Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Dangers of Being Special

I grew up in a religion (LDS) that taught its membership explicitly and implicitly that Mormons are special. I have heard the phrase "The one true church" at least ten thousand times in lessons, testimonies, and talks. I was guilty of using that phrase more times than I would like to admit. 

It only took me 50 years to figure out there is no true church. I am a slow learner. All religion is an obstacle to GOD. Mormons are not the only people who think they are special. 

1. Jews

2. Catholics

3. Evangelical Christians

4. Muslims

5. Buddhists

6. Hindus

7. Politicians

8. Celebrities

9. Athletes

10. Mormon Leadership

11. Mormon remnant groups

12. Scientists

13. Journalists

14. College students

15. Americans

16. Men who believe in polygamy, past, present, or future.

17. People who think they were saved for the last days.

18. Sports fans

19. Doctors

20. Lawyers

21. Rich people

22. Democrats

23. Republicans

Anyone or any group that thinks they are special will get to suffer for their own sins. That horrific road leads straight through a literal hell. 

The only way out of the "special trap" is to acknolowedge you are less than the dust of the earth, cry to GOD for forgiveness, and spend the rest of your life helping people without thought of fame, money, power, or reward.

No one reading this or not reading this will likely change...

because they are special and need no repentance. They consider themselves whole and need no physician.

I am an above average sinner (and below average person) and need the only remedy that can save me from my awful situation...the Savior-GOD JESUS CHRIST. 

We are all in the same group: sinners.