Monday, April 6, 2020

1,631 Members Can Get You A Temple These Days

I would like to thank my friend Mark for the following information.

1. Dubai, the largest city in the country known as the United Arab Emirates has 3.2 million residents. Ironically that is the same as the state of Utah.

2. Utah will have 24 LDS temples soon, which I wrote about yesterday.

3. Utah has 1.76 million people who self identify as LDS according to independent studies done by Pew Research involving all religions or lack thereof in the US.

4. The entire country of United Arab Emirates has 1,631 Mormons, according to the church's website/

5. UAE has one stake that serves the entire country.

Now I am fairly certain if someone who has not as yet figured out the false claims of modern Mormonism stumbles upon my insignificant blog, they are going to come up with the following ideas to support their religion.

My answers to their potential claims and questions follow each one in italics.

A. "The church is planning for the future members who will join in the Middle East."

I am sure that the Muslims in the region will allow a weird Christian church to accumulate members right up until the day they chop all of their heads off on Youtube.

B. "The church is supposed to take the gospel to all the world regardless of statistics."

Unless of course there is a .001 percent chance that one of our teenagers could die of a virus.

C. "Why can't former Mormons leave us present Mormons alone?"

Some of us are actually trying to help. We have been warned and our warning our neighbors. If you feel strongly about saving the world via Mormonism then you better get down to Bolivia, as I did, and get to work.

D. "Do you think President Nelson will live to be 111 ('eleventy-one'), like Bilbo Baggins?"

I sure hope so. Then maybe a member or two will think "why is our fearless leader giving his latest talk from a bed?"

I am not here to argue, only to point a few odd things out. I have done more work to get people out of Mormonism, then I ever did to get people in. And I did more than 99 percent of current members to get people in. 

The LDS church placates the members in Utah who pay their immodest stipends with a temple every 30 miles. It is a vicious cycle of "give us your cash, and get a temple near you."

The Mormon church is building a temple in Dubai as a PR stunt to show membership that Mormonism is still destined to fill the world, when it cannot even fill the state of Utah.

The people of Dubai do not need a temple, they need JESUS.