement. If I supposedly am already good enough for GOD's Kingdom, what was the point of CHRIST's suffering?

I am always shocked at how even most Mormons do not fully accept the JST. This is especially true of some supposed LDS scholars. They seem to afraid of offending their non-Mormon colleagues by utilizing the JST in their writing. It is more important to them to remain friends with the academic world than become an actual friend of JESUS.

I am not a scholar. I can barely type. I know enough to know that I know virtually nothing.

But I do know that JESUS is the GOD of this world and its SAVIOR.

I know that the Book of Mormon is more of GOD's word.

I know that Joseph Smith acted under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to give the world the best version of the Bible (so far).

I know more of GOD's word is coming.

And I do not care who knows that I know this.

John Scott Peterson