Thursday, December 31, 2020

Tithing: The Great Bait and Switch

     For 200 years after CHRIST's visit to the descendants of Lehi and Sariah a near perfect society was achieved. Lamanites and Nephites came together to eliminate ethnicities, classes, religions, and poverty. Homelessness was eradicated and hunger was unheard of. Every one took care of every one else. It was almost Zion. Had it been Zion they would have been taken up into Heaven. In the 201st year, literally all hell brook loose when economic divisions began again. The possibility of Zion was gone in less time than it took for a few people to start acquiring nice clothes. 

The same system was attempted for a short while when the LORD's last prophet Joseph Smith restored parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was not able to restore it all, because the early Mormons were not ready to be anything resembling ZION. In the place of the law of consecration GOD reluctantly permitted the new religion to implement tithing. It has been almost 200 years since tithing was substituted as a test to see if Mormons could figure out how to share their stuff with others, to no avail. 

Modern Mormons, like most modern people have no desire to treat their fellow man as economic equals. Individuals come first, and if it is not too costly, families come next, friends occasionally, neighbors rarely, and strangers not at all. The Church gets 10 percent and gives almost none of it to the needy, and Mormons hope that is good enough to placate a Being that suffered infinitely for their sins. Mormons are hoping JESUS did everything, and they can just make a small sacrifice and it will all work out. Unfortunately GOD requires everything we have, if we are going to lay claim to anything He has.

I am sincerely hoping GOD will stay his hand from destroying this telestial world until I am dead, but my instincts tell me otherwise. Why should GOD wait another 200 years or even 20 for people who claim to be members of His Son's "One True Church" to become unselfish? Why should He allow more abortions, more murders, more human trafficking, more adultery, more warfare, and more selfishness from the world at large, when He knows better than all of us put together that humanity will not change?

I hope 2021 is better than 2020, but I will understand if it is not. Just in case a fool like me is right, we might want to repent and ask GOD to change us from our sinful selves into something less likely to be burned at CHRIST's second coming. It is going to require divine intervention and your sincere will to pull this off. GOD is not going to accept "that is just the way I am" at the final judgement.

All you have to do is ask, and keep asking, until being born of the Holy Spirit happens. I have work to do in 2021. What better New Year's resolution than to make sure you are really on GOD's team for whatever is coming.