Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Combination = Alliance Part 2: Fear can fool a virus

Just in case there is someone even lazier than I am that reads this blog, I submit the following discovery.

After waiting 45 years to look up the word "combination", as in "secret combination" from the BOM, I caved and used

Just as the title explains a combination can be an alliance. I always guessed it was something like that, but now I am sure Gadiaton and Kishkumen and company had a covert alliance. Their goal was power, kind of like all the fools running this world right now...with the exception of those sensible Swedes.

That last sentence is NOT ironic. Sweden understands that a global virus is a "you can pay me now, or you can pay me later" conundrum. The Swedes have wisely opted to not destroy their country in a misguided attempt to trick a virus into not infecting anyone. The foolish leaders of the rest of the world are now dealing with crippled economies and the continued rise in Covid cases. Most importantly the death rate goes up in the land of wishful thinking (US) and the death rate has flat-lined in Sweden. There are vastly fewer hospitalizations in Sweden than the US. 

This is kind of like the gospel. We can repent now and avoid having to pay for our sins later. JESUS has already paid for those sins, and it would be eternally tragic to waste his infinite efforts to save us. 

That would be dumber than trying to think a virus will go away if everyone stays inside.