Thursday, April 23, 2020

How Many More People Have to Die? (From things much deadlier than a virus)

As of midnight Eastern Daylight Time on April 23, 2020 there have been 191,000 deaths linked to Coronavirus. 

Governments continue to using the rising death toll to justify all kinds of abuses of people natural's rights. 

Going along with this flawed reasoning I offer the following.

If in the same time period 1.5 million people in the world have died this year from their use of tobacco products, why are we not banning the production of all products with tobacco?

1. How many people have to die until we stop making cigarettes?

1.5 million tobacco deaths is almost 8 times as many deaths as Covid-19.

2. How many more people will be killed until we stop making beverages with alcohol?

771,000 people have died from problems directly related to the consumption of alcohol. Time to have a worldwide Prohibition.

That is 4 times as many casualties from drinking than Corona.

3. How many more people have to die until we close all roads?

There have been 419,000 traffic fatalities worldwide in the first 112 days of 2020.

Covid-19 is fairly wimpy compared to the dangers of driving.

4. How many more people will die by their own hand if we do not do something to stop their agency and forbid them from committing suicide?

332,000 people have chosen to end their lives this year.

Should we make a worldwide ban on razor blades and rope?

I am not saying that Coronavirus is not serious. What I am saying is that governments have chosen to focus on the 20th biggest threat to a person's life. These leaders who do not lead are ignoring 19 other threats that are much worse. The blind are truly leading the blind, and we are all headed into the nearest ditch.

The easiest way this literal Hell has come up with for people to die is Abortion. So far this unfathomable right has claimed the lives of 13 million potential humans this year alone.

I think it would be just if GOD killed the same number of people from Covid-19 in 2020 as this world has permitted to die via Abortion. GOD is obviously much more loving than I am, but it would make for a potential wake up call.

However, even if that happens, I know that people would not repent, even if 50 million or so people die from Corona. 50 million is a low estimate of the number of abortions there will be in all of 2020. Most people will just curse GOD, or wonder is there even is One. Then everyone will go back to hiding in fear in their homes, unless they need to visit the local abortion clinic wearing a N-95 mask.