Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Gospel According to Luke

My pick for best gospel song ever was a small hit by Skip Ewing from the 1990s.

I am certain Joseph Smith would have liked the song, because he loved "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief."

I think the SAVIOR appreciates this underrated singer-songwriter's attempt to distill the Gospel of JESUS CHRST down to a few verses.

I could be wrong on both counts, but the song is better than anything currently being played as "Christmas music."

Here are the first half of the song's lyrics:

He was an old hand at living and making his way.

He smelled like old whiskey and he needed a shave.

His home was an alley off 8th avenue, 

but if you had a minute or an hour or two,

he'd tell you the Gospel according to Luke.

Luke carried his Bible in a Crown Royal bag,

and he wiped off his face with an old dirty rag

He'd tell you straight out just the way he believed,

Faith in the good Lord is all that you need

I remember the morning he first preached to me...

He said "give to your brother if he is in need,

Offer up thanks for the gifts you receive,

There's treasure in Heaven for the generous few"...

That was the Gospel according to Luke.

There are other verses but I let those interested search on Youtube for a video of Skip and his timeless song.

You will not be disappointed.

As a final note I see the word "Christlike" thrown around a lot on social media by Mormons and Christians who mean well, but do not know any better.

There is no being past, present, or future who will walk this planet who merits the adjective "Christlike." Their was only one CHRIST, and the difference between He and us is almost infinite. Calling someone Christlike demeans what the Savior did for us. It also elevates the person receiving this praise to a position where they might believe it, and then fail to repent.

It is like telling someone there are like GOD, because JESUS is God. I know a lot of above average people. But being a good person does not make someone like CHRIST. It just makes them slightly less sinful than the rest of us.