Thursday, February 27, 2020

Families are NOT Forever: The Family of GOD is Forever

One of the many made up doctrines I was taught growing up in the LDS church was "families are forever." This is patently not scriptural, but that has never stopped Mormons from believing all kinds of foolishness. 

Let's take a very brief look at this idea. Adam and Eve were certainly great parents or GOD would never have allowed them to get this whole thing started. Cain was not their first child, but he was their worst child. He is infamous as the first murderer. 

Does anyone think Cain is going to reside in the same kingdom with his parents after killing Abel? If he is, there is no justice, and as the Book of Mormon states no justice equals no GOD. (Alma's counsel to Corianton)

I have great parents, who are both unfortunately gone now. Unless I repent and do the works that they did, I will not get the same reward. 

You can have bad parents and go to the highest kingdom. You can have great parents and go to Hell. No person's righteousness can stand in for someone's else's. 

You reap what you sow. Mormonism wants sentimental parents to keep giving hard-earned cash to their mega-corporation masquerading as a church. This money is in hopes of saving your wayward children. 

I am simply trying to make the following points.

Salvation is a matter between the individual and CHRIST. 

Repent, keep repenting, and stop banking on your family or your church to save you.

Only JESUS can save you, and HE will only save you if you do what HE asks.