Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Did NOT Steal Easter

I have seen a few things on social media where Christians and Mormons (and they are not the same) have been complaining that Covid 19 basically hijacked Easter. I would impolitely have to disagree. Putting aside the pagan origins of Easter, I am pretty sure that nothing can take away from the Atonement of JESUS CHRIST.

It is tragic that you did not get to go to your local church and show your friends and neighbors how righteous you are. Church attendance is actually a hindrance to salvation. Count yourselves lucky that this year you had to stay at home and focus on JESUS with no one around. Salvation is an individual thing. 2020 is really the first time in recent history where individuals had to worship in their own homes. Just like the disciples (male and female) worshiped around the time of CHRIST.

I find it hard to believe that Jewish authorities in Israel or the Romans in the rest of the know world were OK with original Christians building a church in order to worship the real GOD. Why do we need buildings now? There seemed to be a myriad more profound spiritual experiences going on in the days of the real apostles, then there is today in a time of fake ones.

I am absolutely certain of the following concepts:

1. If you only think about JESUS at Christmas and Easter you will not be entering the Kingdom of GOD.

2. If you only talk about JESUS on Sundays you will not be entering the Kingdom of GOD. 

3. Without JESUS, everyone goes to Hell and does not get out.